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Despite the continuation of the German Christian - Socialist government to refuse the allocation of government investment programs to stimulate the economy, and the ministries of finance and economy finally confirmed research in how to contribute to increase investment, to fill a gap weakness of German investments and foreign private companies.

The German government finds itself after Parliament finally approved in the 2015 budget, without any debt for the first time in nearly four decades, between commitment to the resolution of internal, European and international pressures. Finally, increased demand and the economy of Germans and foreign experts to work on the need to stimulate the economy through an economic chidren, to break the cycle of deflation that hit the economies of European countries, as well as adhere to the austerity and adjust the Million Dollar Months budget.

Unlike the two ministries and the Declaration of the balance within the German coalition government, where the Socialist partner pushes from behind the scenes in the direction of increased government investment, while the Christian - Democratic partner still elude despite cracking his Secret Millionaires Club 2016 position.

In return for tighter finance minister who belongs to this group, Wolfgang Schaeuble, the need for the state to improve the general conditions for the private sector to encourage more investment, the Minister of the socialist economy Gabriel urged to look at how to increase the agreed government investment in the coalition Secret Millionaires Club 2016 program, which has not yet been implemented . He announced «commissioned a committee of experts, businessmen and trade unionists and researchers, to propose ways to increase public and private investment, and research on how to exploit the huge capital in the financial markets, to renew the infrastructure in Germany.»

In addition to the amounts that have been identified in the government's program to support education and research, transport and urban development, he stressed the need to «agree on further steps».

The governing coalition agreed to allocate five billion euros to be invested in the transport sector until 2017, but experts agree that the amount is very small, and that the required lift as well as allocated to the sectors of research and education amounts. For example, experts felt that the transportation obsolete in the country need improvement and innovation, and they talk about the presence of six thousand bridge in poor condition out of 39 people in the country. Note that the state did not provide funds for the maintenance and renovation of more than 78 bridge them. Police prevented a long time ago is a short course of heavy bridges on public roads and transport trucks, because of the signs of weakness, and left without maintenance because of lack of money. And cut tens of thousands of truck roads and bridges every day in Germany, while the transport trucks were produced in the sixties and seventies, weighing 24 tons doubled its weight to become today almost 44 tons, what constitutes a threat to the bridges in case of neglect of maintenance. Finally, the government has allocated one billion euros to the Federal Ministry of Transport to do the job, note that the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 amount is very small.

The experts and businessmen called on the government of the need «the allocation of a few billion euros a year, each identified by six to do the job successfully». They stressed that the attempt to encourage the private sector to invest in the sectors of transportation, infrastructure and education «is difficult because the winning private investor seeking a quick profit and would prefer to stay away from the caveats, here the public sector in most cases remains primarily responsible for this task.»

There is no doubt that such a large investment requires the state to borrow from the private sector, which is shunned by the Christian party - Democrat in the German government and unwilling to abandon austerity advocated by since the start of the debt crisis, internal and external reasons approach. It is designed, at least not to back down until next year, in order to highlight the budget as «a successful model» of austerity approach.

It is noteworthy that «the autumn report» of the most important research institutes in Germany, as well as the report «Germans Council of the Elders of the economy», rejected the principle of achieving balance in the state budget in absolute terms. The reports stressed that «not meaningful for this purpose in the current circumstances, and that from a purely economic standpoint». As the currently required that «the state implemented targeted investments, especially in infrastructure». Million Dollar Months


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