Atlas Intelligence Review Is Atlas Intelligence Software Scam Or Legit?

Atlas Intelligence Review Is Atlas Intelligence Software Scam Or Legit? Read The Truth in My Atlas Intelligence Review and Bonus Until Download it
There aspect of trading, which is hardly felt by a lot of traders, which may be the reason for the destruction of your trading account slowly Secretariat. We Atlas Intelligence deal with numbers on a computer screen; and these numbers are a digital representation of cash for our money in hard currency that are tired in the collection, and as a result we often forget in fact feeling the tattoo smell or see the money that Atlas Intelligence or lose in trading. That the reaction which leaves him not to deal directly with money in your trading account in case your profit or your loss, has its significance and importance of the real big ...

The important point in the case not to touch, smell or see the money that you earn or lose in any transaction, is that you lose Atlas Intelligence

War of the fact relevance in the real world.

The difference between digital and real money funds
I would like to ask you a question ... any of the following scenarios Atlas Intelligence more ...
1) Imagine that you are in front of an ATM machine and you drag the SR 500 from your bank account in order to go out to spend the night in the city, and Atlas Intelligence thief suddenly and abuser then takes you five hundred riyals and run away.
2) Imagine that you are sitting in front of your computer in your home and drink coffee, then you have to stop your loss in the short-trading deal that you made two days ago on the pound against the dollar and lose the equivalent of 500 riyals.
I am sure that your answer would be that the first scenario will displeases you more than the second scenario, however, it lost the same amount of money in both positions, if, and when he disagreed reactions? The reason is that in the first scenario, the money was much more realistic, they have been in the grip of your hand and texture, it felt and perhaps Atlas Intelligence; there was actual contact with her. In the second scenario, I have seen just a digital representation of your money has decreased SR 500, but you do not actually feel the realism of loss for those coins. I know what has been going on in your mind now, you might think of yourself and say, "I feel the money that I lose or actually win it, I do not need to catch him in the grip of my hand, that I feel cold actual" and I know that it is easy for you to this belief because I already and it is the same my opinion, but the fact of the matter is that one of the underlying causes in people losing money in the stock market is that "far from the eye away from the heart" in every sense of the word. When you lose some money in one of the trades, not be your condition is equally bad when you lose the same amount at the hands of a thief in front of the ATM, and also when you win one of the trades they will not be the same as important for you when you stumble on a package of money while going In a city parks .... Even if the money value of one.

How do you feel the impact of the loss or gain in your trading?
I know this may sound silly but I hope you hear me to the end because this method worked with me, in the first beginnings of me from trading currencies, I suffered a lot in the management of funds in some stages like most traders, so it occurred to me "ploy" simple even seem reaction all profit or the loss of more realistic and effective, you bring Atlas Intelligence great and you can use a dish or any another bowl see fit and then I brought some paper and you have cut in the form of banknotes, and written on each sheet value equal to the value of my account on each trade, and have you set different values ​​of trading on those They leave, and you do so in this way even if you have collected all of which were my trading account the value of 100%.
Then, the word "profit" and "loss" written on two pieces of masking tape and stuck each one of them on the wall of a jar, and after each trading process put much equal her from these papers that you crop them, either in a jar "profit" or a jar "loss" This of course depends on the outcome of each trading process, and lay it down on financial trading Office of the Special me so remind me by placing them in front of me all the time whenever you analyze the price action in the market or managed in the trading process carried out either in or out of it.
Clear occurred and the impact of this "trick" when it becomes I have a concrete example of the sense of gain or loss in all trading process I do, bringing I have something touch it with my hands and I see with my own eyes, I no longer see only digital numbers increase or decrease, and I now have a clear example reminds me of my ability to succeed in carry out trading. Whether done with or without The important thing is that it represents such securities and Atlas Intelligence is my ability to manage my money properly and comply with my trading plan.

The were not more people disciplined on the face of the earth, might suffer hardship adherence Atlas Intelligence in circulation and the patience to wait for the same probability of high profit prepare a plan, and may also suffer from hardship to maintain the respective trading process to risk a maximum of a certain amount of dollars, and the most important cause hardship in dealing with these things, Like most traders is that there is no agency or person who may Atlas Intelligence or charged.
Every day when you go to work, you find direct your boss in front of you. If you made a wrong act or reckless with respect to work, may be evicted from it ... then you are always under accountability. The trader then you are not subject to any kind of accountability. For most of us, this leads to uncontrollable things out of our hands a lot of times with him if we have the highest official of us in the trading process. This chaos was intended to do things such as trading for just a "passing fancy" without real preparation process or double the size of the risk in case you want to recover the lost funds. There is no serious consequences than the loss of money that you did not see your hand or attachment to your eyes in this case, and therefore we are entitled to believe that the trading was designed as a whole to lose an numbs our sense and feeling its impact in the fact that money toward Atlas Intelligence or lose.
The money management may be more things discomfort in trading for most traders, and so the use of the previous method of full Atlas Intelligence real your money of securities that you set up, will lend a touch of realism to the trading process, without which the process will remain on the default unchanged. Many of the things your department for your money properly in the trading market centered on the emotions, and the full absorption of the reactions to your losses and winnings, is the use of such securities, and a great way to remind you always that you lose real money tired in the collection, or that you earn real money you can make use of them to improve your living ( So do not run the risk of including Atlas Intelligence profits!).

"See" your ability to manage money is crucial
The trick securities discussed above can provide something tangible you feel your responsibility towards him as you trade. In the end, no one except you knows the outcome of your trading profits. However, the presence of phantom money in your home will help you to discipline and continue on the right track. If you live together with other people knew about the trades in the stock market, it is easy to maintain as a result of your trades secretly or even hide them things successful trades do not remember them simply things your loss, however if you have Atlas Intelligence major of those phantom stock that record the results of trading whereby, in all who are able to be found in your home, it will become for you exceed the limits of discipline in managing your money quite clear to them and this is what will gives you a greater sense of accountability. Easy for you to forget that you are out of the path of the trading plan, and you have exceeded the limits of discipline when trading losing records are relatively far from your eyes inside the trading application eBook "MetaTrader 4" platform that you may see that it does not need to see it as what you think. But when those securities are used in the follow-up losses and profits in trading conditions, it becomes you have something tangible and also reminds you of a reflection of your ability to continue on the right track and in a disciplined trading. If you go beyond the boundaries of discipline it reminds you of what you would find all the time and you basically prove that you are not disciplined until you trade successfully.

Discipline industry
Recap today's lesson is that: discipline in money management is difficult pollutants him when trading in the market, because everything is done on the computer screen and there is no real sense to reap money or losing, and so less severe feeling traders their profits and end up to the abuse of their trading profits as a result of Therefore, also less severe sense of loss and they deem less important than the money that a thief may rob them of their hands.
And even address the loss of feeling towards this money that you earn or lose in your trades, you will also need to use virtual money as I mentioned earlier, to make the results of your trades look more realistic. The operation is very successful trick or tool able to resort to even develop a recipe discipline in your behavior trader, then in the end when this behavior becomes a habit, then will no longer need to use those papers again.
Then reward yourself at the end of each month until the practice becomes more effective with you, if you continue to use those securities without skipping your money management rules, so buy anything for yourself or the manner it deems most suitable for Atlas Intelligence and your commitment to the right path. In the end, begin to enjoy the discipline and order, which are used to. If you can manage your money and maintain discipline in your trades you would have overcome the most difficult part in the management of trading. Then all you should need is a combination of discipline and effective trading strategy like price action strategy, the wearer will become ready to profit from currency trading market.


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