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Home Online Earners In the support and resistance points, support is the level at which it is believed that the strong demand enough to prevent the price from more retreat. The reasoning is that when the price falls, there will be a lot of demand for that particular stock. By the time the price reaches a certain level (known as the level of support) believe that demand will outstrip supply and prevent the price from the landing below the support.

Resistance is the opposite of support. Resistance is the price level, which have such a strong sales enough to prevent the price from more headroom. The logic behind the theory is that with the high price, sellers are becoming more tendencies to sell and buyers are less willing to purchase. By the time the price reaches a certain Home Online Earners level (known as the level of resistance) believes that the offer will exceed demand and price rise prevents above resistance.

How to distinguish the levels of support and resistance points

Can distinguish levels of support and resistance points through the study of a series of low points where the price falls to a certain level, but do not fall beyond. This is the level of support. When you find that the stock price rises to a certain height, but do not go beyond, have found resistance level.

The higher the number of times the boomerang share of support and fall of the resistance, the greater the strength of these support levels and resistance points. And created a self prophecy. Repeated whenever this happens, the greater the probability that happen again. Whenever repeated this same historical patterns, the more aware of traders, and as they became more confident in their ability to predict Home Online Earners future behavior of the stock.

Significance levels

Analysis of points of support and resistance is an important part of the patterns is because it can be used to make decisions deliberative and determine when the pattern will be a reversal. For example, in the case known as rolling important level of resistance, which has been tested several times and did not penetrate, it may decide to collect Home Online Earners profits when the stock price up to that point, because it is unlikely to try to overcome.

Reverse roles

In the event has been breached support or resistance level, reflected the role. If the price has fallen below the support level, that level becomes a resistance level. If the price rose beyond the resistance level, it often becomes a support level. With the price moves through the levels of support or resistance, it is believed that the support and demand may move, penetrate, causing the level and reverse Dora. But in order to get the opposite is true, it is important that the strong price movement over the level of support or resistance. In almost every case, you will have a share of both Home Online Earners support and resistance and will be trading in this range through Ricochet between these levels.

Digital method to calculate the levels of support and resistance points

 The focal point method, moving averages, Fibonacci numbers, etc ... are many ways to calculate the levels of support and resistance points a more common way is to use a series of equations to calculate the focal points, as follows:

Calculate the focal point in the following form, using high and low and the previous day's close:

- The focal point or P = (height + Dip + closing) / 3.
- Calculate the first point of support (S1) = (P × 2) - H
- Calculate the second support point (S2) = P- (Height - Dip)
- Calculate the first point of resistance (R1) = (P × 2) - Dip.
- Calculate the second point of resistance (R2) = P + (height - Dip)

Modified axes

Many traders adjust the value of the focal points of P as follows:

- O = today's opening price.
- P = O + (height + Dip + closure) / 4.

Pivot points are short-term indicators and ultimately be the responsibility of rolling be used wisely, in conjunction with other indicators confirmed. Pivot Points are changing every day, since it is based on daily data. http://thebinaryinsider.org/home-online-earners-review-is-homeonlineearners-com-scam


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