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The Amissio Formula Review Is The Amissio Formula Software Scam?

The Amissio Formula Review Is The Amissio Formula Software Scam Or Legit? What is Amissio Formula Binary Options System? Learn My The Amissio Formula Review Now Before Think To Join in The Amissio Formula Software

The Amissio Formula Software

The Amissio Formula

Feel free Member States of the European single currency area (euros) in financial assistance to the member mired in debt exceeds 400 billion euros, Greece. But in contrast, seeks to create an entity, it may be in the form of «European Monetary Fund», offers help to troubled members in the future. And that as a result of a disability caused by the terms Treaty in 1992, it did not denote a device that supports any member is located in the deficit.

And often leads the crises of finance and economy of acute, global regulations about planning systems and mechanisms which avoid potential crises. The causes of crises evolve, making it difficult to avoid a recurrence, in

What it's like illnesses stronger antibiotics, pharmaceutical science seeks to test new drugs to them. The results are good for the crises they pay political systems to the formulation of mechanisms to monitor radical economic factors, and is seeking to bridge gaps which might cause fatal glitches in the financial and economic systems.
After the global crisis, which managed the Group of Twenty countries adjust its implications, and the pursuit of groups and states to fortify their economies to set them apart from the collapse in the future, the euro zone that ended the first decade of the integration crisis emerged. The region is currently undergoing the experience of the young did not anticipate the possibility of occurrence of the notes have prior solutions. Treaty The Amissio Formula which laid the euro zone controls and mechanisms of a single European currency and dealing with trading, did not notice the possibility of shortening the Member State in which the threat to the new currency.

In spite of the different economic levels and divergent among Member States, it controls led the rapprochement between them under the terms may during periods of economic growth, but not through the powerful crises. clear, necessitated the Member States not to exceed the inflation with their respective 1.5 percent, for the lowest rate in three Member States. It must be regimented general budget for each member of the lowest deficit of 3 percent of GDP, and public debt should not exceed has 60 percent of the output is also, and not interest rates of 2 percent for the lowest in more than three Member States. As necessitated the countries wishing to join should not devalue its currency during the two years preceding the accession.

What falls to Hzth «Maastricht» of the controls in the space of «economic coexistence», rather than imposed by the adoption of a single currency in the economic and financial dealing operations that differ between members. The use of a single European currency enjoined convergence between the inflation rates of the member, and to make sure that the rise in the budget deficit any members could hurt the value of the single currency and economic safety of the region. But adherence to such conditions difficult in the harsh crises. In the economic downturn cycles, support the economy makes it imperative to overlook the public deficit, but the controls Amissio Formula , in the euro zone prompted the European countries through a contraction in 1993, the powerless and restrictive economic policies have prevented economic development to take off before the end of the nineties of the last century.

And to controls «Maastricht», did not choose the Member States intact. The countries of southern Europe, they have a strong desire to join the check through an economic interest to benefit from the low interest rate, political and interest, requires engagement countries were marginalized in the European construction and install «democracy» for countries newly emerged from dictatorship systems (Alternatives Magazine - March / March 2010 ).

Low interest component and play a role mainly attractive to engage countries in the eurozone The Amissio Formula pressure from key members. It was designed to benefit customers Economists (government, institutions and families) of the benefits can not be adopted locally, and are benefiting from the convergent inflation, guiding prices downward rates.

Ironically, it showed that the price level in Greece from 1997 as the base year equal to 100 percent, reached 146 in 2009, 139 in Spain while he was in France 122 and Germany 119. It was not possible to address rising prices modifying benefits, given the ECB to the fact that determines the interest rate of one .

For comparison, Germany was before the euro has the lowest rate of interest in the region, in contrast to Greece, Ireland and Spain, because the inflation rate was higher than in Germany and France, despite the fact that these countries knew in the years of negative interest rates. And it lies in the pros inflation that dissolves sovereign debt and its institutions and their families, and pay monetary authorities to determine the interest rates compared to the rates of inflation shifts, sometimes for economic reasons. But with the followers of one rate of interest within the different economic entities, under crisis conditions imposed inevitability exceeded The Amissio Formula Review , which earned deviation being the current situation. Greece has expanded its debt, concealed the truth from Brussels by «Goldman Sachs» US, in Spain, Ireland and Portugal piled households, enterprises and customers special loan cycle, replete with debt.

Compared to the ease in obtaining loans, the citizens of these countries no longer save. They became consume more than they produce. With the widening gap external deficit hollow bottom 0.12 percent of GDP in Greece, Portugal, 10 and 9 in Spain, got the crisis.

In general form of excessive debt leads to the loss of competitiveness in many countries. But it's hard to get out within the euro area. Before that it was enough devalue the currency to correct the situation, the population finds themselves suddenly poor, but they are more competitive towards others, Reducing the measured value of the currency but not painful, and equal to all.

From here bet on the ability of the steadfastness of the European currency. The crisis in Greece has awakened members on the dangers lurk, you may Regional Monetary Fund.

The Amissio Formula Software The Amissio Formula The Amissio Formula The Amissio Formula

DeepNet Trading Review Is DeepNet Trading Scam Or Legit?

DeepNet Trading Review Is DeepNet Trading Scam Or Legit? What is Deep Web Trading Binary Options System? Learn My DeepNet Trading Review Now Before Think To Join in Deep Web Signals System

DeepNet Trading

The spirit that prevailed in the Congress of Vienna, where she met the great powers that the world actually control, have no place in the contemporary international community. Group of Twenty lacks legitimacy to a large extent and must be changed.

Despite the growing fiscal deficit and high unemployment, which is still rampant in rich and poor countries alike rates, the worst of the global economic crisis is over. The pressing question now is how the international community should devise appropriate exit from the stage of «Great Depression» strategy?
The dialogue on the subject already begun and will continue in a big way in the framework of the Group of Twenty nations. Despite leading the Group of Twenty done in regard to the reaction to the global crisis in the financial, economic and developmental sectors role, but the initiative in

The selection of its members and not others, to carry out this role, prepared in accordance with international law and the principles of multiple relationships, a big step back in the approach that was pursued by international cooperation since World War II.

Over the past few years, the Group of Twenty quickly acknowledged its status as a forum to take the first international financial and economic decisions, replaced the Group of Seven and the Group of Eight, and marginalize the increasingly international institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. In every meeting of the group, it establishes itself as an entity president for international cooperation and governance, including beyond the political significance of the order, just to save the global financial system and keep it.

This development has already had its advantages. Cooperation and coordination is unprecedented offered by the Group of Twenty in between the existing and emerging powers, helped to stabilize the global economy, which was exuberant to the edge of the abyss because of rampant economic crisis, thanks to the rapid and effective intervention in the global markets.

But the worst of the crisis has begun to recede, we must first set before facing the question of legitimacy and evolve so that better reflects the interests of countries that are affected by its actions.

Certainly constitute a Group of Twenty greater representation than formed by entities such as the Group of Seven major industrialized nations eight groups that preceded it, but it lacks the legitimacy of these entities to a large extent, they are not elected entity but a group established to appoint self, established without the consent of other nations. There are many countries played a pivotal role in the field of international cooperation in the past, including Norway and the Nordic group, have been excluded from direct DeepNet Trading membership of the Group of Twenty. While almost low-income countries and the countries of the African continent, all of which lack the necessary representation in that group.

It includes the Group of Seven richest economies in the world, but it lacks the composition of the Group of Twenty to this clarity. There are countries that are not members of the group, such as northern Europe, is already the top financial contributors to the development of the institutions «Proton Woods» with a «comprehensive importance» larger than the Group of Twenty exceed its gross domestic product GDP of the members in the group.

