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Auto Mobile Code Review Abandoned shopping cart or Shopping Cart Abandonment is the biggest problem to plague every manager to market letter, which simply means that the visitor is entered on the website e-store, and decided to buy a product, and while this potential customer is being procedures terminate the purchase and payment, for one reason or another, did not finish this process of buying and closed the page where it was and went out of the site is no longer or complete what he began. This is equivalent to a Auto Mobile Code Review customer entering the shop, and asked about the merchandise received satisfaction, then suddenly came out of the store and did not complete the purchase.

This phenomenon in any market letter site call abandonment shopping cart, and when repeated, it means profits should treat bleeding and stop it as much as possible. There are many ways to try to treat this Auto Mobile Code abandonment, but before that let us try together to identify the causes of months, which could push any potential customer because the market abandons a letter during the completion of the procurement process. He explained that earlier this month some of the reasons but not all, or all, an attempt to get to know these reasons, and not an attempt to restrict them all, and these reasons are not necessarily available in the market and one letter, it is not the discretion of the equation of chemistry.

Let's start lists some statistics the American market, which has seen at the end of last year (2013), an increase of 9% in the procurement process across the Internet during the holiday season and holidays, while on the other side, increased purchases from traditional stores rose only 2%, while any Auto Mobile Code Review company statistic in her that in the months of November and December 2013, out of every 10 dollars spent by buyers in America, I went $ 9 for the traditional shopping, while gold one dollar in shopping via the Internet.

May be understood from the context that this large proportion of which is as well but they do not grow fast enough, and the reason for this is that although there is a desire among users in the purchase via the Internet, but the sales locations across the Internet still suffers from some of the problems that make buyers reluctant and are shying away from buying of them, including the following reasons based on many of the statistics and opinion polls.

Reasons that may be paid to any buyer shopping cart abandonment:

1 - Stop site electronic market for labor as a result of a sudden increase in the number of users

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment - the collapse of the Motorola site in Cyber
Motorola collapse site in Cyber ​​Monday
Let's assume that the market electronically what has been announced for the show, and this show was excellent which brought him opine buyers at one time, what was the only site that has stopped working because of this sudden attack. This defect does not suffer from electronic markets or small and modest, but that eStore American company Motorola collapsed and stopped working in Cyber ​​Mendaa day after the announcement last start selling phone Moto X low price. Another famous American stores suffered from similar problems in the seasons of downloads, so that the company Keynote see that 23% of all electronic stores in America crumble during the holiday seasons, downloads, and offers serious.

2 - Copy mobile phones from the application of purchase of the electronic market is backward and primitive

In the beginning we used to say designed a special version of the Mobile and Tablet of the electronic market, now the situation has become more serious, and is a duty on the market for electronic design application (App) of its own just for the sale and purchase of on-board mobile phones and Allouhaat (Tablet). Statistics are very clear in this regard, the current trend is for the purchase of mobile phones and , across applications, but the company comScore found that the purchase of conventional computers increased by 9% to 37.8 billion USD during the last two months of 2013, this increase may be interpreted that applications of electronic market is still primitive unintelligent does not provide the experience of using unique.

3 - very good deals ... runs out very quickly ...

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment - Out of Air iPad Apple store in Hong Kong
Out iPad Air from Apple store in Hong Kong
No wonder in it, when people find a good deal, telling each other and seize the opportunity even running out of quantity. This angers users running out a great deal, especially if you arrived on the scene and found the deal, and while they end up buying from the site stopped working or slowed down until he runs out quantity! This defect was not spared from Apple store in Hong Kong while the announced start selling iPad Air Vnfdt quantities in a short time and the message began to show no stock surfers angry.

4 - policy of non-recovery of goods sold

Do you remember the stupid policy that says the goods sold is not Auto Mobile Code refundable and not replaced? This policy expel potential buyer through the Internet, and make him go to those markets that offer this service. If you are thinking of entering the realm of electronic shops and markets, providing you accept a refund policy stated the price of goods sold or replaced, otherwise you will not be unto thee, or buy from you.

5 - bad customer service

Company Galaxy Research conducted in Australia in search of a survey about the behavior of buyers in Australia and found that 55% of buyers via the Internet see the very great importance of the ability to speak over the phone with the workers in the online marketplace to either ask a question or explain the advantage in a commodity or otherwise. The 59% of respondents found that the availability of the same e-mail address for correspondence before buying is a matter basis. But 81% of this sample, they begged their access to a quick response to their questions and inquiries, either via phone or e-mail - either this or abandonment and leave.

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Nearly 64% of users who start buying cycle of a product through the Internet and do not Auto Mobile Code Scam abandoned shopping cart.
The research study found that users preferred to get Free Shipping $ 7 dollars, rather than get a $ 10 discount on total purchases.


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