Auto Profits Trades Review Is Auto Profits Trades Software Scam Or Legit?

Auto Profits Trades Review Is Auto Profits Trades Software Scam Or Legit? My Honest Auto Profits Trades Review Share With You The Real Truth Until Download it
Abounding forex market with many brokerage firms that offer its services to investors and those who want to trade in the forex world, and compete these companies among themselves to attract a lot of customers by offering tempting offers good services that guarantee to attract the largest possible number of customers, so we give you today the most important criteria We must be available in the brokerage firm to help you choose the company fit your needs and help you achieve your goals.
Provide free accounts of interest by customers
The brokerage firm must offer customers free Auto Profits Trades accounts of the benefits of premeditation usury until the account complies with Islamic law. And know the benefits of delaying the deal as: the difference between the base currency and the counter currency interest rate. And often add or deduct those benefits from the account daily at ten o'clock GMT on.

You must be a brokerage firm registered with the regulatory bodies
When choosing an investor for the brokerage company must make sure the regulator governing the company; because the main purpose of these regulatory bodies is to protect investors from any fraud or fraud may carried out by brokerage firms, so you must know the regulator that oversees directly on the activity of the company mediation.

It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of brokerage firms that operates without being subject to any regulatory body or hand, and these companies should stay away from them until the investor is not exposed to the loss of his rights.
Provide technical support and services to all clients
The brokerage firm must provide good technical support to customers throughout the 24-hour in order to meet customer needs at any time and efficiently, and this support is to provide many of the diverse means of communication such as instant messaging conversations service, e-mail and telephone conversations.

Provide a good trading platform
The brokerage firm must provide to its customers a good and easy Auto Profits Trades trading platform deal; and by providing all the tools needed by the investor, and is characterized by good brokerage company really provide the trading platform more than a picture that will suit all requirements as may be provided in the form of a computer program or trading platform across the page Web or program trading via mobile phone.

Providing a suitable rate differentials
Of the most important competitive advantages for brokerage firms are price differences between buying and selling, but it should be noted that some companies exaggerate in reducing the price differences to hide other flaws in the company, so it is advisable investigated accuracy and choose just the right teams and not to be deceived behind the extremely low differences because it is not a criterion for preference Company think a lot of new speculators.

The speed of execution of orders
This standard is one of the most important things you should investigate and Auto Profits Trades when choosing a Auto Profits Trades brokerage company; where the good implementation of the command brokerage firm characterized quickly and simply pressing the matter.

Transparency of the deal and the courage to recognize the error message:
The brokerage firm must be honest in dealing with mistakes; it is natural occurrence errors in trading or execution of transactions, and in this context advised to choose a rare errors brokerage firm from the client side, and at the same time, we must credibility with the brokerage firm is available to recognize its mistakes and compensate the customer in case of any fault; where this supports the integrity of the company and increases customer confidence.


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