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The Big Cash Giveaway Review Dear Investor , after you have assessed the financial situation - and show you the results your ability to invest in the stock market - and set your goals and investment has taken a decision to start your investment in securities , let's explain to you in a simple procedure that you have to take to put your decision this place.

Tani in the selection of the financial broker :
Dear investor , to invest in the stock market you have to know that you must have to deal through a broker .

 What are the institutions that you can deal in which the stock market?

There are three types of institutions that can be you have to deal in the stock market in which :

Binary Pro Cloner Review Portfolio management companies
Investment funds
 First, brokerages :

 If you have decided to invest in the securities of yourself and you have the ability and desire to take decisions and follow your dealings yourself , it means you are going to deal in the stock market through brokerage firm you implement your orders investment . You must then pick one of the brokerage Digital Income App Review firms licensed by the General Authority for Financial Control . Dear Investor We advise you to stay away from dealing with brokerage firms that :

Does not have workers who are qualified scientifically and technically .
Do not rely on technical and financial studies before the show indicative advise you and offer you the rumors are based on the opinions and attitudes are incorrect.
Do not follow the attention of the man who is keen to warn you when the appetite for making any investment decision
 Do not fit your investment objectives .
Ask you to behave contrary to the legislation governing the capital market, for example, the signing of the orders to buy or sell securities on the whites , or that offers you a credit for the implementation of your operations while it is not licensed to practice margin trading activity .
Resorting to pressure you to perform operations do not bring any benefit only get commissions and expenses from you.
All this avoids exposure to unsound practices by some Digital Income App Review employees of brokerage firms may lead to the loss of your time and your money and your investments .

 Second, portfolio management companies :

If you have a large amount of money they want to invest the stock market and do not have the knowledge or expertise to make investment decisions that you check your goals , or you do not have enough time to follow your investments , you have to choose one of the companies that operate in the management of securities portfolios licensed to engage in this activity from the General Authority for Financial Control .

 Characterized by these companies that have employees who are to have scientific competence and practical experience and know-how good the stock market , which would entitle them to manage your investments on your behalf .

 And remember :

 Decision to choose company management portfolio is your decision .
Follow your investments and your duty , regardless of the method of investment ( brokerage firm - Management Company Governor - or bank " investment fund " ) .
The Stock Exchange accept the profit or loss whatsoever The Big Cash Giveaway Review broker financial professional and qualified to invest your money .
 Third, investment funds

If you're a small investor , and you do not have knowledgeable about investing in the stock market and its nature , the most convenient way of investment suits are resorting to buy the investment funds. Most of these investment funds established by banks, after obtaining the approval of the General Authority for Financial Control and vowed to manage it to one of the specialized companies in the field of management of investment funds licensed by the General Authority for Financial Control .

 The most important features and advantages of investing in mutual funds that you invest in a large number of stocks and bonds in order to achieve you diversify your investments and minimize risk .

How to start trading the stock exchange :

Start to get a uniform code for dealing in the stock market :

 Each investor in the Egyptian Stock Exchange when it starts to invest his money in stocks or bonds through a brokerage firm or management company governor of securities is required to have a uniform code on the stock exchange and the account number other than the company itself. And all transactions are made through this code , even if dealing with more than one brokerage firm .

The steps can be summarized unified code you get the stock exchange are as follows:

Coding is through the brokerage firm , which decided to deal in the stock market in which
There are a number of documents required to complete the process of coding :
Achieve personal ( national passport ) for adults over 18 years
Birth certificate for less than 18 years
Order coding frees through brokerage firm sends to the stock exchange and the coding section accompanied by the documents referred to .
Submit your application on your own or through your agent under a Push Button Millionaire Review power of attorney a special deal in securities or general power of attorney includes all actions in addition to dealing in securities


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