Simple Profits Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Simple Profits Review Is Scam Or Legit? Is Simple Profits System Works? Learn My Simple Profits Reviews Before Invest in Simple Profits Binary Options Trading APP

Euro-zone countries facing crisis storm, and all do not succeed in staying in, are forced to withdraw. It is hoped that the euro survive the crisis. It is the most prominent corner of the European project. Like France, Germany will not refrain from harsh steps are as a sacrifice to save the euro zone. But it shall not be required to Berlin Paris to embark on what can not afford to do, as does the French President, Francois Hollande. There seems to be an omission abroad, especially in France, the risks incurred by both Paris and Berlin to today.

It is said that the city morally Germany for the euro zone to make huge sums of money, and it's more than the fruits of the euro. But such omits to say that Germany already have their own against the euro crisis. Single currency deflated the impact of the currency exchange risk and convert from one currency to another in the partner countries in the euro zone. The Simple Profits transfer of the Germans their savings to other European countries. And it stoked that German inflation. And it inflated the cost of living, salaries and price inflation broadcast imbalance in the German balance.

In previous years the crisis, displaced two-thirds of the German savings abroad, at a time when the reconstruction of East Germany at its peak and the urgent need for large investments. Throughout the long years, investment and growth in Germany reached the lowest levels in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. And the migration of savings led to high rates of unemployment. In 2005, exacerbated unemployment exacerbated by pregnancy Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to pursue painful social reforms contributed to deprive millions of unemployed Germans in government aid. It did not overlooking loss Schroeder before the elections in 2005.

Today, viewed with envy the financial budget to a surplus of non-German stand at Reason: the migration of capital. The law of capitalism is clear: if the capital moved from the country «a» to the country «B», the country faced «a» collapse, and the country flourished «b», and increased the import and rates of return. In the country «a», exports fall, and freeze the value of salaries and remain unchanged, rising exports and unemployment. Germany and has been the fate of the country «a», at the time the grace of southern European countries, the fate of the country «B». So, Berlin refuses to project a common European debt collection and make it. Today, the Germans called to compensate part of the losses resulting from the asset «toxic» issued by southern European countries.

There is no doubt that the German economy grew at a steady growth in 2010 and 2011, following the return of amounts of savings to the inside, and the recovery of construction and real estate sectors after years of recession. And moderate growth for two years does not count, it comes after a decade of deflation.

And the right to criticize save the euro project is not intended to stand idly about the crisis. And priorities of the rescue efforts to overcome the liquidity crisis is not temporary defies logic. But avoid bankruptcy southern Europe whatever the cost, risk. Europe did not skimp over 5 years in pumping liquidity in the euro area at least competitive economies.

Since 2007, the support of the European Central Bank of the States Parties of Europe by the middle of amounts made by the European countries to contribute to the re-financing of the debt of these countries. And hit the German central bank's 730 billion euros of this aid. Since May 2010, the European Central Bank bought public debt bonds worth more than 200 billion euros, and provided internal rescue fund between governments and the International Monetary Fund 400 billion euros. If added contribution to the new European rescue fund and assistance promised by the International Monetary Fund, aid amounted to 2200 billion euros. Germany and paid preponderant portion of this liquidity.

Barack Obama and the request from Germany bearing the dangers of the largest misplaced. did not stand idly by the crisis. If exhausted funds are all rescue, and did not pay Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain debt owed as a result of declaring bankruptcy, Germany lost 771 billion euros, or 30 percent of its gross domestic product, France lost 579 billion euros, or 29 percent of its gross domestic product.

And the problems of the euro not accumulate more debt area. Such belittling is synonymous heal TB disease. Inflation in Southern European countries fueled by debt stream, dropped the competitive ability of these countries. For example, prices in Greece today the most expensive 60 percent of its counterpart in Turkey. Such a difference would not bridge the by way of reforms, and there are two ways to raise the capacity of countries of the South competitiveness is fueling inflation in the countries of the center of the euro zone: the first from through out the affected countries by the crisis of the single currency and reduce the price of the value of local currencies, and the second is to stay in the euro zone and the commitment long and painful process to cut prices. The two solutions, but the second solution is the most dangerous, as it is supposed to reduce salaries great a reduction, and could lead to political instability and sliding nations to the brink of civil war. And the priority of the European Stability defer to the decisions of tomorrow is supposed to be taken today. And wait exacerbate the volume of debt. And out-timer to states desirable crisis. He hit of the treatment and rehabilitation of the economies addicted to debt in the chronic form.
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