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Compatibility leaders of the Group of Twenty on Friday to dilute commitment to monitor the serious imbalances in trade balances, but they did not give investors little evidence that the world is safer from economic catastrophe evidence.

After charged the beginning of a summit of the Group of Twenty in Seoul and agreed to developing and emerging countries to determine the "guidance" vague for measuring imbalances between economies differential in velocity, but resorted to a time-out in order to calm down tensions and left to discuss details for the first half of next year.

European leaders held a meeting and a separate microcosm during the summit to discuss a deepening credit crisis in Ireland, which recalls that the repercussions of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression still posed a threat to global stability.

The statement, which was signed at the end of the summit, the fifth summit since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 limited gain for each party.

The leaders pledged to seek to exchange rates determined by market forces, referring to the Chinese currency, the yuan under the control of the Court and the United States have long complained that they are undervalued.

The leaders pledged to renounce reduce competition in currency values ​​in an attempt to calm the fears of other countries to facilitate the Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy is aimed at weakening the dollar.

The Group responded to the emerging economies which Twadja it difficult to contain the huge capital flows to approve the imposition of control measures "carefully designed."

The group also agreed that there is an important opportunity, but limited to the completion of the Doha trade talks, which was launched in 2001 and liberalization round stalled for a long time.

But the group did not refer to Ireland as the timid pledges to deal with the imbalances trade balances do not seem strong enough to bring about any real change. The International Monetary Fund warned that gaps between rich countries exporting liquid and heavily indebted countries widens to pre-crisis levels imported.
US President Barack Obama said during a news conference after the summit, "the work we do here will not always seem impressive.

"I will not always be changing the world instantly. But step by step what we are doing is to build a strong international mechanisms and institutions will help to stabilize the economy and ensure economic growth and alleviate some of the tensions."

After weeks of verbal sparring United States and China sought to bring peace after their differences over China's currency "undervalued" global risks posed by the United States printing money to stimulate its economy, which is facing difficulties.

Obama said "exchange rates should reflect economic realities ... Emerging economies should allow currencies is driven by the market." "This is something I raised with President Hu (Jintao) and we will watch rising Chinese currency closely."

The group sought to restore compliance through unity that emerged during the crisis two years ago, but deep divisions showed that the leaders can not afford to go beyond what was agreed upon and finance ministers last month.

Negotiators continued to work in Stark Trading System until the wee hours of the morning to reach an agreement can be ratified by all their leaders despite the sharp differences that have emerged in the days preceding the summit.

An official involved in the negotiations "This was not a festival of love."

In particular, the leaders could not reach a consensus on how to identify when global imbalances pose a threat to trade balances economic stability and contented themselves with the obligation to discuss a number of indicators in the first half of 2011.

He said Tim Condon director of research at ING Financial Markets in Singapore that "it is difficult to oppose" pledges leaders but less than was hoped the summit of progress.

"I decided to just put the desired goals as a result of the summit and hope to make the best of it and accomplish more in the coming meetings."

The first group was divided after the transformation of the global recession to varying speeds recovery. Slow and kept the developed economies interest rates at record lows in an attempt to launch a major growth while emerging economies have recovered very quickly to the point that many people were concerned that inflationary growth. Stark Trading System


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