And as demonstrated by the reaction to the financial crisis, there is the importance of the Forum includes a smaller number of countries, can move at the speed when necessary. But in this same context, there are simpler ways to make the Group of Twenty more representative of the world reflected upon impact.

In the first and immediate step should be discussing the Member States of the Group of Twenty and non-Member States, on the framework for interaction between them.

Basically, we should adopt a system of Deep Web Trading circles, parallel lines that already we follow the International Monetary Fund and Bank constitute freely and includes the Member States of the Group of Twenty, so proceed with the reform of the obvious weaknesses of the current system with. The group of northern European countries and the Group of the Baltic states, it was a long time ago, effectively represented in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, through the regional circuit, is a model that can be replicated successfully within the Group of Twenty.

In the end, the global economy is already provided for in this word: «world». We live in an interconnected world, the economic decisions made by one of the State, the impact goes beyond the borders of this state, and the latest example of this problem debts experienced by Greece. Representation within the Group of Twenty will become more important while moving the agenda of this group to go beyond the limits of economic concerns, include such things as public health and development, climate change and which things have economic and political consequences borne by all countries, including that currently have no voice represented on the Group of Twenty table.

Respect for international law and international legitimacy as the basis for multi-party cooperation indispensable necessity and is in the interest of all countries. It is also a proud tradition of Norway, as one of the largest contributors to development aid and international organizations around the world. Our belief in Deep Web Signals multilateral relations is not naive, but stems from our belief in the powers idealism, faith we have gained in the wake of a fierce war nearly tore apart the world. The founders of the great institutions that emerged after the war, recognized the advantages of limited membership heavyweights in the larger entities, but they also stressed the importance of the consent of all parties based on international law, in such a procedure. Now, it's time to return the clock back.

We are no longer living in the nineteenth century. The spirit of the Congress of Vienna, where she met the great powers to control the world actually, have no place in the contemporary international community. If you actually resulted from the cooperation between the members of the Group of Twenty decisions dictate to the majority of the other countries, you will find this same group quickly in trouble. The House international referee can not stay intact when it is divided against himself. DeepNet Trading

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Profits Unlimited

Before the new British government takes over power in the United Kingdom, and inherit the legacies of the global economic crisis, the repercussions of a package of European rescue, dubbed «European Shield» preventive, free to the members of the euro zone countries, which further debilitated by the economic recession, and impeded the march of growth contraction sector real estate, which is derived Forth and the collapse of the same sector in the United States.

Shake the foundations of growth in Europe bedevil governments. This came and made over a decade comfortable overall economic growth rates ranging from Britain's Labour Government to the Government of the Socialist Spain and then Portugal and accepted by the Greek right-wing, without neglecting the major economies in the EU and in the euro which Germany and France region. But the growth centered on one sector, or Profits Unlimited in similar areas, the form of «handicap» in the body of the economy as a whole. Fears economies have only one growth sector of the economy, the impact of the crisis in the euro zone as it is the reality of oil prices.

European bailout package led Spain and then Portugal to adopt austerity plans before their conditions deteriorate to the economic reality of Greece's levels. Spain was the initiative to draw the austerity plan, announced by the government. However, each of the member states in the euro zone crisis, or any area of ​​the advanced economies were to be at this level of intensity it not adopted similar economic policy of reckless economies in the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

The Spanish economy is able to maintain the status Ranked positive despite the retreat and declining growth rates. Spain has issued treasury bonds easily during the first quarter of the year, at an interest rate of 4 percent for ten years the end of March and beginning of April the past. Unlike Portugal, which has reduced «Fitch» Foundation classification, classification was not exposed to Spain institutions remained positive in the eyes of classified «Standard & Poor's».

However, Spain, which is known prosperous distinct from the other members of the euro zone, has not been able to benefit from the pros, but being kept a positive classification levels, although discounted, which helps it to borrow to pay off its debts.

Spain approached the global crisis thus achieved great potential fiscal surplus equivalent to 2.2 percent of GDP in 2007, and has passed the banking apparatus, without disturbing mortgages dangerous crisis, due to the robustness of its institutions and to the hard-line control. And the evolution of the Spanish economy at a robust pace between 1999 and 2007, and at an average rate of 3.7 percent per year versus 1.8 percent for the rest of the euro zone, driven by the adoption of the single European currency and low interest accessible to institutions and families, made the last debt exceeding 147 percent of their income after the crisis. This Profits Unlimited explains the sudden and widespread prosperity in the construction sector the difference in growth rates between Spain and the other members of the euro, which reduced unemployment from 15 percent rate to 8.3 on the eve of the crisis, which has caused him back to 20 percent in the end of last March.

Due to the large tax basket consisting of rapid growth, the public debt of Spain was limited with 42 percent of the gross domestic product for 2007 - versus 76 for the rest of the euro zone and 104 percent for Greece - but rose last year to 53 per cent of the GDP of 1436 billion euro.

Spain was hit, like Anglo-Saxon countries, down real estate market. The prices of apartments valued at double the value and remained the highest at 50 percent in 2009. But the decline in construction projects brought the unemployment rate to 20 percent, while tax revenues have collapsed. The contraction translates immediately to the fact that the number of workers 30 percent of those who are in work were employed on fixed contracts on the eve of the crisis age.

Spain and involved such as Britain, Ireland and the United States, in the long process of the families that almost 90 percent of GDP on the eve of the debt crisis, and exceeded the level of debt income families are curbing consumption growth Profits Unlimited production and hence employment.

And moved away from the banks to engage in crisis management, but followed closely Falling real estate prices, rising household financial difficulties, the doubling of the bankruptcy of enterprises, causing it to strengthen its reserves to cope with bad debts, a reduced ability to lend. The savings funds are invested in real estate value, it dropped in a worrying situation.

To the extent that pose real estate mortgaged for sale down prices and increase reserves financial institutions, while production enterprises suffer from a lack of competitiveness in the terminal. And the evolution of public debt at a rate of 89 points between 2007 and 2010,

Without growth no luck absorb the crisis, and the first elements to return to diversify economic activity and the launch of production, consumption workshops. And it waits for 4.6 million unemployed doors of the vulva in Andalusia.

Altronix APP Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Altronix APP Review Is Scam Or Legit? What is Altronix Trading Bot Binary Options System? Learn My Altronix APP Review Now Before Think To Join in Your Altronix APP Software

Announcement «China Central» adoption of the liberation of the national currency rate policy (RMB) yuan from a dollar peg, in response to the demands of the partners in the Group of Twenty nations, and in response to the urging of the United States strongly on the need for China's currency calendar including paralleled to the currency global major, especially the dollar comes. US officials and line the request of Beijing correct the yuan, firm tone given by the Chinese capital strongly «sovereign», considering its internal affairs, including the national currency, the red line, because the central authority in the «People's Republic of China», to take the appropriate decision.

As has been the Group of Twenty summit in London (April / April 2009), call American economic power emerging in the Empire center (AFC), to adopt appropriate measures for both teams - policy and repeated the call during a bilateral summit in June, it formed the first episodes of «strategic dialogue and economic »between the two giants - Washington is seeking, such as the Toronto summit (Canada) that China respond to its demand to float the yuan, which claims the US administration and partners in the West, headed by the euro area, as less than forty percent of its true value.

China, which has become the heart of the world, turned in 2009, up to now the focus of an international polarization ranging from the Olympics to the Shanghai World Expo, continues to amaze the world as well in terms of growth rates achieved by the central economic fragility of the mightiest economies, the most important progress, and strives also to become innovation and scientific research global hub .

