Tauri Bot Review Is TauriBot.com Scam Or Legit?

Tauri Bot Review Is TauriBot.com A Scam Or Legit? What is Tauri Bot Software? My Tauri Bot Review Share The Real Truth About Tauri Bot System Until Download It


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It is a cornerstone of the real estate sector mainly from the United States economy, and is considered an indicator of growth or stumbling macroeconomic. Property represents housing axis activity within the real estate sector on the one hand the public and the economy on the other. When the head of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke warned that the residential real estate crisis may continue for some time, it pointed out that the Tauri Bot sector captures 30 percent of the total value of US consumer investments.

In fact, the residential real estate sector lost $ 7.6 trillion in value during the crisis, representing 32 percent of US consumer real estate wealth, meaning that the value of residential property had reached 23.75 trillion dollars on the eve of the crisis and deteriorated to 16.15 trillion.

And establishes the real estate sector in general, and on a global level, a wide range of economic activity including at least half, if not beyond. With the exception of its association with the construction industry and the types of cement and its derivatives, iron and types of metal, wood and plastic, stones and casting concrete and tile, whether ceramic or quarrying decking, marble, and related industry complementary, it serves a variety of specialty engineering offices, contractors and real estate Tauri Bot developers, and processing industries, furniture, air conditioning and internal engineering and electricity (...). The sense that it provides job opportunities have only one third of workers in the country, especially for skilled workers and uneducated.

But the reality of the real estate could turn into an economic catastrophe, when it promotes growth with an artificial demand. During the last decades of US household debt it exploded, increasing tenfold in 20 years, from 1396 to $ 12,564 billion billion to the end of the first quarter of 2008, representing 29 percent of the national debt. It rose from 90 to 160 percent of gross domestic product between 1970 and 2006. While the savings rate did not exceed one percent of the income of households in.

The reason is simple and easy. TauriBot rigidity entering middle-class wage-earners, and the decline of the poorest resources, individual bank loans became the crane foundation for internal consumption for families. Consumption plays mainly a role in the dynamics of the national economy, rises from 67 to 72 percent of gross domestic product between 1975 and 2007, to accumulate during the 20-year-old stock of loans of 358 billion dollars to 2.5932 trillion, and has held them on credit cards $ 915 billion in March 2008, You can not pay a large portion of them.

In an unequal society in the developed world, it seemed to establish a home warranty for most wage earners, and is considered proprietary driver ideological pattern success of the "American way of life", as a result of the rigidity of social flexibility associated with higher health insurance costs 87 percent in 2008 compared to 2000, housing and education (increased costs university education 40 percent) on the one hand, and the weakness of public policies that exclude the other and increase the instability distribution, and amid this climate of lack of social security (4.5 million without health insurance in 2007). It has become in the owner's ability to mortgage his estate to the Tauri Bot banks in return for loans, or the insurance companies to provide health instead of processors, or the purchase of a car, and in a period of unemployment, or to pay premiums education, TauriBot students amounted to 80 billion in 2007.

But in return the form of the establishment of real estate property, a central factor for the debts of families during the last two decades. Go credit held stock on housing from 10,611 to 926.5 billion dollars in the 20 years the equivalent of twice the federal debt in 2007, and is a three-quarters of families debt.

And based this vast operation for loans in great shape, the high real estate prices, which TauriBot low interest of the federal reserve. It was the wealth factor, driven by real estate speculation is not logical, it dovetailed with the fanciful heights of prices, amounted to 80 percent between 2000 and 2006, an average year in terms of the country. And it helped the rise in prices of real estate owners to hold new loans, relying on their property that did not stop rising values. And distributed between 2005 and the first quarter of 2008, real estate loans worth 3010 billion, which form a bulwark of paper.

In this range of high-risk loans emerged. Vtjah relative stagnation in the real estate activity middle classes, workers Malians directed towards new clients to secure higher returns, and chose the lowest income families. They suggested the terms "immoral" for the most part to secure high-risk loans have high benefits, and changing and going on for a long time, formed between 2004 and 2006, about 40 percent of mortgages with about 600 thousand held annually. And valued at between 2000 and 2006 some 1,200 billion dollars, which is not a great value, but it was disastrous for the crisis.

During the period resorted Committee of the Federal Reserve Open Market, to raise interest among the tight monetary policy to rein in rising price levels and maintaining an acceptable level of inflation, leading to higher premiums for borrowers in the secondary mortgage market, which includes customers newborn borrowing do not have a credit history well at the banks. The loans amounted to $ 100 billion with the feet of the dealers to sell their homes with higher prices 30 percent, but shortened to repay their debts.

The government resorted to the catastrophic collapse of the real estate, to support reinforces the continuation of its activities in the acceptable level, and the support stops, sales fell in the residential real estate 25 percent, a foretaste of an economic thaw, at the time still the consumer suffers the consequences of massive losses devoured crisis money from his fortune, as well as high unemployment rate. Fear banks and customers to extend credit amid falling real estate prices, as fear of falling into the trap of high interest rates in the future. http://binaryapp-810.co/tauri-bot-review-is-the-tauri-bot-app-scam-or-legit Tauri Bot


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