Inner Trading Circle Review Is Inner Trading Circle Software Scam?

Inner Trading Circle Review Is Inner Trading Circle Software Scam Or Legit? Read My Inner Trading Circle Review Until Download it
The impact of the British financial services is very large FSA and especially in the world of Forex, it is a quasi-judicial body to play the role of organizing the work of financial services in the United Kingdom since 2001, but although it is an independent body but its board is appointed by the Ministry of British Treasury with the knowledge that the financing of this body is not through the government but through fees imposed on companies that provide financial services.

As for the establishment of the FSA was on 7 June 1985 Jat was dubbed the Securities Commission name and limited investment at the instigation of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and then was changed Securities Council and investments renamed the Financial Services Authority FSA and that On 28 October, the first of the year 1997, but that the exercise of legislative power began in 2000 and conferred upon it by law with the knowledge that the financial services and markets in 2000 replaced the previous legislation and have entered into force in December 2001, where that at that time began to exercise the role of financial control in the form of guarantees and futures SFA, which was self-regulatory organization oversees the trading stocks and futures contracts in the United Kingdom, it also supervises banks, insurance companies and financial advisers.
As for the goals Inner Trading Circle body has imposed Services Act and the financial markets for the year 2000 four legal objectives are as follows:

First of confidence in the market: any attempt to maintain confidence in the financial system.
Second, financial stability: contributing to the protection and promotion of the stability of the financial system in general.
Thirdly consumer: to ensure adequate protection for consumers against companies of the monument and the degree of fraud protection.
Fourthly reduction of financial crime: reducing the extent to which it possible for people to use in the business sector to carry out such illegal smuggling of money and other money laundering and financial crimes.

In the latter it should be noted that the British Financial Services Authority and the ratification of Forex brokers and in order to protect traders generally from scams and fraud and all the manipulations that can fall to them so that they can trade in a safe environment can have access to the desired Inner Trading Circle .

The subject of today's article is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC where we will talk about its history and what they are and their relationship to commodity markets and futures, The Committee on Commodity Futures Trading CFTC is an organization characterized independently of the government in the United States as it works to organize commodity market and sitting futures and markets options, but its history in 1974, was founded by the US Senate in order to control the Commodity Exchange as a federal agency independent responsible for regulating the futures contract, as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a useful tool in helping to regulate the futures markets by encouraging their competitiveness and as well as ensure efficiency and safety and the protection of traders in these markets of manipulations that can be in the market and bad practices such as fraud, which ensures the safety of financial transactions through the regulatory apparatus.
Inner Trading Circle
In fact, we find that these systems multiple positions in solving many special commodity markets and economic problems Perhaps the most striking example of this is the mortgage crisis, as it is in December of 2007 and in conjunction with the beginning of the economic collapses that occurred because of the mortgage worked Trading Commission Commodity Futures on the transport and storage of oil futures.

As for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are sections on the following figure:

DCR clearing department and risk Division of Clearing and Risk
DOE implementation section Division of Enforcement

DMO Market Control Section Division of Market Oversight

DSIO Department of exchanges and brokers Division of Inner Trading Circle Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight

The Committee on Commodity Trading offices are as follows:

Chief Economist (OCE)
The Office of the Chief Economist gives economic support and advice to the Commission and not only did Bmak but performs research on issues facing the Committee.

Data and Technology (ODT)
And is the office that gives support to data management and surveillance and legal support as well as it provides communications, storage and computing and infrastructure for the management of public information and services.

Executive Director (OED)
And it is the one who ensures the Committee adapt to changing markets and are constantly working on the development of administrative policies and implemented is also working to measure the performance of the program and track the level of the Committee in addition to the supervision of the programs of Consumer Affairs.

General Counsel (OGC)
And it is responsible to provide legal services and support to the Committee.

Inspector General (OIG)
Office of the Inspector General is an independent organizational unit in the Inner Trading Circle and its functions are summarized in the detection of fraud, waste, and which promotes the integrity and effectiveness of the programs and operations carried out.

Office of International Affairs
And is the office which works to provide advice to the Commission on International and regulatory initiatives, providing guidance on international issues that are raised.

Legislative Affairs (OLA)

And is the one who represents the link between the Commission and with the Congress.

Public Affairs (OPA)
It is a Liaison Committee with the public and the media.

And in the fourth it should be noted that the first and the last goal from behind the creation of this committee is that the committee put many rules and the basis on which the forex market is going to organize and facilitate this kind of trades in these markets.


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