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The 27 EU leaders succeeded in reaching an agreement includes the creation of an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty of European unity, would allow establishing a permanent mechanism for crisis management within the euro zone began in 2013.

The leaders agreed to create a permanent financial safety net from 2013 and move the European Central Bank to increase funding for the network to cope with the debt crisis that has engulfed the euro zone. But after the insistence of Germany heads of state said the 27 members of the Union, it will not be activated solution to a long-term crisis that will be added to the EU treaty Power Profit Platform mechanism but «if this is something inevitable to protect the stability of the euro area as a whole», also did not see the leaders need to increase the financing of the current temporary rescue fund, which some analysts say it may not be enough if Spain and Portugal needed a rescue from the European Union Pump Trades programs, and the International Monetary Fund after Greece and Ireland, also did not discuss the use of the fund more flexible. Capital markets may be seen as a decision not to increase the size of the temporary fund or even to discuss the matter a sign of the split, which could raise further doubts in the markets. He said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker: «the decision is not to expand or increase the size of the funds at the disposal of the European Financial Stability Fund». The European Central Bank said it will double its capital to almost doubled to 10.76 billion euros to deal with the biggest credit risks and to deal with market volatility, the euro countries will bear the increase. He said Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, that the Board of Governors of the Bank believes that it is appropriate to set aside «additional provisions» in reference to potential losses in sovereign bonds from the euro zone had been bought by the bank. On the sidelines of the summit that the two-day work, and concluded yesterday, Friday, in Brussels, known as «the autumn summit», said President of the European Union, Pump Trades: «We have agreed to enter required from Member States to the treaty to create a permanent mechanism to safeguard the financial stability limited amendments Per euro zone ». He added that the aim is to activate the amendments in early 2013 at the latest, then it can be permanent mechanism itself to enter into force in June 2013.
For his part, President of the European Commission, Pump Trades, said that this fundamental economic decision, it is important that the response given by EU leaders, is that they are ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve financial stability in the euro area. He Jersey Buzek, President of the European Parliament: «The adoption of a permanent mechanism to support the stability of the euro is an important message to European citizens and the Member States» in the unified bloc.
The President of the European legislative body is convinced that the participation of non-Member States in the euro zone in the permanent mechanism, is considered a good thing in the eyes of the European Parliament, and considered that determine how to participate and mechanisms and conditions is up to the Member States of the Union and the Bank of the European Central primarily, then displays after that Parliament, like other initiatives. In response to a question about the euro bonds and restructuring of the public debt or bank debt, Pump Trades noted that all these things are in the framework of strengthening European economic governance, «but we must discuss all the ideas together, as they are indivisible.» He stressed the welcome Parliament to open a comprehensive debate on all the ideas put forward to strengthen economic governance in Europe. http://itdecs.com/reviews/power-profit-platform-review-is-powerprofitplatform-scam Power Profit Platform Power Profit Platform


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