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Profits Unlimited

Before the new British government takes over power in the United Kingdom, and inherit the legacies of the global economic crisis, the repercussions of a package of European rescue, dubbed «European Shield» preventive, free to the members of the euro zone countries, which further debilitated by the economic recession, and impeded the march of growth contraction sector real estate, which is derived Forth and the collapse of the same sector in the United States.

Shake the foundations of growth in Europe bedevil governments. This came and made over a decade comfortable overall economic growth rates ranging from Britain's Labour Government to the Government of the Socialist Spain and then Portugal and accepted by the Greek right-wing, without neglecting the major economies in the EU and in the euro which Germany and France region. But the growth centered on one sector, or Profits Unlimited in similar areas, the form of «handicap» in the body of the economy as a whole. Fears economies have only one growth sector of the economy, the impact of the crisis in the euro zone as it is the reality of oil prices.

European bailout package led Spain and then Portugal to adopt austerity plans before their conditions deteriorate to the economic reality of Greece's levels. Spain was the initiative to draw the austerity plan, announced by the government. However, each of the member states in the euro zone crisis, or any area of ​​the advanced economies were to be at this level of intensity it not adopted similar economic policy of reckless economies in the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

The Spanish economy is able to maintain the status Ranked positive despite the retreat and declining growth rates. Spain has issued treasury bonds easily during the first quarter of the year, at an interest rate of 4 percent for ten years the end of March and beginning of April the past. Unlike Portugal, which has reduced «Fitch» Foundation classification, classification was not exposed to Spain institutions remained positive in the eyes of classified «Standard & Poor's».

However, Spain, which is known prosperous distinct from the other members of the euro zone, has not been able to benefit from the pros, but being kept a positive classification levels, although discounted, which helps it to borrow to pay off its debts.

Spain approached the global crisis thus achieved great potential fiscal surplus equivalent to 2.2 percent of GDP in 2007, and has passed the banking apparatus, without disturbing mortgages dangerous crisis, due to the robustness of its institutions and to the hard-line control. And the evolution of the Spanish economy at a robust pace between 1999 and 2007, and at an average rate of 3.7 percent per year versus 1.8 percent for the rest of the euro zone, driven by the adoption of the single European currency and low interest accessible to institutions and families, made the last debt exceeding 147 percent of their income after the crisis. This Profits Unlimited explains the sudden and widespread prosperity in the construction sector the difference in growth rates between Spain and the other members of the euro, which reduced unemployment from 15 percent rate to 8.3 on the eve of the crisis, which has caused him back to 20 percent in the end of last March.

Due to the large tax basket consisting of rapid growth, the public debt of Spain was limited with 42 percent of the gross domestic product for 2007 - versus 76 for the rest of the euro zone and 104 percent for Greece - but rose last year to 53 per cent of the GDP of 1436 billion euro.

Spain was hit, like Anglo-Saxon countries, down real estate market. The prices of apartments valued at double the value and remained the highest at 50 percent in 2009. But the decline in construction projects brought the unemployment rate to 20 percent, while tax revenues have collapsed. The contraction translates immediately to the fact that the number of workers 30 percent of those who are in work were employed on fixed contracts on the eve of the crisis age.

Spain and involved such as Britain, Ireland and the United States, in the long process of the families that almost 90 percent of GDP on the eve of the debt crisis, and exceeded the level of debt income families are curbing consumption growth Profits Unlimited production and hence employment.

And moved away from the banks to engage in crisis management, but followed closely Falling real estate prices, rising household financial difficulties, the doubling of the bankruptcy of enterprises, causing it to strengthen its reserves to cope with bad debts, a reduced ability to lend. The savings funds are invested in real estate value, it dropped in a worrying situation.

To the extent that pose real estate mortgaged for sale down prices and increase reserves financial institutions, while production enterprises suffer from a lack of competitiveness in the terminal. And the evolution of public debt at a rate of 89 points between 2007 and 2010,

Without growth no luck absorb the crisis, and the first elements to return to diversify economic activity and the launch of production, consumption workshops. And it waits for 4.6 million unemployed doors of the vulva in Andalusia.


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