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Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi assistant to calm a record rise in oil prices also rein in a record drop in prices and succeeded in restoring the credibility of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after harmed.
So far, showing that repeated rumors about the intention of the minister (75 years), the retirement of the head of the most powerful ministry of oil in the world is not unfounded.
Naimi does not belong to the ruling family, but one of the characters in the position of the highest-largest oil exporter and respected the skill and dexterity, which treats them with a special OPEC policies between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the second largest oil producer in the Organization.
For journalists covering the OPEC news concerned who chased al-Naimi in the lobbies of luxury hotels in the world, an interview with him scoop every word spoken by them promptly sent to news agencies.
Husseini said the payment of a former top official at Saudi Aramco oil giant state-owned "Naimi does a wonderful job. Everyone in the kingdom appreciate and put him in a high position.
"When your mare is a winner in the race for Sute not come down."
He took Naimi ministerial office in 1995 after nearly a half-century works in the company and climb its hierarchy.
Work began on Aramco, a twelve-year-old was seeking and was sponsored by the company to get a master's degree from Stanford University in the United States, and eventually became the company's CEO. Naimi told reporters earlier this year during a meeting of OPEC in Vienna when he began was transferred securities from one office to another and said he still conveys the papers from one office to another.
And the feel of working with him admired him because he started from scratch and deep understanding of the oil sector.
He said his secretary told Reuters "It's a smart man and knows the Copy Buffett Software market well by heart. Market can not fool never Naimi.
"He worked his way to the top of the stairs and that's what earned everyone's respect. That did not reach easily, but worked hard to achieve."
Manifested recipe discipline displayed by Naimi in sports exercises practiced in the morning. He used to accompany Naimi journalists during the run it before eating breakfast on the ring road around Vienna. And now it has become a sport that is practiced more like a fast walk. Though some journalists are still struggling to catch up in speed.
And while they puffed behind Naimi once he asked those who were accompanying him from journalists that they were looking at a movie (12 Angry Men), in which a jury was able to convince the rest of the jury that the defendant is guilty.
The significance of his speech was that among the twelve member states of the OPEC has a stubborn what he can convince other Bhjtah.
Analysts agree in the energy sector that was right often. Said Lawrence Eagles of JP Morgan, "said Minister of the most versatility and professionalism of oil. The most difficult thing for Saudi Arabia is to find a successor."
Naimi faced one of the biggest challenges in his career, while the price of oil fell to around $ 30 a barrel in December 2008 after prices rose a record close, while the price per barrel from $ 150 in July of the same year.
In the face of this challenge Naimi led OPEC when applying its largest production cut at all, and within that discipline, followed by an unprecedented gathering of the famed violating the instruction when it comes to cut production.
The decline since then commitment to goals but this did not happen after the market recovered to levels seen as a convenient and widely available to producers and consumers alike.
It strongly contradicts the speed of recovery from the recent collapse of Copy Buffett Software prices with the crisis that occurred in the late nineties when OPEC agreed under the leadership of Al-Naimi, who was less experienced then to increase supplies in Asia faced economic collapse.
After oil prices fell to less than ten dollars a barrel, Naimi led a significant reduction in supplies and sought the cooperation of oil-producing countries outside of OPEC, though without success great success.
While Saudi Arabia does not want that oil is cheaper than the necessary be their need to keep their customers in the long run to enormous reserves of oil it means that they also worry about the large increases in prices, which could hurt demand.
The UK has repeatedly announced that it would extend the market what it needs and during the record rise in prices in 2008 promised Naimi talks specifically in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to pump extra oil if there was a demand from the customers.
Among other policies held by Al Nuaimi, a long time ago that the exploration and production of oil fields in the sacred operations and as a guard them avoid Naimi strong initiatives by the major international oil companies. But he said international companies to assist in refining projects large Asian market, where supply is expected to increase demand for oil for a long time after reducing the developed world to use it.
Naimi also look ahead to what is beyond the oil to a future of energy sources more diverse.
Last year, al-Naimi attended the opening of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
And the ambitions of this project, which aims to modernize the education status of the occupation of a leading research center in the field of solar energy. Some observers saw this project is the culmination of a career-Nuaimi and the father of four sons married for nearly 50 years may have been about to retire, but they were wrong Copy Buffett Software Copy Buffett Software Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader Social Tech Trader


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