Phoenix Trading Review Is Scam Or Legit?

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 Phoenix Trading

It is expected to exceed the German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext thorny political obstacles to declare an agreement later on Tuesday will produce the largest market share in the world at a time when gaining a wave of mergers between global stock exchanges force.
In Asia, Phoenix Trading company operating the Australian Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Singapore amended the structure of the Board of Directors of the alliance to be the $ 7.9 billion in an attempt to win the support of Australian lawmakers who were concerned that giving up control of the local bourse.
And feelings of nationalism among the major obstacles to the wave of mergers sweeping the sector as it is usually seen as a symbol of Exchanges of national pride. Face transactions - and
Including a view of the London Stock Exchange to acquire a group operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange - severe scrutiny from regulators and politicians around the world.
Sources said that a number of key details in the German stock exchange agreement with NYSE Euronext has been settled. One source said that the final agreement expected to be announced on Tuesday.
But a number of difficult aspects have not been cured yet, which is likely to feed concerns raised on both sides of the Atlantic.
And seen the policy also concerns as the reason behind the Singapore Stock Exchange granting greater representation of the Australian Stock Exchange in the management of the new entity. The two exchanges said in a joint statement on Tuesday they Phoenix Trading equally by the Board of the merged entity management seats after the original offer was awarded the Australian stock market is less than half the board seats.
Sources refused to publish identity that there are obstacles to the alliance German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext will be settled in the coming weeks and that those obstacles still would hamper the deal.
A source said "it is clear that the biggest question mark in general on the deal relating to the regulatory and political scene to emerge from this deal in Europe."
According to economic Fox network, citing banking sources that Pheonix Trading Binary Group, a group of derivatives exchanges in the world has been forced make an offer to acquire NYSE Euronext.
A spokesman for Chicago-based Phoenix Trading declined to comment. Group officials and directs investors away from the expectation that the company is entering the merger deal.
And it reached the German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext to agreement on details such as the identity of the senior executives but talks on the name and location of operations of the new entity "sensitive and complicated", highlighting the difficulty of integrating the work of companies operating in different ways and represents a symbol of national pride.
The two companies announced in the past that Duncan Nediraoar head of NYSE Euronext will head the merged entity will take over as Chief Executive Officer Reto Franxiona for the post of President of the German Stock Exchange Board of Directors and the shareholders of the German company will receive a 60 percent stake in the new company.
A source said that the structure of the 60-40 ownership would make the majority shareholder in the merged company from the United States, where the Americans shareholders will receive 55 percent of Germans, while shareholders get 11 percent and 11 percent on the British and shareholders will own the rest of the world share of 23 percent. Phoenix Trading Phoenix Trading Citadel LTD Scam Citidel Investment APP Citidel LTD Investment APP Citadel LTD Investment APP Catidel LTD Investment APP


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