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Thousand Dollar Days

It seeks European countries that suffer crises deficit and debt to the sale of public property to get money to help plug the deficit. Newspaper «Wall Street Journal» reported that the European countries, has for years been selling public property Thousand Dollar Days office and residential buildings in order to raise funds, but the world financial crisis and the recession that followed led to the deterioration in the public finances of some countries such as Germany, Britain, France and Greece to push for expansion in the sale of that property.

The asset sales of the governments representing between two and 2.5 percent of the total government sales in the past four years, could double that figure this year for up to four percent of the total expected to reach a hundred billion euros ($ 125 billion). Despite the fact that some property will find buyers, many of the Thousand Dollar Days government assets will have trouble marketing, according to the analysts I spoke to the American newspaper.

In Germany, the Department intends responsible for the disposal of government property sell about half of its total property worth up to 6.8 billion euros. The other half is not marketable. The British government Thousand Dollar Days sell $ 35 billion pounds of assets over the next 10 years.

Last year, the German government sales amounted to 42 percent of government sales market in Europe. And reached its sales rate in the last four years to 30 percent of the same market. In Greece, the government appointed a consulting firm to advise on the potential sale of a range of government assets. The French government plans to sell six percent of the property of the buildings in the next three years. The Minister Francois Baroin budget plan to sell the building in 1700 of the total government assets amounting to 28 thousand ownership.

The European Commission announced that the structural and financial reforms in Greece, which aims to pull the country out of recession and end the sovereign debt crisis is on track, despite some deficiencies. In a report on her mission, which visited Greece in June, Thousand Dollar Days stressed, which is the executive arm of the European Union, that Athens is making a good progress in the field of tightening fiscal policy to reduce deficits and debt came macroeconomic developments in line with the reform program despite higher inflation .

Furthermore, the Greek trade unions organize new general strike today to protest the pension reform and austerity measures imposed by the government to improve the situation of public finances is expected to be considerable disruption occurs in the work of transportation and public services. This is the sixth general strike since February (last February) will affect air traffic and railway lines and maritime precludes the arrival of tourists to the Greek islands, where ships are expected to remain in port because of the strike.

The airline expects most prominent firms Thousand Dollar Days two «Olympique R» and «Aegean», to cancel 34 flights and delay another 45 flights, including international flights. And it will affect the work of air traffic controllers stopped starting at 7:00 GMT, also on trips and other companies operating in Greece. A spokesman for the Athens airport: «will not take off any aircraft during these four hours». And also paralyzed traffic in the capital.

It is expected that the strike also includes departments, hospitals, public institutions and deprived the country of any information on the extent of 24 hours as the journalists' union announced its commitment to go on strike. The aim of the strike, which performs at the invitation of the leading Mrkzitin Two Unions (private sector union and union officials) and the front-communist trade union, to protest against the reform of the pension system project is expected to be adopted by the Greek Parliament today. It is expected to organize marches in major cities noon. Thousand Dollar Days Thousand Dollar Days


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