The Commodity Robot Review

The Commodity Robot Review May lead you this address into thinking that trading in the forex market is limited to people only , but this is wrong trading in the forex market extends to legal persons as well , such as banks , which represent the bulk of all trades in the market at almost 40% and many financial entities other large , such as The Commodity Robot Review and hedge funds and multinational companies when payment of pensions and salaries to employees from different countries , insurance companies, investment funds and other institutional investors , which affects the total trading value in general on the course of the market and on the contrast between the forces of supply and demand it, and differs those participants for ordinary people in terms of the high price differentials between supply and demand , due to the failure to ensure the continuity of these characters in the legal market trading . But in this article we address it will speak to some of the characters that legal invest in the forex market is trading Mass Money Machines Review companies and central banks and investment management firms .


That a large part of the financial activities in the market comes across the financial activities of commercial companies , which seeks to pay for the cost of goods and services to suppliers in addition to converting the proceeds of the coin approved by each company . But in many cases , the trading of these companies in the forex market will be in small quantities in comparison with banks or speculators .

Forex Market

Copy Paste Cash System Review Central banks

National central banks play an important role in the foreign exchange markets are trying as much as possible to control the money supply , inflation and interest rates and are often the target rates for their currencies formal or even informal . They can use foreign exchange reserves often to achieve stability in the Mass Money Machines Review market. However, the effectiveness of the deliberative central bank is doubtful , so it's you looking for a profit of behind the forex market because the central banks do not go bankrupt in the case of achieving large losses , like Mass Money Machines Review other traders .

Forex Market

Investment management firms

Investment management firms are ( who manage large accounts on behalf of clients such as pension funds and endowments ) that the use of the foreign exchange market makes it easier for these companies transactions in foreign securities , for example, if he wants , investment manager buy a set of international equity it will need to buy Auto Income Bot Review and sell several pairs of foreign currencies to pay for the purchase of foreign equity .


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