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Some of us are not aware that stock indices have an impact on the forex market. The fact that it has a very active role in the movement or change the direction of the forex market, of course, there are other factors that may affect the movement of the market, but we will discuss this issue in how the stock affect the direction of the currency market.

There are two types of indicators, which measure the state of the market in general, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index and 500 for the Standard & Poor's (S & P500). And any sectoral indicators measure the state of the market for a particular sector or industry, including, for example, the Dow Jones index of the transport industry, or Standard & Poor's for the public services industry index.

Most stock indexes give more weight to large companies and where the big companies have a greater weight in these indicators index in this case not be true for the price of the average stock in the index.

However, these indicators give some indication of price levels for the average property investor because in theory there will be more investors in large companies. These indicators include the Standard Poor's 500, the Nasdaq.

Famous on the Dow Jones index depends

Share pricier and includes 30 stocks of high-quality large stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average account collects handling of shares of its component prices then uses the denominator (divisor) determines the dividends and stock splits and other factors. The average pricing (average) on points, not dollars

Dow Jones DJIA index was established in 1896, it is the oldest index in the world, includes the largest 30 companies in the US market or the so-called Blue Chips index. It was the first of his companies General Electric Company

Index S & P 500 (Standard & Poor's): Provides a broader vision about the stock market in the United States and is one of the months indicators in the US market and preferred by many investors for the Dow Jones index because it includes a larger number of companies and reflects on the state of the actual market better.

Nasdaq Composite Index NASDAQ Composite: focuses on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange traded shares, including many technology companies.

Nikkei 225 was established in 1950, it includes 225 restricted shares of the largest company in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is similar to the Dow Jones index in the United States.
CAC 40 includes the largest 40 companies restricted shares in the Paris Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization.

XETRA DAX was established in 1988 and includes the largest 30 companies in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange restricted and most liquid.

The impact of crises on indicators

Simmer The Dow Jones index more than once influenced by political and economic conditions in the world, and was the biggest collapse in 1929 where his index lost nearly 50% of its value because of the economic recession that prevailed in the United States for four years. It is no longer true to the form that was before the crisis, but after 20 years. The index also collapsed in the year 1987 as it lost 22% in one day and then returned to rise until 2001, signing of September atheist events that caused big losses for the index has reached its highest level in October 2007 over the level of 14,000 points.
At the beginning of 2008, the index has lost more than 20% arrived under the level of 12,000 points, due to the mortgage crisis that led to the collapse of large financial institutions and in the month of April came back the index to rise and reached installed. 13000 points, but declined again to its lowest level since September 2006 to reach below 11000 and the index ended the last trading session in the year 2008 to rise but fell 32% below the level of 9,000 points in 2008, which is considered one of the worst years in the history of the index which reached to around 7550 points, its lowest point since several years. http://binaryapp-810.co/wonder-clicks-review


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