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Secret Millionaire Society Review The international currency market is the largest market in the world, where are dwarfed in front of all other financial markets.
And you will realize the magnitude of this market when you know that the volume of trading in New York Stock Exchange and is the largest Stock Exchange in the world up to 25 billion dollars a day while on the stock exchange are traded 2,000 billion dollars a day! .
This is more than enough to realize the enormity of this market.

Historical background of the global currency market
You may wonder about the reason for not famous for trading currencies when compared to trading stocks and commodities, which began in its current form almost since more than a century. The reason is its modern era.

After the Second World War and in 1947 was signed between the victorious nations of the Convention on "Betton Woods" to arrange the conditions profit global Among the terms of this agreement was the process of evaluating currencies against the dollar substitute for gold as a way to help build what was destroyed by the war in Europe debilitating, and it was of the most important results of this decision is the stability of exchange rates, the lowest limit of the fluctuation against the dollar and against each other.
There was no room for trading currencies, which are mainly based on the Guaranteed Profits Review exploitation of currency fluctuations against the dollar.

But in 1970 and as a result of difficult economic conditions experienced by the United States decided to President Richard Nixon's decision to the famous disengagement between the dollar and the currencies of Europe and Japan, which led to the affected currencies of Europe and Japan this decision severely affected, making a quick swing up and down under the influence of policy and economy of each state of these countries and under the influence of the strength or weakness of the dollar and the American economy, and the history of this market grew at one time in the United States, Europe and Japan and other countries.

But as a result of the newness of this market on the one hand and the weakness of the means of communication on the other hand it was impossible for the non-banks and major financial institutions trading in this market is huge. But with the continuing evolution and rapid means of communication and the rapid spread of the use of computers, and with the Internet revolution, individuals can become enormous and since no more than a simple trading currencies and take advantage of the opportunities to end to make profits fictional and very quickly.

As you can see, the currency market is the most modern markets among the rest of the financial markets, which makes it a mysterious and unknown to most people who are accustomed to trading stocks and commodities for decades, as well as distant from the people who originally Private Wealth Circle Review any of the financial markets.

Why do people buy currencies of other countries?

When a dealer from Egypt, for example, by purchasing goods from Japan should have to pay the value of these goods in the currency of the seller accepted the Japanese, the Japanese often the seller will not accept to get the price of his product in Egyptian pound, but he wants to receive the price of his goods, either in the currency of the town (Yen) or currency acceptable in most countries of the world such as the dollar or the euro or the pound sterling.

Here not only in front of Egyptian merchant to replace what he has of pounds for the purchase of dollars for the seller sends it to the Japanese for goods bought by him. If the Egyptian merchant to buy the dollar and pays interview Secret Millionaire Society Review pounds. Similarly, if someone wanted Arabic to travel to one of the European countries for the purpose of tourism, for example, must own currency to buy local unified European currency (euro) to be able to pay the buying of goods and services in the European countries he will visit.

Similarly, if there is someone who wants to invest in the Arabic Britain to buy real estate or stocks, for example, pays an astronomical value of these investments must be paid for in pound sterling currency accepted by the seller or English as dollar, for example, if that replaces the actual local currency and buy pounds. This most important reasons why the point of what to buy another currency.

Trade & Investment and Travel

This applies to nations as it applies to individuals, states, including the exchange of goods and services and selling The Wealth Factory Review astronomical nation can be paid the value of imports must be paid in the currency of its value in the currency of that country or those accepted by the state, so the states have always buy because the currencies of other countries.

As well as for investments states and financial institutions that invest in the state pay the value of these investments, states that invest in currencies or currencies accepted, such as the dollar, euro and pound.
Do you know now why is the currency market is the largest in the world?

This is because there are millions of trade, investment and travel cases occur every day and everywhere in all parts of the world, there is if a continuing need to buy and sell currencies in every day and in all parts of the world, from here it is traded daily at least two trillion dollars .. !

This figure represents the tremendous value of currencies that are bought and sold every day in different parts of the Insured Profits Review world.
As mentioned, the main reason that makes people and nations who buy and sell currencies is operations trade, investment and travel which is made between individuals and nations.

The purpose of access to the other country's currency in all previous cases, is to use this currency in the exchange of goods and services between individuals and nations. People are buying another currency is not love them ..!
But because it enables them to get the commodity from another country, any people that buy and sell currencies as a tool for the exchange.

But how do we buy currency? We do this by paying the corresponding currency other .. to be days that you have to go to a money exchange shops and you replace what you have from the local currency in exchange for another currency, for example USD. You do you sell your currency and buy the dollar.

Of course, in order to buy something they must know the price .. as well as when you want to buy Binary Matrix Pro Review a currency that they must know the price in another currency.


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