But in the global exchanges is a surplus a surplus partners have another. From this equation the US deficit turns into a reserve in China, which invest in a dense form of bonds in the US, including the sovereign. And Pat position between America and China is like the relationship between a large debit and his bank Altronix APP worries on the debt, but in the end the debtor remains in a position of strength to negotiate. In case of bankruptcy the bank loses everything, how about if the debt exceeds a trillion dollars?

US-China relations began, since the middle of the first decade of the third millennium, feeding the imagination and speculation. The rise of China's economy has been linked strongly in great shape relationship with the United States, and found American households in the Chinese savings and a way to finance consumption, which exceeded reasonable levels. America felt that bilateral cooperation could lead to a new global group ((G2 between the first and third economy (some consider a second) in the world. This is the objective of the Washington «strategic economic dialogue» with Beijing.

But China would prefer to retain their freedom to choose their partners from the perspective of their own. To justify their choices indicate that it is a poor country and that the per capita GDP equivalent to only one in 14 of the US per capita income. Since they are still bullish are no countries have the desire to sacrifice its own interests as the global responsibility that he wants to carry it to her partners. So declared «China's central» that he would keep the yuan at a reasonable and stable level, and will not raise the value of a single payment.

In this context, China left the yuan to regain 21 percent of its value between July 2005 and July 2008, compared to the dollar. But the Chinese authorities chose to stop in the post-liberalization of the national currency rate that reflected negatively on exports. And to install it addressed the level of her quasi-static toward the dollar. This Altronix APP balance envisioned by China sparked global partners who accuse the maintenance of a low exchange rate for its currency.

With the global financial crisis, the yuan has become a calendar of the hottest topics of the United States Altronix APP its efforts to achieve. But for Beijing to issue more complicated, because they are keen on the one hand not to disrupt dramatic and rapid growth in the economy mode, on the other hand, find themselves in the «trap the US currency.» Vaanaat China's currency increased to 2240 billion dollars between 2000 and the end of 2009, of which 600 billion since mid-2008, to stop the yuan calendar Station.

Observers noted that Altronix APP the yuan beneficial to China. Strong Valiwan allows developed towards less tied to the growth pattern of exports. Beijing Muslim nor refute, but it considered that the time was not yet ripe to evaluate its currency. She wants to support export-oriented industry, promising jobs and capable alone to absorb the number of arrivals from the Chinese countryside. He bet affects the stability of the country.

From this point China has developed two strategies, one to translate the long-term rearrangement of global financial system tool for new reserves. And it linked the growing role they play within the global financial organizations with the emerging countries supported, including Brazil, India and Russia. The second strategy aims to develop a global role for the yuan to Beijing made him a reserve currency in the dollar and the euro level.

During the heated discussion, the euro zone crisis began. The deterioration of the European single currency economy appeared to be targeted with the yuan. China stood at the gates laden Greece's sovereign debt. It expressed their decision to invest in the Hellenistic state. But «responded».

Yet China's response US pressure to continue. Altronix APP

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Thousand Dollar Days

It seeks European countries that suffer crises deficit and debt to the sale of public property to get money to help plug the deficit. Newspaper «Wall Street Journal» reported that the European countries, has for years been selling public property Thousand Dollar Days office and residential buildings in order to raise funds, but the world financial crisis and the recession that followed led to the deterioration in the public finances of some countries such as Germany, Britain, France and Greece to push for expansion in the sale of that property.

The asset sales of the governments representing between two and 2.5 percent of the total government sales in the past four years, could double that figure this year for up to four percent of the total expected to reach a hundred billion euros ($ 125 billion). Despite the fact that some property will find buyers, many of the Thousand Dollar Days government assets will have trouble marketing, according to the analysts I spoke to the American newspaper.

In Germany, the Department intends responsible for the disposal of government property sell about half of its total property worth up to 6.8 billion euros. The other half is not marketable. The British government Thousand Dollar Days sell $ 35 billion pounds of assets over the next 10 years.

Last year, the German government sales amounted to 42 percent of government sales market in Europe. And reached its sales rate in the last four years to 30 percent of the same market. In Greece, the government appointed a consulting firm to advise on the potential sale of a range of government assets. The French government plans to sell six percent of the property of the buildings in the next three years. The Minister Francois Baroin budget plan to sell the building in 1700 of the total government assets amounting to 28 thousand ownership.

The European Commission announced that the structural and financial reforms in Greece, which aims to pull the country out of recession and end the sovereign debt crisis is on track, despite some deficiencies. In a report on her mission, which visited Greece in June, Thousand Dollar Days stressed, which is the executive arm of the European Union, that Athens is making a good progress in the field of tightening fiscal policy to reduce deficits and debt came macroeconomic developments in line with the reform program despite higher inflation .

Furthermore, the Greek trade unions organize new general strike today to protest the pension reform and austerity measures imposed by the government to improve the situation of public finances is expected to be considerable disruption occurs in the work of transportation and public services. This is the sixth general strike since February (last February) will affect air traffic and railway lines and maritime precludes the arrival of tourists to the Greek islands, where ships are expected to remain in port because of the strike.

The airline expects most prominent firms Thousand Dollar Days two «Olympique R» and «Aegean», to cancel 34 flights and delay another 45 flights, including international flights. And it will affect the work of air traffic controllers stopped starting at 7:00 GMT, also on trips and other companies operating in Greece. A spokesman for the Athens airport: «will not take off any aircraft during these four hours». And also paralyzed traffic in the capital.

It is expected that the strike also includes departments, hospitals, public institutions and deprived the country of any information on the extent of 24 hours as the journalists' union announced its commitment to go on strike. The aim of the strike, which performs at the invitation of the leading Mrkzitin Two Unions (private sector union and union officials) and the front-communist trade union, to protest against the reform of the pension system project is expected to be adopted by the Greek Parliament today. It is expected to organize marches in major cities noon. Thousand Dollar Days Thousand Dollar Days

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Wells Investments LTD

Defeated annexation of countries such as Greece to cuff the political will of the euro zone's economic reality. But the recent crisis outweighed economic controls, having fueled the crisis highlighted the chapters in the history of the European Union. The roots of the Greek financial crisis to free the centuries that was born of Greek chapters. Geography, for what he says American commentator Robert Kaplan, weighing Rajeh in the formulation of Greek identity. The European Union have been busy evaluating the balance of power between France and Germany, and to address the modern divisions between the South and the North. Neglected and, consequently, the restoration of the historic rift between eastern and western EU countries, ignoring the border between Rome and Byzantium, and the Wells Investments LTD empire thriving in Vienna and the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople poor.

Greece is the brainchild of the Byzantine and Turkish domination rather than of the daughters of Periklis Athens and its democracy, notes Kaplan. And a thriving middle class in Greece and Mediterranean countries in its neighborhood and did not stand out, uninterruptible active in north-western Europe trade movement, which is relying on a weak agricultural sector. The polarization between rich and poor is serious in Greek society structure. Fluke that it is not dominated by Wells Investments Software and each Papandreou on Greek politics, in the past five decades.

