7 Minute Money Review

7 Minute Money Review Investing in human resources development is important and necessary , because human resources is of paramount importance ; They are the real wealth and the major nations, and developed nations realized that fact ; 7 Minute Money System strategic planning , and implemented specific programs for the development of this human wealth over the decades, and has succeeded in planned and carried out , Here are Japan testament to the success of the investment , and here is China - owner of a billion and a half billion people - is making a steady pace and deliberate about the leadership of the world, through this wealth huge human , which made ​​it a feature set it apart from other nations , did not make it a burden or Chandler received by failing to do as many of the governments of the third world or developing world - as they call it .

The natural resources and funds available to state what - despite their importance and major - not Sing never about the human element efficient , and skilled , and effective , and the coach , and well-prepared based on scientific grounds minute , a fact well-established throughout the ages and times , Funds and Natural Resources does not produce a product in themselves , human beings 7 Minute Money System that God created - the Almighty - it - are able to use these resources - with varying degrees of efficiency and effectiveness - in production processes , for goods and services that work to achieve maximum satisfaction possible to the needs of the physiological individual , in order to reach the achievement welfare or a decent life for the individual and society ; then economic progress of the state, and for the global economy as a whole .

Element of the human with his ability to innovate , creativity , invention , 7 Minute Money innovation, and development , can overcome the scarcity of natural resources , and not to make it a hindrance to growth and progress , through the exploitation of the best - if not optimized - for the energies of the community of scientific productivity, as well as exploitation of natural resources and investments available .

It reminded us : we can see the importance of the human element ; , which represents the basic foundation to achieve comprehensive development in all fields of economic , cultural, and social ... etc. .

There is no doubt that the state can not afford - or can not - human resources development can not achieve their 7 Minute Money System goals and objectives planned and hoped for , however devised a method , but can achieve their goals and objectives through the combination of all factors of production ( land , labor , and 7 Minute Money System money , and management) .
We note : that the human element , including gifted with God - the Almighty - of the mind and the energies and human effort represents two elements of production , and this synergy leads undoubtedly to the progress and development desired , and the exploitation of the natural resources available to the optimum utilization , and open markets , and conducting trade ... etc. , states have the resources , there are simple, however they are developed countries , such as Japan - as we mentioned earlier .
Prior to clarify the role of job analysis and training in raising the 7 Minute Money System productive efficiency of the members of the two components of the labor of mankind, I would like to touch on to talk - briefly - about : what productivity , the importance of productivity at the individual 7 Minute Money System level ( factor ) , and the company or organization , and the national economy , and society.


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