Dow Jones Focus Group Review Is Equinox Trading Software Scam Or Legit?

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Dow Jones Focus Group

It will stop the pace of growth, which prevailed in Europe between the beginning of the second millennium and the end of the first decade of them, because of the pressures of public debt and the cost of its service and reduce spending in addition to the crisis of unemployment and the tails of the credit crunch and the problems of the US economy and oil prices. The crisis will continue until the end of the Dow Focus Group contract if withstood the single European currency.

He says Nicolas Spiro, director of Dow Jones Focus Group Center in London, said that «cheap money that was available in the past scarce and must be a new formula for the investment spending and the role of governments in dealing with economic crises». It is expected without Holland, from «National Institute of Economic Studies» in London, that the European debt crisis will continue until the end of the decade, «at least» If withstood the euro and the monetary union.

«The majority of the traditional political leaders absent from the referee in Europe and reconsider the foundations upon which the mechanism of the single European currency in the light of the Greek and Italian experiences and what happened in Ireland, Portugal and Spain» is expected.

Change, or trance began in Greece with force Prime Minister George to resign and the inauguration of Lucas, former deputy head of the Central Bank, rather than to deal with the debt of almost 340 billion euros.

And it increased the frequency of pressure on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to vacate his post, which can be received by former European Commissioner Mario Monti, who has headed a government of technocrats coalition, to deal with the debt of Italian magnitude 1.9 trillion euros and to secure the best method to recycle about 300 billion euros of debt the year 2012, and oversees the general election in 2013.
Dow Jones Focus Group Reviews
Berlusconi yesterday won the support of 308 deputies unconscious majority (316 deputies), which was give legitimacy to rule, prompting the opposition to resign his claim.

And driving the change, even indirectly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in what became known as the European duo «Mrkozy» commander of the change in the «European autumn».

According to the site «Nau MAG» there will be Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox in the pillar of the European Union, ie in France and Germany, which will take place in April 2012 French presidential election in the fall 2013 general election in Germany, where it is expected the replacement of Sarkozy and Merkel.

And the re-location reasons to the euro crisis and afford expensive German tax in defense of the single currency, while the French will choose the alternative of their president, who will be with his government felt compelled to approve reductions in spending aimed at reducing public debt to 3 percent in 2016 to financial keep the French on their classification credit.

Holland says that without European rescue plans makes it imperative for Greece «austerity measures until 2020» as Italian urges the Government to similar austerity in spending non-investment means the loss of growth incentives and having to borrow again under the weight of debt service.

Markets and reflected some optimism yesterday could temporary control of the International Monetary Fund on a «crisis management» also achieved notable gains in the first trading sessions after daily trading witnessed a decline in the indicators. Rose Dow Jones Focus Group index closing 1.5 percent, as «Standard & Poor's 500» index made gains did not exceed 0.4 percent.

Analysts noted in «Bloomberg» he improved prices compared to every four shares in Europe was the fifth decline in stocks calculated within «Stoxx Europe 600 index.» Simple as improved rates of the financial sector and the prices ranged between 2 and 7 percent. On the other hand fell «MSCI» Emerging Markets Index by 0.1 percent, reflecting concern of a recession in Europe and the loss of export markets.

What drew the Arabs consider yesterday a recent president of «Emirates» Tim Clarke, the agency «Reuters», for the European banks, which was one of the top financiers of the company deals with «Airbus» and »Boeing», avoids the risk because of the euro crisis. Adding that the company could resort to Islamic finance to make up the shortfall in European loans. Dow Jones Focus Group


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