And it exacerbated the Greek Civil War (1946 - 1949) between the communists and conservatives, and United States, Greece's inability to establish a modern state apparatus. This conflict has undermined the remnants of the Greek state, which escaped from the clutches of the German occupation in World War II, and laid the polarization of political life. And Abdul-emergence of anti-security institution of the communists the way for access to power military coterie between 1967 and 1974. In the early eighties, the government of issued, the father of the current prime minister, a series of decisions that led to the growing size of the current debt the prime minister sought to lay the foundations of a democratic socialist state. But the public sector, which was founded by Papandreou inflated size, and became a burden to the state budget. And hours of work in Greece a few compared to its counterpart in Europe. Wells Investments LTD working from the 7: 30 am the second half in the afternoon. The personnel should receive a bonus worth an extra pay twice a year. In some expanded retirement at the age of 53 years. Greek press dilemma described today's cynical b «Oedipus complex» and said «the Prime Minister to kill his father's policies to save the state». But the reversal of the policies of Wells Investments LTD father is not enough. The culture of corruption and tax evasion entrenched in Greece. And disobey the state tax collection. The headline in a newspaper «No taxation. We Greeks. » A young Greek recounted that doctors «extort patient in public hospitals. And if you do not give them a small wad of money negligent care of him. »

And if the private sector is a case of the public sector. Three-quarters of a family of private companies. And mostly it lacks competition standards. If the Greek young man did not find a job in the public sector, he worked in his father or close the company. The minimum salary is high and behind the villagers citric acid consumption and importers, at the time wilt fruits and vegetables on the trees because of the high cost of pounds, it says one banker. And bureaucracy stifles the Greek system. «In Greece we have a capitalist Wells Investments LTD system in the heart of the Soviet state», to tell the Greek observer.

Athens has avoided addressing these issues by way of speeding up access to the European Community in 1981, 14 years ago from the accession of richer ones such as Austria, Finland and Sweden, countries, and by 5 years of the accession of Spain and Portugal. On that day, Greece claimed to be heir to ancient Greece, the cradle of Western democracy, and that the cultures of the Middle Wells Investments LTD Review weak. Supporters of Greece felt that the rejection of membership leaves the peninsula in isolation, is not equivalent to the overthrow of military rule, and shows that Europe is unable to help a small country on the last weak exceeded.

The truth is that Greece's financial rescue plan left resentment in Germany. The Germans are puzzled about following their role in the European Union. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the conclusion of a cluster generation of German politicians who are committed to the cause of Europe. At the start of the crisis, Merkel was quick to say that the protection of Greece is a shared responsibility, unlike the Germans and ministers of government opinion. And it collects between the Germans forced their country's refusal to save the other European countries, in the near future, and between a policy reluctant to encourage domestic consumption and shrinking Wells Investments LTD savings rates.

The crisis has highlighted the weakness of fiscal policy coordination in the euro zone. The euro did not raise the ability of weak economies to compete. Coping in a refuge resorted to by Greece and other European countries to take advantage of low-interest that fueled the financial asset bubble, and to avoid the reform of their economies. And the survival of the euro crisis and leaving them unscathed is subject to financial and economic policy coordination. Wells Investments LTD

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Trade Fusion

Faced the world since the summer of 2008 winds financial crisis hit Trade Fusion successive number of major international financial institutions in the world's greatest economies, he made many of rubble, so endowed with governments around the world to take measures that will reduce the effects of this crisis and its extension and try to save what can be saved . However, the negative its effects continued to fester to affect some countries and put it on the brink of bankruptcy due to immersion number of banks of these countries in the huge lending operations exceeds the gross domestic product has the size, making this crisis deserves describe the financial disaster that unmatched since the Great Depression of the thirties of the loan but last remaining Khaleda this crisis stage in the book of world economic history.

 Lost bankruptcy of investment bank Lehman Brothers in the form of symbolic 09/15/2008 signal serious because this great institution was one of the few institutions that survived the crisis of the Great Depression in 1929, and served as a companion indisputable that the financial crisis has entered a dangerous phase consisted bankruptcy in US banks The European mission, prompting the governments of these countries to make efforts to save their financial institutions measures. In the United States have been issuing an emergency law to restore economic stability, central banks in European countries has also injected capital for commercial banks and rippling impact of this crisis affects the countries themselves, where almost Iceland into bankruptcy a result of the bankruptcy of the three largest banks in it.

As a result of the evolution of the crisis were stock prices fell sharply across the world and tried to world leaders, economists coordinate their efforts to contain the crisis. The United States has issued a fiscal stimulus plan of up $ 700 billion for in order to buy troubled assets, after intercepting members of Congress and their demand for the creation of adjustments to the pace of the decline of stock prices increased, while interest rates continued between banks to rise, which negatively impact on their ability to refinance themselves it who was forced Congress to approve the adoption of this plan.

With the continuing sovereign pessimistic outlook in the global financial markets, the British government nationalized most of the financial institutions are facing major disruptions as a result of this crisis, and followed several other European governments (in addition to the US government) the example of the British government in this context, resulting in relative stability in the stock markets since October end 2008. Osarasala also fell sharply due to increased supply and demand expected to fall, as oil prices have seen a dramatic decline coincided with the expectations of a global economic recession has led to an end to the continuing rise in prices since the beginning of the new millennium.

With regard to Eastern Europe, it represents the impact of the crisis on the economies of these countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine to increase its debts Used Items in hard currency difficulties, especially in Swiss francs, with the currencies of these countries prices fell sharply, which increased the difficulty of doing to fulfill their obligations.

Because of developments in the financial crisis in September and October 2008 financial panic that prevailed in the market, demand has been very intense toward the purchase of tangible assets and tools safer such as gold, treasury bills and US bonds, which like the first primary option for those investors around the world seeking safety for their investments, which led to the influx of significant liquidity to the US market, which limited the ability of those countries exporting money to increase the money supply in an effort to save their local economies, increasing the pace of demand for the dollar (which is still is the currency of the global reserves), as well as the Japanese yen (to exit from Carry operations of previous trades).
Believing in the importance of a researcher studying the roots of this crisis, it will attempt to explore the depths of the reasons leading to this economic disaster Recognizing that a diagnosis of these reasons draw lessons and try to avoid factors that will repeat in the future of this disaster and the ensuing negative consequences.

The first indicators of the start of the crisis.
The first indications of the crisis began in July of 2007, when investors' confidence fell in the mortgage bond sector, which led to the occurrence of a liquidity crisis, which forced the world's central banks like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England and the ECB to carry out pumping additional liquidity in the financial markets.
The results of the decay of this confidence high so-called pal TEDfSPREAD (which represents the difference between the yields of US Treasury Bills and returns and deposits of EURODOLLAR) because asylum investors to liquidate their investments less secure, such as mortgage bonds and the use of US Treasury Bills (solvent Supreme) and stayed Index TEDfSPREAD then wobbling as a reflection of the state of fear and uncertainty that prevailed in the global financial markets, and soon in the month of September 2008 (1) that rose sharply SPIKED direct evidence of the state of fear and uncertainty that prevailed in the global financial markets, where the index rose to its highest level in 10 October of 2008 and the record level of 4.65% as a direct result becomes clearer over the depth of the crisis following the collapse of the Bank of LehmankBrothers in September 2008 and the implications for all other financial institutions, resulting in a sharp drop in the stock markets and the collapse of a number of banks in addition to the collapse of a number of mortgage providers and insurance companies.

