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Online Wealth Plan Review Depends analysts and investors in the forex market on Online Wealth Plan Review two fundamental analysis and technical analysis , and the analysis is based primary on the news and economic data, global and local political situation , which in turn affects the movement of currencies , in addition to the news and the political situation that leaves a clear impact , especially the news that relate to countries that possess major economies such as Japan and the United States and European countries , Online Wealth Plan which in turn affect the global economy as a whole . And identifies events and political and security situation and hand -based economy in the country, and these events are considered the most powerful economic engines that may occur heights or sudden and large declines of currencies.

The political situation
The political situation
 The coming movement of the market as a result of political events either through the intervention of the psychological factor , which is reflected in the behavior of traders and thus the amount of supply and demand that drives the currency pairs , which produces the movement because of the intervention of central banks to weaken or strengthen the currency to resolve the political crisis that is , and political events other influential wars , whether a war between two or civil wars , protests and sit-ins , and other events related to governance Online Wealth Plan Review such as elections democratic or take a new head of government , whether electoral or genetically engineered , or step aside for a key leaders , especially in the major countries , has been affected by the market as a result of rumors of political or possibilities to expect a certain political expected . The market moves quickly and suddenly as a result of political news or news of a possible and there are some who follow her and who is looking for opportunities that can be exploited and utilized to achieve gains.

Online Wealth Plan Review The political situation
The political situation
Perhaps the greatest example of the impact of political events in the global economy are the events of Ukraine and the Russian intervention in its own interests , the financial markets witnessed declines clear Online Wealth Plan Review witnessed MICEX , especially after the threats the United States and European countries to boycott economically fel Online Wealth Plan Review Alrobel Russian strong and lost of its value so much and performance record bad during the previous days , forcing the central bank to support them , have withdrawn their investments mostly because of fears of increased tension in the region . It could be argued that the forex market is more sensitive to political events , Online Wealth Plan especially international ones .


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