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Automated Cash Cloud Considered the information most important element in the formation of cultures and the formation of opinions and influence the attitudes and impressions , and became the human mind the target of a significant flow of flows of information enormous inconsistent and contradictory sometimes for the purpose of influencing the human and directing behavior of Automated Cash Cloud Review consumer and political opinion , values ​​, principles and according to the interests of the sending party . And formed social media platforms are ideal for the launch of an unlimited km from the information that deals with the human mind around the clock in an unprecedented way , and so the communities likely to be targeted . When there is trying to harm you, and the tools exist , the societies are vulnerable to vicious attacks targeting our security and our beliefs and our constants .
Discuss this episode of our file monthly effect is transmitted by means of social communication on individual behavior and community , and the mechanism for handling the human mind with the amount of information is enormous received through the means of social communication and the stages by which this information to appear in the form of negative behavior or positive .
Dr Mohammed al-Qahtani consultant psychiatric treatment and academic that the information many of the effects of psychological, social and behavioral on the individual , it is a mental process it overlaps mental , emotional, behavioral , emotional , and the flow of any information to the man passes in a particular pattern over a set of points on the shape of a triangle, in the beginning stage of information verbal and non-verbal , followed by the stage of ideas , then the analysis phase of the thoughts and feelings and Coding base and finally a triangle configuration phase trends and public opinion .

Itinerary information
He said that the first phase phase information of verbal and non- verbal , which is up to the brain in huge quantities intentionally and unintentionally , translate humor second to get an idea and turn it into feelings such as love or hate , conviction or opposition , Automated Cash Cloud Review . For example, when he mentions the club in front of me from another country I do not care , it does not stir my feelings positively or negatively , but out of curiosity to touch upon that information .

Automated Cash Cloud Review Stimulate mindset
He explained that after those three stages we get to the most important and most dangerous stage of a formation of opinion and trends , we mean the composition of the trend is that the future of the information is pregnant with accumulations of Informatics intellectual graphic from previous events and experiences , makes it easier to convert these accumulations to the behavior reflected it, and depending on the severity and strength recent information and how it affected her arrival feelings and feelings and to pay expression verbally or physically for what holds of thought toward a specific affair .
He explained that the Arab revolutions perfect model of the impact on the information when I played social media and smart applications via mobile phones play an important role in mobilizing and agitating those accumulations of stagnant in the mind of the Arab peoples through the promotion of information and data and opinions have a direct correlation and a close relationship with those accumulations .
And on the composition of trends , said Automated Cash Cloud Review they target everyone sender of information to get the most number of followers in the opinion to bring about a change in people's ideas and influence on society shed flow My big different mechanisms , and here begins the fear for the security of society and individuals .


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