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The Big Cash Giveaway Software In light of the illegal practices or associated , you might want to manage the company in the use of a mechanism to buy back its shares to get the stock to price level is real and that in the absence of the results of the good of the company or the events of substantial effects real tangible with the company , and this is done through the Declaration of Company for the purchase of treasury shares on the basis that the share price less than the price real or its fair price , and can cause it to suggest to the market that there is information available to the company and is not available to have , which increases the size of the request and then rising share The Big Cash Giveaway Review price , here are directed to the management of the company to commit a crime It is a crime other price manipulation register the price is real .
Be treated with the company's shares in order to move the prices of traded will open the floodgates for companies entering the trading market for speculation on the shares and the manipulation of the prices and take advantage of its own information is available for the public to gain or to avoid losses as the company owns all the time inside information about the business results are not available for the rest of the dealers , and can cause some The Big Cash Giveaway Review companies to deviation from the functions and performance of its primary role in direct investment in order to provide products or services to consumers and the trend towards speculative shares on the stock market to the detriment of all parties dealing with the company in addition to its shareholders and its creditors .

Give the wrong signals to the market :
It has the company tapped a mechanism to buy back its shares as well as the disposal of these shares to give the suggestion of the market and re- directing the market towards an increase in demand or increase Secret Millionaires Club Review supply , which makes the company function as the other side of its primary function , a function market maker for its shares and in the absence of controls real ruling for such a mechanism with a lack of qualified this companies to carry out the function of a market maker , which is underscored by lack of licensing for companies exporting to exercise this activity by the regulatory authorities , and with the fact that the company is committed to the rules of disclosure , it might make the company is working to reach the price of its stock to the price is fair for the period has been successful in maintaining high Jamie TV Review prices traded only he will return to the level of real investors , including the company holds an extraordinary losses and lower property rights as a result of the sale of treasury shares at a loss.
We emphasize that the improvement of the share Secret Millionaires Club price by artificially make a request to fake a mechanism to determine the price and often price will return to the level of real loaded extraordinary shareholders' losses .

 Complicity to buy from certain shareholders :
In some cases facing the company's losses or future problems the executive Secret Millionaires Club Review management company in agreement with some of the top shareholders or members of its Board of Directors to buy part of their shares at a certain price by the company to announce the purchase of treasury shares and the establishment of these shareholders to sell these shares to the company at the agreed price by making them realize the benefits of the shareholders unfairly at the expense of the rest of the company's investors and shareholders who do not have the information available to the company's future , which leads to the Secret Millionaires Club Review dissemination of low trading price for the purchase price of the treasury shares .

 Prejudice to the rights of the creditors of the company :
Gave the legislator to the creditors of the company who originated their rights before the publication of the decision to reduce capital as well as the legal representative of a group of bondholders , the right to object to the decision to reduce the company's capital , as the base of the Secret Millionaires Club Review stability of the capital is the first guarantee for the creditors , and therefore was needed to be to buy the company's shares for the purpose of capital reduction after notifying creditors where the objector from creditors resort to the judiciary in the event of non-acceptance of the Binary Pro Cloner Review company's decision to buy shares for capital reduction and cancellation decision .
Has taken some of the companies with management is committed to the principles of corporate governance, the decision to purchase treasury shares to the detriment of the negative impact on creditors' rights , and by the company of failing to refund money creditors despite the existence of surplus cash have , where you are buying treasury shares this surplus or liquidate assets have then bought value of treasury shares , leading to the liquidation of the company illegally obtain shareholders their money and the loss of the rights of creditors , which is so unfair to them , as they lend the company was under the guarantees of the most important value of the paid-up capital as a non-distributable , and here show the seriousness of the launch freedom of the company in the purchase of treasury shares without the controls of the regulator .

The use of treasury shares as a mechanism to block the completion of hostilities Buy Offers :
In cases of Buy Offers hostilities prevent some legislation management of the target company offer of purchase to intervene individually or with others , directly or indirectly, in trading operations , which are at stake , and the purpose of this restriction is to prevent the Board from carrying out any illegal practices that would blocking the completion of an offer to buy the interest be realized for the benefit of the company and its shareholders . It is possible to proceed with the company's board for the purchase of the company's shares from the market by friendly companies , in order to create demand and placebo on these shares , which will lead to the lifting of the price , which may lead to the forced withdrawal of the presenter to display. There are certain cases, the Board of Directors of the target company to follow up implementation of the program to buy the company's shares from the market if the General Assembly had approved the company's purchase program and gave this right to the company's board or allowed him to intervene as a defense measure against hostile tender offer . On the other hand , the idea of ​​using the company's purchase of its shares as a means of defense against Buy Offers hostile , stems from the company's purchase of its shares from the market will lead to higher earnings per share in the profits earned which leads to a rise in the value of the stock , which makes the acquisition very expensive for the bidder , which leads to the withdrawal of supply and thwarted in favor of management and against the interests of shareholders or the company itself .


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