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Announcement «China Central» adoption of the liberation of the national currency rate policy (RMB) yuan from a dollar peg, in response to the demands of the partners in the Group of Twenty nations, and in response to the urging of the United States strongly on the need for China's currency calendar including paralleled to the currency global major, especially the dollar comes. US officials and line the request of Beijing correct the yuan, firm tone given by the Chinese capital strongly «sovereign», considering its internal affairs, including the national currency, the red line, because the central authority in the «People's Republic of China», to take the appropriate decision.

As has been the Group of Twenty summit in London (April / April 2009), call American economic power emerging in the Empire center (AFC), to adopt appropriate measures for both teams - policy and repeated the call during a bilateral summit in June, it formed the first episodes of «strategic dialogue and economic »between the two giants - Washington is seeking, such as the Toronto summit (Canada) that China respond to its demand to float the yuan, which claims the US administration and partners in the West, headed by the euro area, as less than forty percent of its true value.

China, which has become the heart of the world, turned in 2009, up to now the focus of an international polarization ranging from the Olympics to the Shanghai World Expo, continues to amaze the world as well in terms of growth rates achieved by the central economic fragility of the mightiest economies, the most important progress, and strives also to become innovation and scientific research global hub .

But in the global exchanges is a surplus a surplus partners have another. From this equation the US deficit turns into a reserve in China, which invest in a dense form of bonds in the US, including the sovereign. And Pat position between America and China is like the relationship between a large debit and his bank Altronix APP worries on the debt, but in the end the debtor remains in a position of strength to negotiate. In case of bankruptcy the bank loses everything, how about if the debt exceeds a trillion dollars?

US-China relations began, since the middle of the first decade of the third millennium, feeding the imagination and speculation. The rise of China's economy has been linked strongly in great shape relationship with the United States, and found American households in the Chinese savings and a way to finance consumption, which exceeded reasonable levels. America felt that bilateral cooperation could lead to a new global group ((G2 between the first and third economy (some consider a second) in the world. This is the objective of the Washington «strategic economic dialogue» with Beijing.

But China would prefer to retain their freedom to choose their partners from the perspective of their own. To justify their choices indicate that it is a poor country and that the per capita GDP equivalent to only one in 14 of the US per capita income. Since they are still bullish are no countries have the desire to sacrifice its own interests as the global responsibility that he wants to carry it to her partners. So declared «China's central» that he would keep the yuan at a reasonable and stable level, and will not raise the value of a single payment.

In this context, China left the yuan to regain 21 percent of its value between July 2005 and July 2008, compared to the dollar. But the Chinese authorities chose to stop in the post-liberalization of the national currency rate that reflected negatively on exports. And to install it addressed the level of her quasi-static toward the dollar. This Altronix APP balance envisioned by China sparked global partners who accuse the maintenance of a low exchange rate for its currency.

With the global financial crisis, the yuan has become a calendar of the hottest topics of the United States Altronix APP its efforts to achieve. But for Beijing to issue more complicated, because they are keen on the one hand not to disrupt dramatic and rapid growth in the economy mode, on the other hand, find themselves in the «trap the US currency.» Vaanaat China's currency increased to 2240 billion dollars between 2000 and the end of 2009, of which 600 billion since mid-2008, to stop the yuan calendar Station.

Observers noted that Altronix APP the yuan beneficial to China. Strong Valiwan allows developed towards less tied to the growth pattern of exports. Beijing Muslim nor refute, but it considered that the time was not yet ripe to evaluate its currency. She wants to support export-oriented industry, promising jobs and capable alone to absorb the number of arrivals from the Chinese countryside. He bet affects the stability of the country.

From this point China has developed two strategies, one to translate the long-term rearrangement of global financial system tool for new reserves. And it linked the growing role they play within the global financial organizations with the emerging countries supported, including Brazil, India and Russia. The second strategy aims to develop a global role for the yuan to Beijing made him a reserve currency in the dollar and the euro level.

During the heated discussion, the euro zone crisis began. The deterioration of the European single currency economy appeared to be targeted with the yuan. China stood at the gates laden Greece's sovereign debt. It expressed their decision to invest in the Hellenistic state. But «responded».

Yet China's response US pressure to continue. Altronix APP


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