And spread the real estate and financial sector problems and the problems of credit in the United States to affect a very large segment of the financial and economic activities in the US, but also for the whole world, which is a clear evidence of the importance of the US economy and its pivotal role in the global economy with the possession of the United States to the corner of control that network by virtue of sheer size of its economy and its dominance the Bretton Woods institutions. Although the crisis began in the United States but it soon spread to the rest of the world. What began as an American crisis has become a global crisis as a result of a single global economic grid resulting in: -
It emphasizes financial institutions in the granting of credit for both businesses and individuals where it became difficult to get funding.
A sharp fall in the stock markets and derivatives markets.
Liquidity problems in kkHedgekFunds hedge funds and equity funds Equity Funds.
Fall in asset values ​​and part of which was insured, leading to the detriment of insurance companies. In addition to land owned by pension funds and asset values ​​which led to growing doubts about the ability of these institutions to meet their obligations.
Aggravation of public debt to governments because of the financial rescue plans adopted to ward off the specter of bankruptcy for many of the giant institutions.
Drop some currency values, such as the Icelandic krone as well as the currencies of some eastern European and Latin American countries in addition to the increased volatility of major currencies markets.

The following is an attempt to diagnose the main causes of the global financial crisis: -

High real estate prices.
Note some analysts (2) that, during the period from 1953 to 1995, the house prices have taken the same path of the inflation rate, but since 1995 these prices had risen above the level of inflation, and so Mr. sees DeankBaker that the US housing sector bubble are the cause of the emergence of the crisis Finance, Mr. Baker adds that the studies carried out by some economists such as Mr. Robert Shiller data on the housing sector during the hundred years (1895-1995) show that house prices have not changed.

He adds that the housing bubble grew and grew out of sync with inflated stock prices in the mid-nineties of the last century.
It has resulted in rising stock prices to increase wealth often, prompting those who increased their wealth to increase consumption rates, causing what could be called the PAL Consumption Boom and with the end of the nineties and at the same time the savings rate of 5% in the mid-nineties fell to 2% in 2000 .

One of the effects of rising stock prices and increase the wealth of the dealers have moved to buy bigger and better homes, which led to a rise in house prices and the pace began to escalate since the mid-nineties.
Contrary to what happened in Japan has been the form of decline in stock prices in the United States during the period from 2000-2002 incentive for customers toward buying more properties as a refuge safety has coincided with the growth of the economy very slowly after the recession of 2001 occurred, prompting the Federal Reserve to continue lowering interest rates, where the reduction in the prices of 6.5% in the month of January 2001 to the level of 1% in the month of June 2003. These prices remained low until mid-2004, which reduce the cost of borrowing. All of this has contributed to enhancing the pace of the US housing sector, which maintained its recovery until 2007 when it began to subside Faqaath growth.

It is important to note the inflationary impact as a result of the continuation of the above case for a long time where he led the occurrence of inflation in asset prices is greater than the increase in the general level of prices of goods and services. The reason for this is attributed to lower prices of goods that are imported from the economies of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), limiting the occurrence of any significant inflation levels.

Because of the increasing numbers of new buildings, home prices began to decline and this decline intensified in the fall of 2007 and in 2008. As a result of this decline in prices experienced owners of these homes (who financed by debt) risk of eviction, which was either evictions short as a result of the acquisition of banks on the properties of those who were unable to repay the loans in installments imposed on them, or that it was a voluntary evacuation operations. With the decline in real estate prices have become worth less than the loan value of the impact on the owners, prompting them to evacuate voluntarily to be controlled by the banks, which has led to the acceleration of the pace of decline in property prices.

It was one of the first victims of this crisis bank Northern Rock Englishman was dependent on its high levels of leverage Highly Leverage, where failure to fulfill its obligations, resulting in mid-September 2007 to accelerate frantically by depositors to withdraw their deposits at the bank and the failure of the British government to find a buyer to him from the private sector that has Trade Fusion System this problem was an initial warning investors of the risks harnesses that will affect other banks in the future.
Has been affected by this problem mainly those companies that have a direct relationship in housing construction and mortgage lending, such as: -
 Country Wide Financial institutions related to the operations of the securitization of mortgages securitisation of Mortgages like its founder, Bear Stearns, which collapsed because of this crisis, where its share price to the level of US $ 3 collapsed compared to the highest rate may link during the year, which amounted to US $ 134 and the JP Morgan Chase Bank to control them compared to 10 dollars / share.
Then there were frequent reports about the effects of the crisis across financial sectors that are not directly related to the problems in mortgage lending, which led to increase in militancy grant all facilities and even the reluctance of these banks for granted.
As a result of falling property prices, the economy has lost about $ 6 trillion in addition to the amount may be greater than that due to falling stock prices.
During the first weeks of the crisis it has been be curved blame for the occurrence of neglect of low creditworthiness lending Sub-prime lending.

In any case, the mortgages sector, low credit rating was only part of a larger problem affecting the entire housing sector amounting to about 20 trillion dollars. As the Sub-prime sector, it was only as the first sector in which it exploded a mortgage bubble, which lasted for the entire housing sector.

The role of central banks.
      Can be seen to this crisis as an excellent example of the Austrian theory of the business cycle, which says that the facilities that are created by the central banks contribute to the creation of an artificial economic growth, which will be followed inevitably Aguetsadah.olma crisis, the supporters of this theory has predicted the occurrence of such a crisis.

A study of the yield curve Yield Curve during the period from 2000 to 2007, we see the importance of the role of credit creation by Reserve and its impact is important in this crisis that emerged since 2007 and is still occurring list.

Which represents the yield curve, which is a tool in the hands of the monetary policy interest rate structure, which is a graph of return of US Treasury versions of shows for
3 months and up to 30 years, which represents on the vertical axis and the period of maturity, which represents the horizontal axis.
When the yield short periods of less than a return long periods, the curve described by Positively Slope leading to encourage the expansion of the money supply and encourage borrowing operations it happens what is known as bubbles Bubbles.

When returns long periods be less than their short-term returns, it is called the yield curve description Inverted, leading to a contraction in the money supply.
When it returns longitudinal periods equal to their short-term yields, the yield curve is known as the Flat.
     And seen the shape of the yield curve as an indicator of the state of the economy in the future. When the yield curve InvertedjY.C take shape. This is a reference to the proximity of an economic contraction. The shape of the curve while taking PositivelynY.C. This is evidence of inflation, and there are those who question the rules above. In 2006, then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said that the adoption of the yield curve to form Inverted Y.C. It is no longer a true indication of the imminence of a recession.

    With the beginning of the new millennium, and as a result of the policies of the Federal Reserve indicated it previously took the yield curve Positively Sloped YC form, enabling the large banks Trade Fusion of borrowing money for short periods at low prices benefits and do lend for longer periods and at high interest rates which made these banks in the face of liquidity Liquidity Risk risks and in the case of changing the direction of the yield curve to take the form of Inverted YC Which banks will be forced to borrow for short periods and high interest rates to overcome the problem of lack of liquidity.

In the wake of the dotcom bubble burst in 2000 and the subsequent decline in equity markets in 2002, the Fed's series of sharp reduction in interest rates on state funds for one night and started in second in 2001 and up to the month of June 2003 month of December, during which he cut interest rates from the level of 6.5% to the level of only 1% (as explained above) which led to the dumping massive amounts of liquidity as a result of globalization surplus funds have flowed in the world towards the assets which led to the occurrence of a bubble in the US housing sector, where the economy has begun to bring the attention of investors is the largest since the beginning of 2002 only this interest peaked in 2005.

 With the growing expectations of the need for the Fed to raise interest rates, the yield curve shape very positively sloped Y.C. taken , Where he arrived the return of US Treasury Bills for the three months to the lowest level in that period and 0.88% in the fall of 2003, while at the same time return of US Treasury bonds reached for thirty years to the level of 5%.

   The Fed at the end of June 2004 to raise interest rates again, however it continues to raise interest rates gradually policy, the yield curve began to subside. That is the difference between the yields of short periods and returns long periods taking shrinking, which he described as Mr. Greenspan then Trade Fusion (Conundrum), during his testimony before Congress in February 2005 and predicted Greenspan at the time that returns long periods rise again and with high yields short periods.

