Wells Investments LTD Review Is WellsInvestments.co Scam Or Legit?

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Wells Investments LTD

Defeated annexation of countries such as Greece to cuff the political will of the euro zone's economic reality. But the recent crisis outweighed economic controls, having fueled the crisis highlighted the chapters in the history of the European Union. The roots of the Greek financial crisis to free the centuries that was born of Greek chapters. Geography, for what he says American commentator Robert Kaplan, weighing Rajeh in the formulation of Greek identity. The European Union have been busy evaluating the balance of power between France and Germany, and to address the modern divisions between the South and the North. Neglected and, consequently, the restoration of the historic rift between eastern and western EU countries, ignoring the border between Rome and Byzantium, and the Wells Investments LTD empire thriving in Vienna and the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople poor.

Greece is the brainchild of the Byzantine and Turkish domination rather than of the daughters of Periklis Athens and its democracy, notes Kaplan. And a thriving middle class in Greece and Mediterranean countries in its neighborhood and did not stand out, uninterruptible active in north-western Europe trade movement, which is relying on a weak agricultural sector. The polarization between rich and poor is serious in Greek society structure. Fluke that it is not dominated by Wells Investments Software and each Papandreou on Greek politics, in the past five decades.

And it exacerbated the Greek Civil War (1946 - 1949) between the communists and conservatives, and United States, Greece's inability to establish a modern state apparatus. This conflict has undermined the remnants of the Greek state, which escaped from the clutches of the German occupation in World War II, and laid the polarization of political life. And Abdul-emergence of anti-security institution of the communists the way for access to power military coterie between 1967 and 1974. In the early eighties, the government of issued, the father of the current prime minister, a series of decisions that led to the growing size of the current debt the prime minister sought to lay the foundations of a democratic socialist state. But the public sector, which was founded by Papandreou inflated size, and became a burden to the state budget. And hours of work in Greece a few compared to its counterpart in Europe. Wells Investments LTD working from the 7: 30 am the second half in the afternoon. The personnel should receive a bonus worth an extra pay twice a year. In some expanded retirement at the age of 53 years. Greek press dilemma described today's cynical b «Oedipus complex» and said «the Prime Minister to kill his father's policies to save the state». But the reversal of the policies of Wells Investments LTD father is not enough. The culture of corruption and tax evasion entrenched in Greece. And disobey the state tax collection. The headline in a newspaper «No taxation. We Greeks. » A young Greek recounted that doctors «extort patient in public hospitals. And if you do not give them a small wad of money negligent care of him. »

And if the private sector is a case of the public sector. Three-quarters of a family of private companies. And mostly it lacks competition standards. If the Greek young man did not find a job in the public sector, he worked in his father or close the company. The minimum salary is high and behind the villagers citric acid consumption and importers, at the time wilt fruits and vegetables on the trees because of the high cost of pounds, it says one banker. And bureaucracy stifles the Greek system. «In Greece we have a capitalist Wells Investments LTD system in the heart of the Soviet state», to tell the Greek observer.

Athens has avoided addressing these issues by way of speeding up access to the European Community in 1981, 14 years ago from the accession of richer ones such as Austria, Finland and Sweden, countries, and by 5 years of the accession of Spain and Portugal. On that day, Greece claimed to be heir to ancient Greece, the cradle of Western democracy, and that the cultures of the Middle Wells Investments LTD Review weak. Supporters of Greece felt that the rejection of membership leaves the peninsula in isolation, is not equivalent to the overthrow of military rule, and shows that Europe is unable to help a small country on the last weak exceeded.

The truth is that Greece's financial rescue plan left resentment in Germany. The Germans are puzzled about following their role in the European Union. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the conclusion of a cluster generation of German politicians who are committed to the cause of Europe. At the start of the crisis, Merkel was quick to say that the protection of Greece is a shared responsibility, unlike the Germans and ministers of government opinion. And it collects between the Germans forced their country's refusal to save the other European countries, in the near future, and between a policy reluctant to encourage domestic consumption and shrinking Wells Investments LTD savings rates.

The crisis has highlighted the weakness of fiscal policy coordination in the euro zone. The euro did not raise the ability of weak economies to compete. Coping in a refuge resorted to by Greece and other European countries to take advantage of low-interest that fueled the financial asset bubble, and to avoid the reform of their economies. And the survival of the euro crisis and leaving them unscathed is subject to financial and economic policy coordination. http://wellsinvestmentsltd.co/wells-investments-ltd-review-is-wells-investments-ltd-scam Wells Investments LTD


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