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Returns the currency exchange rates fluctuate to the breaking winning in the Bretton Woods Treaty as the single currency exchange rate against the other currency has become depends on a set of basic economic factors, as well as technical factors and even art, making supply and demand contributes to determine currency exchange rates, all of these factors regardless of they are fundamental or technical factors are only a continuously variable factors making the price volatility is the other is constantly changing.

Economic situation
Most of the economic changes which are located in the world that have a clear impact on the currency exchange rate, but most often have that effect impact on the long-term such as the impact of economic downturn or inflation, which result in a reduction in the purchasing value of the currency, leading to lower currency value other, pushing to where you will need to larger than a particular currency for the purchase amount, and the economic downturn for the occurrence of an adverse effect of the impact caused by inflation, which is measured by the economic downturn or economic inflation through the knowledge of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the beginning by using this equation:

Consumption or consumer spending + government spending + investment + exports - imports = GDP
But that in fact three different ways in order to calculate the GDP and that gives the same result, namely:
And the initial way is to rely on the value of the final and total consumption.
The second way is to rely on and value-added manufacturing to various destinations in the economy.
The third way and is to rely on the income the value of in all manufacturing entities, which in addition to the total manufacturers gains Elbe when it reaches the final consumer, which is calculated as a percentage by subtracting the gross domestic product for the year studied of GDP the previous year and then divided by the gross the total for the previous year and then multiplied by 100% in the case where that was positive this indicates inflation and vice versa.

We have become a trading black gold of great importance in the world of Forex, and to a set of multiple factors, and that made him the most important and most common types of investments brought to investors, as it did not come from empty or as a coincidence, but it is due to consider the oil and Energy largest business in the world, making the demand for trading continues to increase and because it is one of the tangible trading commodities in the exchange market, and that can be Triple Threat Trade several forms, which will be the subject of our article this is the Canadian dollar and trading the oil.

The Canadian dollar traded oil
May be wondering many about the reason for linking the Canadian dollar to trade oil, but that the reason why the piece is very simple and it is to the fact that the State of Canada is one of the leading countries in the production of energy sources and among the biggest oil producers in the world, where the process of exporting a huge portion occur him to the outside and the other part is issued to the United States of America, and by virtue of the adoption of the State of Canada on the Canadian oil is very large, this matter has contributed to a great relationship between the Canadian dollar and oil, which made the oil affects very heavily on the Canadian dollar, and from Here was created significant correlation between crude oil prices and the Canadian dollar, since a very large number of investors use these for the purpose of making profits for ways to employ them felt employ in order to get to see the future clearly, the oil trading from trading profitable become after it became one of the most assets traded, which made him one of the most successful and best investment strategy, and that everyone can approach and follow in the forex market despite the existence of a respectable measure of the huge risk and surrounding this type of trading, because it requires the availability a sufficient knowledge that will assist in the Security and profitable trading.

That oil is classified among the most sensitive in the world of Forex Assets box, which forces continuous access to a set of indicators and the news constantly when I am willing to trade this parent process, although regarded as the origin of profitable it must be pointed out the need for caution when trading in it to avoid the fall in non-desired losses.
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