In any case, the policy of raising interest Tightening the prices of Monetary Policy and through which to raise benefits for short periods prices have led to a slowdown in economic activity and gradually increased expectations that such a new policy of the Federal damaging constantly this growth, resulting in a reduction of demand for borrowing periods long.
Thus, with the continued Alvedral this policy carried through which to raise interest rates to 5.25% in the month of June 2006, but the yield curve in the month of October 2006 has taken the form of the closest thing Flat Y.C. (Especially maturities of five years and up to thirty years), which represents a "Neutral Monetary Policy" any "Neither Simulative Nor Contractionary"

While Hafez Alvedral on short-term interest rates at these high levels, but the long-term returns periods began to decline because the resulting yield curve takes little by little inverted Inverted Y.C. form . And this figure reached its peak in March 2007, to the growing belief that the economy would fall sharply and that there is no fundamental factors suggest the permanence of economic growth.

Rising commodity prices Commodity Bubble.

It had a narrowing of the yield curve Narrowing of the yield curve since 2004 and taken shape inverted Inversion of the Yield in 2007, an indication of the explosion of the housing bubble, which led to head the frenzied wild gyration direction of goods, which has led to raise their prices because of the money escape from assets

 (Housing and equity sector) which led to the emergence of a new bubble is a bubble goods after the collapse of the housing bubble.
The price of a barrel of oil to its highest level rose at all in 2008 when it reached the level of US $ / barrel 147 and so shortly before the collapse of these prices as a result of the worsening global financial crisis that began to affect and significantly at the end of the third quarter, fourth quarter of 2008 and the quarter. It was like the sharp and rapid collapse in commodity prices significantly damaging the giant banks that bet on the continued overvaluation in the prices of energy and commodities in general.

Lending low credit worthiness and the role of legislation.

There is an opinion that the researchers cushions amid low lending operations solvency credit was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of the current financial crisis. In this context, the Clinton administration may be the subject of charge and take responsibility (at least partly) what happened.
 In this regard, we note that in 1999 Congress passed a law
 The Gramm- Leach- Bliley Act under which repealed part of the law
Glass-Steag all Act of 1933 has been such cancellation and faced a lot of criticism as a result of a lot of complexity and uncertainty in financial instruments which bone of risks.
In addition, it has been to expand its operations Leverage Over-Leveraging by banks and investors eager to achieve high returns on their capital significant impact as to what happened.
 However, there are those who believe that the roots of the crisis could go back directly to the low creditworthiness lending by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and the two institutions are owned by the US government.

On 09/30/1999 The newspaper published a New York Times report that the Clinton administration had lobbied for the establishment of these two institutions for lending in the sector, the Sub-Prime, where he was in the paper: -
Fannie Mae, the nations biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from Clinton administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people.

The paper goes on (3) that the Fannie Mae Corporation is easing the credit granting requirements against loans purchased by the creditors, and that this trend (albeit temporarily) will increase the real risks that could be faced by this institution, which could not appear during periods of economic boom , but that this institution may slip into a spiral of risks in periods of declining economic activity, which the federal government will pay to save them, as happened in the savings and loan industry in the eighties of the last century.

In well under the Clinton administration has been to weaken the instructions under which each of the institutions Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae in providing liquidity to allow for the issuance of housing loans as stated in the newspaper (4) Washington Post that
 "Congress wanted to provide more money to these institutions for the purchase of real estate debt and therefore asked them to keep up much less liquid than have to other financial institutions retention. While those banks that retain 100 dollars you can spend 90 dollars just to buy real estate debt, see that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac can to $ 97.50 spent to buy the debt. the Congress called on those institutions to maintain a portion of its capital as a foundation to mitigate the impact of losses that might result invested in risky securities Riskier Securities realized, but those rules did not apply during the Clinton administration period was applied. Trade Fusion Trade Fusion

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Worries record economic growth achieved by Germany during the second quarter of the year, financial officials in the euro zone, particularly in the European Central Bank. While grown-largest economy in the region, its fastest pace since German reunification in 1990, the countries of the southern region still struggling to achieve recovery from the sovereign debt crisis. We have deepened the recession in Greece and in Spain's economy grew less than the expectations of experts, investors returned to the follow-up deficits that affect the budgets of these countries.

Experts say that the European Central Bank, though the scope of its powers limited to Germany, it will raise interest rates soon, but such a step would hurt the economies of countries

Southern euro zone, particularly Greece, Spain and Italy. And trying to head of the bank, Jean-Claude Your Legacy Club to take steps to prevent the German economy from excessive growth while keeping the sovereign debt of the euro area under control. In a sign of renewed investor doubts over the ability of indebted countries in the region to meet their debts, the extra yield demanded by them compared to a yield of standard German bonds its highest level since May 7, was (May) last year.

And European stock prices fell after a brief rise followed the release of the German growth figures, and increased the yield on Greek bonds that mature after 10 years 10 basis points to 807 points. In Ireland, as investors worried about the cost overrun rescue troubled banks expectations, the yield rose five basis points to 293 points, the highest level since 29 June last.

The euro zone economy grew by one percent in the second quarter of the year, but Germany's economy, which is equal to a quarter of the region's economy, the form of two-thirds of this growth as it grew by 2.2 percent. In Spain, where the government is struggling to implement austerity measures, the most in three decades, the economy has not grown more than 0.2 percent, compared to the expectation of experts ratio equal to 0.3 percent. Greece's economy shrinking by 1.5 percent. The differences dilemma in front of Your Legacy Club as it tries to determine the appropriate time to stop the extraordinary measures and raise interest rates. Any hasty step in this framework capable of choking off credit and unsettling investors, while the slowdown could unleash inflation.

But time is still playing for the benefit of Trichet. Prices in the euro zone did not rise by more than 1.7 percent, making him confirms that inflation remains under control, as a member of the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank and the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus stressed that fluctuations in energy prices is not concerned him. However, the Belgian counterpart to, Guy Quaden, called on the European Central Bank to be aware that energy prices have jumped 11 percent since the height of the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone in May. And across the German Axel Weber displeasure from some ECB measures.

Experts say that Trichet has enough time to take the appropriate decision at the appropriate time, Vdgot inflation is still too weak to pose a sufficient threat, while economic growth this year is still lower than the actual potential of the euro zone. It seems growth is strong in the region as a whole, while core inflation remained at one percent. And baptizing the European Central Bank, which kept the two-week main rate of interest before at a record low level equal to one per cent, to reduce its purchases of sovereign bonds in the euro, which started in May area, and will examine his officials next month how to cut unlimited loans bank to banks in the region. Your Legacy Club Your Legacy Club

