Simple Cash Code Review

Simple Cash Code Review Company Announces always when buying the treasury shares that it purchased treasury shares in order to reduce the capital during the year if it deems the company's management that Simple Cash Code Review , or for the purpose of implementation of the program share swap , which gives disclosure is full of the market where it is not clear from this declaration primary purpose for which the company will of for him to purchase treasury shares due to the fact that the decision is not issued by the Board of Directors or a General Assembly may be issued by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Managing Director , who owns most of the company's shares and has private information not available to the rest of the shareholders or members of the Board of Directors and represents a case of Simple Cash Code Review manipulation.
Company announces when its purchase of treasury shares that it purchased treasury shares in order to reduce the capital during the year if it deems the company's management that this announcement , the company it is only through the stock exchange , did not the company to announce it in two widely circulated daily did not notify all shareholders at their addresses registered with the implementation of the law where the procedures differ reduce capital by buying shares from the company to buy the company's procedures for the implementation of its shares for other purposes and represents the state of ignorance of regulations or some kind of manipulation.
Company is willing to buy about 97% of its shares as treasury shares despite the suspension of its activity , has been issued so the suggestion of the company's board and then ratified this proposal through the Simple Cash Code Review by the presence of the approval of 100% , and notified the company body thus , making the body defer approval on it until it is verified by the position of the creditors of the company , and the impact of the procurement process and exit of cash flows from the company's creditors' rights as it considers this decision as a liquidation of the company.
 Company unrestricted stock exchange and traded shares market orders, and based this company on a regular basis almost every week to purchase treasury shares from the German Binary Robot Review market and to ensure that the level of price reached a certain share in the market orders where there is no closing price of the shares in this market , and there has contributed over more than a year as stock Treasury and do not reduce their capital in light of not subject to the supervision of the General Authority for Financial Control of circulation out of the market regulator , which meets the transparency and disclosure.
 The company announce that German Binary Robot Review negotiations with the Arab investor to buy a share of the company owned mostly to government institution has led to a rise in the price of its shares and took the company the opportunity to get rid of the treasury shares already purchased at high prices and the Authority to cancel operations as a result of the company's management of manipulating the market and under price not true .


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