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Kill Binary System What does the concept of convergence or pairing, and why is crucial in the Forex market? In this article I will discuss what it means to meet, and why it is very important with an explanation of how to integrate it into the current your trading strategy to help you put the odds in your favor.

What is convergence?
Before we get into the details of how to contribute to the improvement of convergence trades, we will have to first understand what it means to this concept. Dictionary gives the following definition.

Convergence: Is the situation coupled with the two things together or occur at the same time.

Thus, the convergence substantially represents coupling two or more together at the same time. In forex trading, we can pretend to happen convergence when combined with one or more employees at the same time on the chart.

Some examples of these things may come in the form of a key level of support or resistance, Almovinj lines, a signal to buy or sell based on the price movement, or even simply the presence of a strong trend. All of these things can be called a convergence of factors. In other words, it can be one of the factors the strong trend line, while based on the price movement is another factor buy signal and so on.

Now that we define the concept of convergence and how it can be applied in trading, let's discuss why it is very important.

Put the odds in your favor
I think that I have enough courage to say that the ongoing profits are the goal of any serious trader in the Forex market. So why only a limited number of traders there are unable to reach this level? It's all based on the use of the concept of convergence. Enables those traders who may be half that they are winners continually find a way to identify and harness the power of convergence in a way put the odds in their favor.

The ability to put the odds in your favor is the main goal in the trading world. Try to find a way to do this again and again to the way that will make you a winner on an ongoing basis. For this reason, the combination of different convergence factors have an important influence.

Convergence can be seen as a way to make the odds in your favor. In other words, the greater the convergence of factors in any time or position, the more the likelihood that increased the price moves in the intended direction.

Put the power of convergence work placement
This is my favorite part of that from which we can shed light on the strength of convergence when linked to a particular trading position. To start, let's assume that we have a strong upward trend in a particular market. We all know that trading with the trend, or at least path of resistance, is always a good idea. Here we must remember that the ancient wisdom that says, the trend is your friend, quite correctly from the reality of my experience.

If the convergence is the # 1 factor becomes Trend strong rise.

The second thing you can notice is the presence of a key level of Kill Binary System support just appeared on the chart. Perhaps the market has rebounded from the recent summit while now begin the search for support at this level.

Convergence factor # 2 = key support level

With all due respect to the major support level, the price movement now formed a bullish candle pin (Pin) of this level. The Pin candle or bar Albin strong indication that the market has reached the bottom or the top of a strong and that it was reversing its destination.

Convergence factor # 3 = bullish candle pin

Last but not least, we can observe that the length of the shadow of the pin candle intersects with lines 10 and 20, which we use as part of the strategy we deliberated. This seems to be lines are also dynamically provide support in parallel with the main support.

Convergence factor # 4 = dynamic support of lines

If perhaps link the idea. The menu has a capacity to include many other factors that convergence will depend identified on the trading method you should use. But the main idea is that we draw from all this is that the greater the number of converging factors that we observe in a particular trading position, the greater the probability that the deal is moving in the intended direction.

This idea works in both directions. Just give trading which is accompanied by a larger number of convergence of high-quality signals factors, the position of the trading position which is accompanied by a smaller number of converging factors gives signals of lower quality. Here, look, absolute importance of patience, the ability to wait to see a trading opportunity that are accompanied by four or five factors, rather than seize the opportunity include employees or only three.

It is necessary to keep in mind also that, although the concept of convergence helps us to put the odds in our Kill Binary favor, but that does not mean in any way that having the opportunity to trade with four or five convergence of factors can never fail. Instead, maybe you will have to focus on the broader picture. Be aware that if you waited patiently for good trading opportunities, the account will begin to grow in the weeks, months or even years following. The process of becoming a successful trader Forex is the closest to the concept of a marathon and not a sprint.

Just as is the case in the casino where you do not expect to win every time, you must also do not expect to win every deal, regardless of the number of available convergence factors. As the casino knows that he will achieve at the end of the year strong earnings because the possibilities are stacked in his favor, to start thinking like this by starting to use the concept of convergence to make the odds in your favor.


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