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Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi assistant to calm a record rise in oil prices also rein in a record drop in prices and succeeded in restoring the credibility of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after harmed.
So far, showing that repeated rumors about the intention of the minister (75 years), the retirement of the head of the most powerful ministry of oil in the world is not unfounded.
Naimi does not belong to the ruling family, but one of the characters in the position of the highest-largest oil exporter and respected the skill and dexterity, which treats them with a special OPEC policies between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the second largest oil producer in the Organization.
For journalists covering the OPEC news concerned who chased al-Naimi in the lobbies of luxury hotels in the world, an interview with him scoop every word spoken by them promptly sent to news agencies.
Husseini said the payment of a former top official at Saudi Aramco oil giant state-owned "Naimi does a wonderful job. Everyone in the kingdom appreciate and put him in a high position.
"When your mare is a winner in the race for Sute not come down."
He took Naimi ministerial office in 1995 after nearly a half-century works in the company and climb its hierarchy.
Work began on Aramco, a twelve-year-old was seeking and was sponsored by the company to get a master's degree from Stanford University in the United States, and eventually became the company's CEO. Naimi told reporters earlier this year during a meeting of OPEC in Vienna when he began was transferred securities from one office to another and said he still conveys the papers from one office to another.
And the feel of working with him admired him because he started from scratch and deep understanding of the oil sector.
He said his secretary told Reuters "It's a smart man and knows the Copy Buffett Software market well by heart. Market can not fool never Naimi.
"He worked his way to the top of the stairs and that's what earned everyone's respect. That did not reach easily, but worked hard to achieve."
Manifested recipe discipline displayed by Naimi in sports exercises practiced in the morning. He used to accompany Naimi journalists during the run it before eating breakfast on the ring road around Vienna. And now it has become a sport that is practiced more like a fast walk. Though some journalists are still struggling to catch up in speed.
And while they puffed behind Naimi once he asked those who were accompanying him from journalists that they were looking at a movie (12 Angry Men), in which a jury was able to convince the rest of the jury that the defendant is guilty.
The significance of his speech was that among the twelve member states of the OPEC has a stubborn what he can convince other Bhjtah.
Analysts agree in the energy sector that was right often. Said Lawrence Eagles of JP Morgan, "said Minister of the most versatility and professionalism of oil. The most difficult thing for Saudi Arabia is to find a successor."
Naimi faced one of the biggest challenges in his career, while the price of oil fell to around $ 30 a barrel in December 2008 after prices rose a record close, while the price per barrel from $ 150 in July of the same year.
In the face of this challenge Naimi led OPEC when applying its largest production cut at all, and within that discipline, followed by an unprecedented gathering of the famed violating the instruction when it comes to cut production.
The decline since then commitment to goals but this did not happen after the market recovered to levels seen as a convenient and widely available to producers and consumers alike.
It strongly contradicts the speed of recovery from the recent collapse of Copy Buffett Software prices with the crisis that occurred in the late nineties when OPEC agreed under the leadership of Al-Naimi, who was less experienced then to increase supplies in Asia faced economic collapse.
After oil prices fell to less than ten dollars a barrel, Naimi led a significant reduction in supplies and sought the cooperation of oil-producing countries outside of OPEC, though without success great success.
While Saudi Arabia does not want that oil is cheaper than the necessary be their need to keep their customers in the long run to enormous reserves of oil it means that they also worry about the large increases in prices, which could hurt demand.
The UK has repeatedly announced that it would extend the market what it needs and during the record rise in prices in 2008 promised Naimi talks specifically in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to pump extra oil if there was a demand from the customers.
Among other policies held by Al Nuaimi, a long time ago that the exploration and production of oil fields in the sacred operations and as a guard them avoid Naimi strong initiatives by the major international oil companies. But he said international companies to assist in refining projects large Asian market, where supply is expected to increase demand for oil for a long time after reducing the developed world to use it.
Naimi also look ahead to what is beyond the oil to a future of energy sources more diverse.
Last year, al-Naimi attended the opening of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
And the ambitions of this project, which aims to modernize the education status of the occupation of a leading research center in the field of solar energy. Some observers saw this project is the culmination of a career-Nuaimi and the father of four sons married for nearly 50 years may have been about to retire, but they were wrong Copy Buffett Software Copy Buffett Software Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader

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The Ministers of «Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries» (OPEC) semi-annual league meeting in Vienna this month, at the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organization in 1960 in Baghdad.

The organization has faced during the past half-century challenges in its march to achieve price stability and to receive a fair price and mild crude oil. Some of these key challenges with others was a temporary variables. Important thing is to distinguish between the fundamental transformations that affect markets in the long term and the variables that remain, despite their importance, are limited in their effects and extends relatively short-term prayer and stand out by fluctuations in the global economy or international policy or changes in the oil industry itself.

And he saw «OPEC» three basic transformations since it was founded, the first of its Council of Ministers decision in the fall of 1973 by taking determine the level of production by the Member States themselves initiative, and not to leave this vital issue, however, international companies only, as was the case previously. Indeed we find that as a Push Money APP result of this decision, crude oil prices rose gradually from its previous level of about $ a barrel to more than $ 10.

The second shift of sustainable economic growth of emerging countries in Asia (China, India and South Korea), in addition to Brazil, which led to the emergence of a large and growing market with a population density of high energy use, increased to a new high levels of oil consumption around 85 million barrels per day. This market was characterized by separation from growth factors in the Western industrialized nations, economies of these countries do not shrink with the setbacks, the economies of the traditional industrial countries, as was evident during the recent global financial crisis.

The third shift in «OPEC» success in leading the helm of its vessel in recent years with a rational and credible manner, despite the global economic challenges, sharp political differences between some Member States.

These transformations have led, among many other things, to the rise in average prices to a range of 70 - $ 80 a barrel, and stability to this range for relatively long periods. But despite that, and despite the important role of fundamental shifts, we find that the prices are still deteriorating in some cases to their previous levels, ranging between 10 and 30 dollars, even if only for a limited months.

The recent deterioration in prices due to the global financial crisis, which was launched following the issue of the US real estate mortgages. But along with this huge and other major variables event, there are still daily fluctuations and even weekly and seasonal reasons, including commercial oil inventory Push Money APP levels in the United States in particular, the industrial countries in general, inventory in tankers anchored at sea, and devastating hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, where most of the oil production US southern United States. A good example of this is the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. There are important fluctuations in the value of some currencies and difficult for inflation to other hard currency, as happens now with the value of the Yen is the latest major crisis in the Japanese economy as a result of shrinking exports, which is the base engine for the Japanese economy size. Since Japan is one of the three important countries in the global oil consumption, it has been affected by oil imports negatively.

«OPEC» trying to deal with the shifts and changes through careful study and follow-up of global markets and take the necessary decisions at the appropriate times. And consisted of some Member States a high expertise in hardware marketing studies. The main reason for this to experience some of the national oil companies of the member countries, which markets Nfotha in various world markets. And then organized the initiative now to reduce production at the beginning of any major global economic crisis, and do not wait to worsen things so that things get out of control, and possible control returns to markets as it should, just as in 1997 occurred during «OPEC» meeting in Jakarta, where she was Asian economic crisis at the beginning, instead of reducing production, the organization decided to increase what led to the collapse of prices. Push Money APP Push Money APP

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It is expected that India's exports of jewelry and ornaments rise by between 15 to 20 per cent during 2010-2011 on the back of increasing market share in the United States and the Middle East. The United States accounts for the largest share of the export market (about 40 percent), followed by the Middle East.
In 2009 - 2010, India exported and Costume Jewelry valued at 28.41 billion dollars. It exports worth only $ 8 billion a year from 1999 to 2000, became the jewelery of India holds 70 per cent of the share of polished diamonds in the world. He says Vasant Mehta, chairman promote jewelery: «we expect to exceed the ornaments and jewelry exports to $ 31 billion by the end of the Zulander Hack current fiscal year, accompanied by a strong demand for polished diamonds in the important export destinations».

And within the United States, one of the largest markets that accept the ornaments and Indian jewelry, it is expected that India's share in total exports from 35 per cent up to 90 per cent during 2010-2011, and this will enhance the boom in exports.

