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The spirit that prevailed in the Congress of Vienna, where she met the great powers that the world actually control, have no place in the contemporary international community. Group of Twenty lacks legitimacy to a large extent and must be changed.

Despite the growing fiscal deficit and high unemployment, which is still rampant in rich and poor countries alike rates, the worst of the global economic crisis is over. The pressing question now is how the international community should devise appropriate exit from the stage of «Great Depression» strategy?
The dialogue on the subject already begun and will continue in a big way in the framework of the Group of Twenty nations. Despite leading the Group of Twenty done in regard to the reaction to the global crisis in the financial, economic and developmental sectors role, but the initiative in

The selection of its members and not others, to carry out this role, prepared in accordance with international law and the principles of multiple relationships, a big step back in the approach that was pursued by international cooperation since World War II.

Over the past few years, the Group of Twenty quickly acknowledged its status as a forum to take the first international financial and economic decisions, replaced the Group of Seven and the Group of Eight, and marginalize the increasingly international institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. In every meeting of the group, it establishes itself as an entity president for international cooperation and governance, including beyond the political significance of the order, just to save the global financial system and keep it.

This development has already had its advantages. Cooperation and coordination is unprecedented offered by the Group of Twenty in between the existing and emerging powers, helped to stabilize the global economy, which was exuberant to the edge of the abyss because of rampant economic crisis, thanks to the rapid and effective intervention in the global markets.

But the worst of the crisis has begun to recede, we must first set before facing the question of legitimacy and evolve so that better reflects the interests of countries that are affected by its actions.

Certainly constitute a Group of Twenty greater representation than formed by entities such as the Group of Seven major industrialized nations eight groups that preceded it, but it lacks the legitimacy of these entities to a large extent, they are not elected entity but a group established to appoint self, established without the consent of other nations. There are many countries played a pivotal role in the field of international cooperation in the past, including Norway and the Nordic group, have been excluded from direct DeepNet Trading membership of the Group of Twenty. While almost low-income countries and the countries of the African continent, all of which lack the necessary representation in that group.

It includes the Group of Seven richest economies in the world, but it lacks the composition of the Group of Twenty to this clarity. There are countries that are not members of the group, such as northern Europe, is already the top financial contributors to the development of the institutions «Proton Woods» with a «comprehensive importance» larger than the Group of Twenty exceed its gross domestic product GDP of the members in the group.

And as demonstrated by the reaction to the financial crisis, there is the importance of the Forum includes a smaller number of countries, can move at the speed when necessary. But in this same context, there are simpler ways to make the Group of Twenty more representative of the world reflected upon impact.

In the first and immediate step should be discussing the Member States of the Group of Twenty and non-Member States, on the framework for interaction between them.

Basically, we should adopt a system of Deep Web Trading circles, parallel lines that already we follow the International Monetary Fund and Bank constitute freely and includes the Member States of the Group of Twenty, so proceed with the reform of the obvious weaknesses of the current system with. The group of northern European countries and the Group of the Baltic states, it was a long time ago, effectively represented in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, through the regional circuit, is a model that can be replicated successfully within the Group of Twenty.

In the end, the global economy is already provided for in this word: «world». We live in an interconnected world, the economic decisions made by one of the State, the impact goes beyond the borders of this state, and the latest example of this problem debts experienced by Greece. Representation within the Group of Twenty will become more important while moving the agenda of this group to go beyond the limits of economic concerns, include such things as public health and development, climate change and which things have economic and political consequences borne by all countries, including that currently have no voice represented on the Group of Twenty table.

Respect for international law and international legitimacy as the basis for multi-party cooperation indispensable necessity and is in the interest of all countries. It is also a proud tradition of Norway, as one of the largest contributors to development aid and international organizations around the world. Our belief in Deep Web Signals multilateral relations is not naive, but stems from our belief in the powers idealism, faith we have gained in the wake of a fierce war nearly tore apart the world. The founders of the great institutions that emerged after the war, recognized the advantages of limited membership heavyweights in the larger entities, but they also stressed the importance of the consent of all parties based on international law, in such a procedure. Now, it's time to return the clock back.

We are no longer living in the nineteenth century. The spirit of the Congress of Vienna, where she met the great powers to control the world actually, have no place in the contemporary international community. If you actually resulted from the cooperation between the members of the Group of Twenty decisions dictate to the majority of the other countries, you will find this same group quickly in trouble. The House international referee can not stay intact when it is divided against himself. DeepNet Trading


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