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Trading Everest Review Money laundering or bleaching is a derivative of concealing or disguising the true nature for the purpose of concealing or disguising the illicit origin of the property or large sums of money that have been obtained illegally.
Meaning of the money laundering (bleaching money)
Money laundering is the process by which the transfer of funds or assets to the illegal funds and illegal assets are virtual. Money comes from drug trafficking and tax evasion and smuggling of persons and thefts and trade weapons and corrupt practices and other illegal activities. Through these illegal laundering of funds, the role of criminals and power is much stronger. The first stage of the money laundering process in which the introduction of illegal funds or assets to the financial system. The second stage is where this move and hide money and assets to hide their assets. Can be done to hide the money in the financial system through a network of complex processes. The third stage of the process is where the money and give it a purge legal appearance in the financial system, and make them available for investment or spending.

Criminals who obtain these funds need to be entered into the legal and financial systems without arousing suspicion. Transfer funds to other forms Trading Everest Review more commonly used. They also put distance between criminal activities and these funds. "Money laundering" is the name given to the process by which to give money earned illegally appearance of being acquired legally.

The International Monetary Fund said that the overall size of the bleaching money in the world may be between 2 to 4% of world GNP, while the World Bank is estimated at about 1,000 billion.
The crime of money laundering
There are many reasons that drive people to money laundering, and include:

- Hide Trading Everest Review wealth: Criminals can do to hide the wealth that has been Tgmaaha illegally to give birth to seizure by authorities.

- Avoid prosecution: Criminals can avoid prosecution by distance themselves from the illegal funds.

- Avoid Taxes: Criminals can avoid the taxes that were levied on profits.

- Increase profits: Criminals can increase profits by re-investing the money in illegal businesses.

- Converted to legal: Criminals can use laundered money to build a business and provide legitimacy to it.
What are the three stages of money laundering?
At this stage, is to bring all the Millionaire Money Machine or illegal assets into the financial system. This employment makes these funds more liquid. For example, in the case has been converted to cash and bank deposits, it becomes easier to convert them and manipulate them. When money laundering is illegal money mode using a number of methods, which include the deposit of cash in bank accounts and use the cash to buy assets.
To conceal the illegal origin of the funds employed, and thus make it more useful, you must move these funds and dispersed and Tnkerha. The process of removal of money from the employee's illegal assets known as "classes". At this stage, the Trading Everest money using many different methods to put money on classes. These methods include the use of multiple bank accounts and make professional work as brokers and transfer money through companies and investment funds. May be moving money back and forth through a network of multiple accounts and companies and countries in order to hide their origins.
Once the layers are placed on the money and hide all of its assets, is to make these funds available for criminals to use them, and mastered by the funds and legal like. This final stage of money known as the "merger" washing. Trading Everestfunds become available for use for activities such as investments in legal businesses or illegal, or spending on the life and well-being. At this stage, the money is illegal, gained legal appearance. And it must be noted that not all the money laundering operations pass these three stages. Operations can be effective in phase or two phases, depending on the user's Trading Everest style.
Money laundering is a criminal activity through which to filter money earned means illegal, or money "dirty" through a series of transactions, so the funds are portrayed as a clean and looks as if she returns from illegal activities. Each year, the production of large amounts of money illegally, such as drug and tax avoidance and human smuggling and theft and smuggling of arms and corrupt practices. These funds are often critically. Money laundering is a method for fabricating a fascinating wealth and applied broadly and in particular between the drug dealers and fraudsters and smugglers and arms dealers and terrorists and Millionaire Money Machine extortionists and tax evaders.


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