He says Sanjay Kothari, promotion and marketing within the official Promotion Council jewelery exports: «one of the world's total exports during 2009 - 2010, representing 43 per cent of the UAE, and thus replace the United States in the first place. And we are making efforts to direct exports to Saudi Arabia, which buys jewelery from Dubai because of the proximity although the direct exports were estimated by 8 million US dollars. »

The large extent India is the largest consumer of gold in terms of quantity. It rose ornaments exports of gold, which represents a large and important component within the jewelery export basket by more than 38 per cent in rupees during the period from April until June, while polished and cut diamond exports rose by about 74 per cent in the currency of rupee. With the increase in Zulander Hack exports, demand for imports of rough diamonds, pearls, raw gold bars and other raw materials increased. In 2009 - 2010, the total Indian imports rose by about 20 percent to nearly $ 23 billion. » Kothari says: «expected to be good imports during the current year», pointing out that India imports most of its rough diamond supplies from Belgium and the purposes mined.

In the meantime, the Promotion Council jewelery exports organized the International Week of Indian Costume last month to show the world that India is a destination important for jewelery and is not a center of tradition, comes as part of the quest to attract new buyers.

Analysts say the sector that the share of Indian jewelery exports in the global market is expected to double by 2015 from 20 per cent today, following great demand in foreign markets in China, Hong Kong, mainly of Indian immigrants who settled in the Middle East and Eastern and Southern Africa and the United States and Canada. The value of the global jewelery market in terms of retail of $ 146 billion, with exports worth $ 100 billion market.

It is expected that the city of Surat, western India, a center for fine-tuning the Indian diamond, will be addressed Jewelry valued at $ 18 billion from the gleaming jewelry during the current fiscal year.

And asked the latter to the survey, India and China together will achieve total sales of up to $ 80 billion by 2015 in the form of jewelery, and you'll both countries market larger than the United States.

According to sources in the sector that jewelery manufacturers within India excelled on traditional Costume centers such as Italy, Thailand, China and Turkey over the last decade. The global market value of tradition ornaments $ 79 billion, India is the largest market in terms of the tradition of gold the size of the user in the tradition of ornaments - is noteworthy that during 2009 it is converted about 700 tons of gold to the Costume of the domestic use or consumption abroad.

India has an important Costume represent 17 per cent of cake tradition of global jewelery manufacturing base. Jewelery exports has attracted a lot of the major diamond manufacturing companies. In recent years, Indian manufacturers such as «Gitanjali» invaded foreign countries through the acquisition of retailer Costume inside the United States ports at the same time made a lot of big players in overseas outsourcing design and manufacture of ornaments to companies that have units within the SEZ in Surat and Mumbai . In the meantime, companies are looking into the gold jewelery sector in India to jewelery sales growth during the Commonwealth Games in October (October). Retailers estimate that growth in sales will occur between 15 to 20 per cent because of the Games, which is nearly 72 countries, involving hundreds of participants. Zulander Hack Zulander Hack Millionaire Replicator Millionaire Replicator Millionaire Replicator

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It is a cornerstone of the real estate sector mainly from the United States economy, and is considered an indicator of growth or stumbling macroeconomic. Property represents housing axis activity within the real estate sector on the one hand the public and the economy on the other. When the head of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke warned that the residential real estate crisis may continue for some time, it pointed out that the Tauri Bot sector captures 30 percent of the total value of US consumer investments.

In fact, the residential real estate sector lost $ 7.6 trillion in value during the crisis, representing 32 percent of US consumer real estate wealth, meaning that the value of residential property had reached 23.75 trillion dollars on the eve of the crisis and deteriorated to 16.15 trillion.

And establishes the real estate sector in general, and on a global level, a wide range of economic activity including at least half, if not beyond. With the exception of its association with the construction industry and the types of cement and its derivatives, iron and types of metal, wood and plastic, stones and casting concrete and tile, whether ceramic or quarrying decking, marble, and related industry complementary, it serves a variety of specialty engineering offices, contractors and real estate Tauri Bot developers, and processing industries, furniture, air conditioning and internal engineering and electricity (...). The sense that it provides job opportunities have only one third of workers in the country, especially for skilled workers and uneducated.

But the reality of the real estate could turn into an economic catastrophe, when it promotes growth with an artificial demand. During the last decades of US household debt it exploded, increasing tenfold in 20 years, from 1396 to $ 12,564 billion billion to the end of the first quarter of 2008, representing 29 percent of the national debt. It rose from 90 to 160 percent of gross domestic product between 1970 and 2006. While the savings rate did not exceed one percent of the income of households in.

The reason is simple and easy. TauriBot rigidity entering middle-class wage-earners, and the decline of the poorest resources, individual bank loans became the crane foundation for internal consumption for families. Consumption plays mainly a role in the dynamics of the national economy, rises from 67 to 72 percent of gross domestic product between 1975 and 2007, to accumulate during the 20-year-old stock of loans of 358 billion dollars to 2.5932 trillion, and has held them on credit cards $ 915 billion in March 2008, You can not pay a large portion of them.

In an unequal society in the developed world, it seemed to establish a home warranty for most wage earners, and is considered proprietary driver ideological pattern success of the "American way of life", as a result of the rigidity of social flexibility associated with higher health insurance costs 87 percent in 2008 compared to 2000, housing and education (increased costs university education 40 percent) on the one hand, and the weakness of public policies that exclude the other and increase the instability distribution, and amid this climate of lack of social security (4.5 million without health insurance in 2007). It has become in the owner's ability to mortgage his estate to the Tauri Bot banks in return for loans, or the insurance companies to provide health instead of processors, or the purchase of a car, and in a period of unemployment, or to pay premiums education, TauriBot students amounted to 80 billion in 2007.

But in return the form of the establishment of real estate property, a central factor for the debts of families during the last two decades. Go credit held stock on housing from 10,611 to 926.5 billion dollars in the 20 years the equivalent of twice the federal debt in 2007, and is a three-quarters of families debt.

And based this vast operation for loans in great shape, the high real estate prices, which TauriBot low interest of the federal reserve. It was the wealth factor, driven by real estate speculation is not logical, it dovetailed with the fanciful heights of prices, amounted to 80 percent between 2000 and 2006, an average year in terms of the country. And it helped the rise in prices of real estate owners to hold new loans, relying on their property that did not stop rising values. And distributed between 2005 and the first quarter of 2008, real estate loans worth 3010 billion, which form a bulwark of paper.

In this range of high-risk loans emerged. Vtjah relative stagnation in the real estate activity middle classes, workers Malians directed towards new clients to secure higher returns, and chose the lowest income families. They suggested the terms "immoral" for the most part to secure high-risk loans have high benefits, and changing and going on for a long time, formed between 2004 and 2006, about 40 percent of mortgages with about 600 thousand held annually. And valued at between 2000 and 2006 some 1,200 billion dollars, which is not a great value, but it was disastrous for the crisis.

During the period resorted Committee of the Federal Reserve Open Market, to raise interest among the tight monetary policy to rein in rising price levels and maintaining an acceptable level of inflation, leading to higher premiums for borrowers in the secondary mortgage market, which includes customers newborn borrowing do not have a credit history well at the banks. The loans amounted to $ 100 billion with the feet of the dealers to sell their homes with higher prices 30 percent, but shortened to repay their debts.

The government resorted to the catastrophic collapse of the real estate, to support reinforces the continuation of its activities in the acceptable level, and the support stops, sales fell in the residential real estate 25 percent, a foretaste of an economic thaw, at the time still the consumer suffers the consequences of massive losses devoured crisis money from his fortune, as well as high unemployment rate. Fear banks and customers to extend credit amid falling real estate prices, as fear of falling into the trap of high interest rates in the future. Tauri Bot