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Rockstar Commissions App The easiest way to define it ordinary shares of a public company . When we buy shares in SABIC , for example , you small part of SABIC . This is the easiest sense of ownership of shares in  you own part of every office , holding , brand registered with SABIC but you are right for you in every Rockstar Commissions Review profit by entering the company's ownership and whenever I bought the more bigger and so on.

The conclusion that stocks represent ownership rights of individuals in the company public . The reason for this is that companies need for capital to be used in these stocks Investors  these shares to become owners .


The ownership of the ordinary shares means the right to vote Queries for all shares owned For example, if company issued one hundred shares Each share means one king of the company , who owns ten shares the right to vote by ten percent of the he owns ten shares and by voting can contributor to affect the path management and vote on board members and thus influence the output so that ultimately leads to influence the company's shares owned up  .

Evaluate stocks

The assessment of the Richard Everett stock of the most important tools for investment based investor to take investment decisions and due to the importance attached For the bulk of his interest in this subject . Valuation of shares always change even more  and knowledge in the stock market may betray him and is moving in the opposite direction to his expectations. that depend on the history of the market trend in similar situations and then expect the same the course he has pursued at an earlier date .

There is no doubt that the Basic Law in Thrkalashm ups and downs like any other commodity business is supply and demand , The offer and demand is what Ihrxar share in the market. But there are several values ​​assigned to the shares , there market value of the shares .

1 - par value

The nominal value of the Rockstar Commissions Scam shares is the price of a legal put the company's shares at the beginning of Anchanh and put this price on Chhadhalshm printed on the front and the nominal value of the shares is usually not associated with the share price Vyalsouk usually be the nominal value of small dollars to five dollars ( shares U.S. ) and may change the nominal value when Tvsam arrow Board of Directors if he wants to do it .

2 - book value

Unlike the nominal value  value and book value is what the expectation that the share holder gets it in the event of liquidation of the company . Book value can be calculated knowing the difference between a company's assets , including and mobile between cash and debt , including loans , salaries, etc . And then dividing this difference by the number of shares.

Assets - debt = difference \ = the number of shares carrying value

3 - market value

The most valuable people are known to the market value of a share value in affected Ditto the offer ( the number of shares available to investors ) and demand ( number Investors want to buy ) . The investor can know the value of the stock market  daily newspapers or the Internet , and usually there is no direct relationship between the amount of the value  share.

Market Risk

Holds all of the shares and of the types of risks known to risk the market means that the possible loss of some investor invested capital due to the fluctuation of the general market situation . The stock is considered more volatile than the stock can sharp drop depending on the direction of supply and demand.

 influenced by either up or down at a rate of interest , there is an inverse association between interest rates fell more the interest rate revenue bonds rose and say, and the more  whenever bonds fell and revenue increased because the bond has a value of bond interest and income Rockstar Commissions Scam .


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