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Auto Income Bot Review The importance of productivity at the level of the national economy :
As mentioned above - Continued productivity expresses the existence of management play a role , and increase the productivity , quality and efficiency of its Auto Income Bot Review operations reflects the management efficiency in the exploitation of natural resources, material and human resources available to them optimally , and this leads to achieve the desired results - and not only required - from the production process - This is at the level of the company or organization - as well as the same is true of the importance of productivity at the level of the national economy - while retaining the differences between the economy of the company or organization and the national economy as a whole - the productivity reflects the efficiency of the state as a whole in the production of goods and services , the process of productivity - at the state level - reflect the level of performance of all the organs and institutions of the state , and the success of these devices and those institutions in achieving the goals and objectives of the state plan in the field of production of goods and services, quality and efficiency desired .

- The importance of productivity at the community level :
If you do not increase the production process in the value added to the community, was not a positive influence and a direct and tangible welfare ; the production process in this case may be deviated from its natural course .

The path of natural productive process is : Auto Income Bot Review the provision of goods and services - quality and high efficiency - all members of society , and to work these goods produced and services provided to satisfy the tastes and desires of consumers have , as well as the availability of adequate amounts of these goods and those services to meet the needs of consumers.

Job Analysis :
Among the methods and means of administrative important take out senior management successful in any organization or company style ( job analysis ) , this is a careful analysis of the functions provides data management and important information about the duties and responsibilities of the job , and the need to create new jobs, or the abolition of existing posts , and this would assist management in the management of human resources is a successful and effective .

We summarize some of the Auto Income Bot Review advantages offered by the analysis of the management functions are as follows:
1 - the administrative organization of the company: through a division of labor , determine the responsibilities and authorities granted to the Auto Income Bot Review officials , and work to find a balance between authority and responsibility .

2 - Training: where the job analysis identifying the gap between the current skills of the staff and skills required of and hopefully , through this limitation, management can develop the right training plan to fill this gap .

3 - proper planning of the workforce .

4 - compensation , bonuses and incentives for employees .

5 - Re- design and job classification .

6 - Improving job performance.

7 - the discovery of a bug in the internal work environment , and try to eliminate it , and work to improve the working conditions of internal and external , within the limits of available resources .

Training and human and economic development :
Majority of the world is heading now towards the introduction of advanced training means ; to raise productivity and increase efficiency ; , which represents one of the main objectives of human development , and different degrees of trend between the developed world , and the world , which stands at the gates of progress , and the developing world .
Most countries have become aware of the importance of training ; because of its active role in maintaining the current gains , and to assist in achieving their strategies for the future.

There is a close relationship between the training and development of human resources ; terms of human resource development is based in based on :
1 - The presence of selected competencies of managers , has been refined methods of training is high, Being outspoken special skills , and great experiences .
These managers held their company has high hopes for them to move out toward the ranks of successful companies ; but distinct , successful foreman always works to raise the level of performance , and raise the level of performance and develop the skills of his staff under his direction .

And show the efficiency of managers through several results , including:
The continued quality of the product and its development , with lower costs , and create new markets for the product , while maintaining a share of their companies , and work to increase in existing markets , thus contributing to economic development , and have a positive impact and direct on human development for workers in these companies , and the economic development of the industry to which it belongs , as well as the economic development of the society and the state as a whole .

2 - Work on the availability and possess the skills acquired , through training , and the development of these skills and use of optimal exploitation , The skills can be teaching them to individuals through training plans high-efficiency , and planned scientifically sound , while maintaining - at the same time - skills talented individuals after discovered , working on the development and refinement of special training programs , and provide the right environment to help consolidate this talent .

3 - The presence of training plans public and private ; The Big Cash Giveaway Review training of personnel is important and necessary , especially those working professionals art complex , following the methods of basic training , and specialized training .
Industries are accurate and always require complex technical manpower with high skills , these workers also need - and continuously - specialized training programs ; in order to qualify them and enable them to deal with the existing industries , and emerging from the evolution of the modern techniques .
It is no secret that one skilled The Big Cash Giveaway Review workers trained , scramble them major international companies , and has a distinctive cadre in terms of salaries and bonuses and incentives not available to other , specialized training is helping to develop human resources.

4 - the openness of labor ( the trainer and trainee ) on science in the field of specialization, and culture in general , and to work on the acquisition of languages ​​industrialized countries and Technology ; so you can this labor to keep pace with the all-new in the field of specialization , as well as the open jobs with special characteristics , has announced Using employability deals in multinational companies , which have become prevalent around the world as a manifestation of globalization , or cajole these companies to invest in the countries of the skilled labor , which is reflected in turn revive the economies of the homelands of such employment , and the creation of new jobs , and thus human resource development and invest in them , and all this is in the progress of their countries industrially and socially , and culturally .
The interest in thinking and strategic planning helps both of the company or the organization or the state to reach the aspiration of the progress , and the steady growth ; then prosperity and well-being , and access to a decent life .
The attention to human development the cornerstone , and the essential basis to confirm the comprehensive development for all areas , whether economic , or social , or political , or cultural ... etc. .

And the introduction of the comprehensive development of public and subsidized training specialist can state, company, organization , and the individual , to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in today's world .

The training is an investment real and direct leads to the development of human The Big Cash Giveaway resources ; greater the investment the state - or the company or ... - the development of skills of individuals , and raise the level of competence of scientific and practical , and thus productivity , which is in the end, in the course of raising their standard of living ; whenever possessed their hearts and minds , and loyalty and affiliation , as well as the acquisition of skills by training programs Being outspoken them thoughtful and useful .


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