60 Second Trading App Review

60 Second Trading App Review Use treasury shares to influence the proportions of the vote within the association :
In Egyptian legislation that the 60 Second Trading investor , who will inform the proportion of its contribution to one-third when the contract process on the shares of a company whether it owns less of the company's shares or whether it wants to have this limit once may be obliged to submit an offer to buy mandatory as stated Egyptian law in the case show participation in the decision of treasury shares , and when calculating the proportion of one-third of these are calculated as a percentage of shares that will be 60 Second Trading imbued to the total shares outstanding , excluding treasury shares , because the treasury shares in such a case seen as excluded from the company's capital as well as they do not have the right to vote , It is known that the purpose of the acquisition purchase offers not only focus on stocks that are part of the capital and entitle the holder the right to vote in the General Assembly .

Eighth: disclosure items and conditions for the implementation of programs to buy shares in companies under several pieces of legislation :

Extrapolating many international practices can be divided 60 Second Trading disclosure items that must be met in the programs of the company to buy back its shares and the terms of the implementation of these programs could be counted in the following :
 Disclosure of the goal of the purchase must be committed to the company identify objective to be achieved from behind the purchased shares under the purchase program , and there is nothing to prevent the existence of more than one goal for the program to buy the company's shares , which could be the goal of the purchase reward and motivate employees and adjust the price of its shares the market at the same time .
 Disclosure former and the subsequent disclosure of the purchase income Rush Review program : the issuing company must disclose all operations carried out by the implementation of the program for the purchased shares , and as follows :
- Disclosure Previous: The company is committed to disclose details of the program of re- purchase of its shares to the point of control and to obtain their consent before implementation , based on a memorandum of information provided by the company is required to include a minimum of the objective of the purchase and the method of financing the procurement process and how to use the purchased shares and the maximum purchase and the time period for the income Rush Review implementation of operations purchase.
- Disclosure subsequent : The company is committed to notify the regulator at the end of each week and at the end of each month in the quantities that have been implemented from buybacks and the average price during the period in which it is carried out in which , as well as any material events can occur during the execution of the process and any amendments thereto, the data contained in the information memorandum agreed by the Commission and the implementation of the program during the period of purchase.
Disclosure of Price: Many states are moving to put a cap on the purchase price of the company's shares in order to prevent manipulation of the enrollment rate is a real market for their income Rush Review shares .
Disclosure of the amount can be purchased : moving the majority of states to set a maximum limit to the amount of treasury shares that could be the company purchased, so as not to turn the company to use treasury shares to achieve damaging to the interests of shareholders in the General Assembly as the treasury shares has no right to vote, has the proportion of treasury shares used as a tool for non- completion of a quorum to attend the Assembly , including the role of disrupting the General Assembly in monitoring the company's board or on the other side may be used to modify the quorum on the basis that excludes treasury shares of stock that have the right to vote .
Special conditions quantities executed during the session: moving some states to put a limit to the proportion of treasury shares that are performed daily as a percentage of the total shares of the company traded so as not to exceed a certain limit , and in an attempt to make the price of the stock market reflects to some extent in mostly all offers and requests for dealers in the market other than the issuing company .
Terms of a private re- sale of shares purchased : States to impose some restrictions on exporting companies re- sale of treasury shares in the market during the period of implementation of the program for the purchased shares and until the completion of the purchase of the required quantity or the end of the specified time period for implementation whichever is earliest .
Terms of the interaction of a private company Kmtaaml Internal: put some legislation a ban on the company , like any trader internal company may not have to deal on the shares before the publication of any event that may have a substantial impact on the share price.
Special conditions for the period of time to buy and hold shares of the Treasury : identify many countries a period of time to buy the company for their shares as well as the period of time to keep the treasury shares as follows :
 Period of time to buy : in some countries may extend the time period for the buy-back income Rush Review program for the company's shares to a three-year repurchase program under which the company followed .

Period of time to keep the treasury shares : in some countries, be the period of time to retain these shares may be specific year , as in Egypt and some countries are about 24 a month. In many other countries the company can retain these shares for any period of time you see in the light of the objective of the purchase .
 Special conditions the authority to approve the purchase of the company's shares : this power vary from one country to another , as will be explained in the next section


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