Jamie TV Review

Jamie TV Review Announced that the Saudi Capital Market a few days ago its intention to apply the mechanism average price for the last 15 minutes before closing , instead of the current mechanism , which relies closing price on the basis of the latest deal normal ( last transactions worth more than $ 15,000 riyals ) , starting from April 13, 2014 , in order to increase efficiency market , and reduce the likelihood of impact on the closing prices of shares of listed companies as stated in the official announcement , which is certainly a sound decision , will reflect positively on the Saudi Stock Exchange as we will see it soon , God knows .

Here we must note that the decision was taken and the announcement by the Saudi Stock Exchange Jamie TV Review , and not from the Capital Market Authority ; because a decision on trading at the market itself , and this is normal , but in my personal opinion, is long overdue ; since it already officials of the Saudi capital market who Let them all the respect and appreciation that they offered us ( I and a group of brothers analysts ) proposed the same about 5 years ago in a special meeting to take our ideas and our suggestions .

The decision confirms that the delay period between the Commons and the poll announcement lasted nearly a full year .

I think everyone would agree with me in it a long time.

In general, I think that the new mechanism will not change much from the MAP trading in the market , but it will reduce a lot of control in the closing prices of the shares of companies as is the case in some of the GCC financial markets ( which preceded us in the application of this mechanism for many years ) , but it will not Jamie TV Review prevented from controlling the closing prices fully , especially shares of companies with weak trading volumes that are easy to influence or shares of companies that do not see trades in the last 15 minutes (albeit few ) .

So I can say that the usefulness of the new mechanism will focus specifically in the shares of companies that experience high volumes or strong price fluctuations .

In order to achieve maximum benefit from the new mechanism , I have suggested that is expanded time scale in the calculation of average price to become the last hour or the last two hours , or perhaps trading session is complete, instead of last only 15 minutes , and then will be tightening completely on any attempts to control prices closure.

For example , if you wanted to speculators have control over the price of Jamie TV Review shares based new mechanism through « session full » doubt they will need for a period of time « double » to reach the target price that was up or down, and this in turn will force stock prices to move rationally more , and maybe it will become rare to see the stock prices of companies shut extreme proportions .


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