The Amissio Formula Review Is The Amissio Formula Software Scam?

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The Amissio Formula Software

The Amissio Formula

Feel free Member States of the European single currency area (euros) in financial assistance to the member mired in debt exceeds 400 billion euros, Greece. But in contrast, seeks to create an entity, it may be in the form of «European Monetary Fund», offers help to troubled members in the future. And that as a result of a disability caused by the terms Treaty in 1992, it did not denote a device that supports any member is located in the deficit.

And often leads the crises of finance and economy of acute, global regulations about planning systems and mechanisms which avoid potential crises. The causes of crises evolve, making it difficult to avoid a recurrence, in

What it's like illnesses stronger antibiotics, pharmaceutical science seeks to test new drugs to them. The results are good for the crises they pay political systems to the formulation of mechanisms to monitor radical economic factors, and is seeking to bridge gaps which might cause fatal glitches in the financial and economic systems.
After the global crisis, which managed the Group of Twenty countries adjust its implications, and the pursuit of groups and states to fortify their economies to set them apart from the collapse in the future, the euro zone that ended the first decade of the integration crisis emerged. The region is currently undergoing the experience of the young did not anticipate the possibility of occurrence of the notes have prior solutions. Treaty The Amissio Formula which laid the euro zone controls and mechanisms of a single European currency and dealing with trading, did not notice the possibility of shortening the Member State in which the threat to the new currency.

In spite of the different economic levels and divergent among Member States, it controls led the rapprochement between them under the terms may during periods of economic growth, but not through the powerful crises. clear, necessitated the Member States not to exceed the inflation with their respective 1.5 percent, for the lowest rate in three Member States. It must be regimented general budget for each member of the lowest deficit of 3 percent of GDP, and public debt should not exceed has 60 percent of the output is also, and not interest rates of 2 percent for the lowest in more than three Member States. As necessitated the countries wishing to join should not devalue its currency during the two years preceding the accession.

What falls to Hzth «Maastricht» of the controls in the space of «economic coexistence», rather than imposed by the adoption of a single currency in the economic and financial dealing operations that differ between members. The use of a single European currency enjoined convergence between the inflation rates of the member, and to make sure that the rise in the budget deficit any members could hurt the value of the single currency and economic safety of the region. But adherence to such conditions difficult in the harsh crises. In the economic downturn cycles, support the economy makes it imperative to overlook the public deficit, but the controls Amissio Formula , in the euro zone prompted the European countries through a contraction in 1993, the powerless and restrictive economic policies have prevented economic development to take off before the end of the nineties of the last century.

And to controls «Maastricht», did not choose the Member States intact. The countries of southern Europe, they have a strong desire to join the check through an economic interest to benefit from the low interest rate, political and interest, requires engagement countries were marginalized in the European construction and install «democracy» for countries newly emerged from dictatorship systems (Alternatives Magazine - March / March 2010 ).

Low interest component and play a role mainly attractive to engage countries in the eurozone The Amissio Formula pressure from key members. It was designed to benefit customers Economists (government, institutions and families) of the benefits can not be adopted locally, and are benefiting from the convergent inflation, guiding prices downward rates.

Ironically, it showed that the price level in Greece from 1997 as the base year equal to 100 percent, reached 146 in 2009, 139 in Spain while he was in France 122 and Germany 119. It was not possible to address rising prices modifying benefits, given the ECB to the fact that determines the interest rate of one .

For comparison, Germany was before the euro has the lowest rate of interest in the region, in contrast to Greece, Ireland and Spain, because the inflation rate was higher than in Germany and France, despite the fact that these countries knew in the years of negative interest rates. And it lies in the pros inflation that dissolves sovereign debt and its institutions and their families, and pay monetary authorities to determine the interest rates compared to the rates of inflation shifts, sometimes for economic reasons. But with the followers of one rate of interest within the different economic entities, under crisis conditions imposed inevitability exceeded The Amissio Formula Review , which earned deviation being the current situation. Greece has expanded its debt, concealed the truth from Brussels by «Goldman Sachs» US, in Spain, Ireland and Portugal piled households, enterprises and customers special loan cycle, replete with debt.

Compared to the ease in obtaining loans, the citizens of these countries no longer save. They became consume more than they produce. With the widening gap external deficit hollow bottom 0.12 percent of GDP in Greece, Portugal, 10 and 9 in Spain, got the crisis.

In general form of excessive debt leads to the loss of competitiveness in many countries. But it's hard to get out within the euro area. Before that it was enough devalue the currency to correct the situation, the population finds themselves suddenly poor, but they are more competitive towards others, Reducing the measured value of the currency but not painful, and equal to all.

From here bet on the ability of the steadfastness of the European currency. The crisis in Greece has awakened members on the dangers lurk, you may Regional Monetary Fund.

The Amissio Formula Software The Amissio Formula The Amissio Formula The Amissio Formula


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