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Sought finance ministers and governors of central banks in the countries of the Group of Seven to reassure the world on the common goal of promoting their countries of fragile economic recovery.
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty confirmed that the group would write off debt owed by her to Haiti in solidarity with this country, which finally hit by a devastating earthquake.
He said at a joint press conference with the finance ministers of other participants at the conclusion of their meeting late yesterday in Iqaluit (Canada's far north): «We will continue to apply the Drexel Code Scam advancement of the policy which we have committed ourselves together, and we seek the withdrawal of government stimulus for the economies of strategies.»
Following his British counterpart Alistair Darling said: «We are all determined to continue to support our economies until a solid recovery.» He said US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner: «We made sure not to endanger the global economic recovery at risk».
Since the summer, growth gradually returned to the economies of the Group of Seven, but it's still fragile and supported in a basic form of government economic stimulus programs adopted after the financial crisis.
The enormous public debt, straining beneath some euro zone countries, which led to the collapse of the stock market indices in the days before the meeting issues, in addition to the difficulty out of the DrexelCode policy of increasing spending, assembled and placed it in second place during their convention journalist.
The participants found themselves in front of a new wave of concern prevailing global financial markets. And stock indexes have seen a very difficult week in which recorded sharp declines driven by fears that fail to countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain from going out alone from public debts enormous crisis.
During the press conference to ask this question, including the Group of Seven plans to do to solve the problems of these enormous debts, the finance ministers of the three countries are members of the German Wolfgang Schaeuble and French Christine Lagarde and Italian Gelio Tremonti euro zone. The front of the Drexel Code frequency of the three ministers in from of them answer the question, the Canadian counterpart took the initiative to take this burden from his shoulder and said on their behalf that this Drexel Code issue should be addressed by the «European Union and not the Group of Seven», echoing the position announced by Friday of this subject.
The euro fell Friday to its lowest level against the dollar since May, and to its lowest level against the yen also since April.
And hold this informal meeting at the invitation of the Canadian presidency of the Group of Seven, which includes Canada to both the United States and Japan in addition to the four European countries, namely Germany, France, Italy and Britain. And called on Ottawa ministers and central bank governors to the maximum the Canadian North to discuss economic and financial issues freely and openly without being obliged to reach a result.
But snow Iqaluit did not succeed in uniting the two communities. On the subject of currency exchange rates, at the top of the yuan, which reduce the value of China deliberately to encourage exports, according to Drexel Code many, the Canadian minister said: «Of course, we discussed the issue of exchange rates», without giving any explanation.
On the issue of financial controls Geithner sought reassurance over his assertion that the ministers are aware of the need to achieve homogeneity in the laws governing the operation of markets.
Ministers confirmed that they appreciate the Ottawa initiative to call for this meeting in this format, that is, an informal meeting in order to consult, while the host minister welcomed the friendly nature of the discussions.
Canada confirmed that the Drexel Code Review Group of Seven will continue to convene intermittently. It is scheduled that the country is hosting a summit of the Group of Seven in June in Huntsville, a town with a population of no more than 20 thousand people located within the confines of a forest frequented by residents of Toronto, the largest city in the country. Drexel Code Reviews Drexel Code

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The opening of its Davos forum this year under the strange little motto, which is: «re-think, re-planning, re-construction: the present and future situation». While the attendees to the forum this year is less mace, in terms of the representation of companies and major financial players; the total exceeds two thousand, including hundreds of presidents and politicians, past and present, and the men of the media and society. What is new, as previously stated, it is not present; but in the logo, and those who did not attend. Logo moral disciplinarian, and who did not
Attend are representatives of big companies, international financial institutions, but some of them were sent or send representatives, chose silence and not to talk while they were in previous years are the most eloquent speakers and the most senior voice!
Well «Davos» twofold story; The first part about trying to Europeans in the early seventies to have their Resume distinct from Americans. Then came the 1973 war and stop the Saudi oil Europeans oil and the strength of the US and the American influence, the United States entered the forum from a position of strength, and became the Forum a platform to call for the freedom of the market, and prosperity of the capitalist, and an environment for discussion in light of Eight major industrialized nations. Then the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was forced to come in marginally site if to learn the lessons of the victorious capitalism in how to manage and market economy Then in the nineties of the last century and the first decade of the atheist and the twentieth century, the Davos forum has become globalized and the victorious commander code. And it turns to major companies and banks to finance funding Cloud Trader as if you want to present him and another testament to the success of the legendary market capitalism, fiction and profits. And I remained the «Davos» problem «small» or two problems: the problem of the economic rise of East Asia, and China in particular, the problem of media eruption by young people in Europe and Latin America against the exploitative capitalist globalization, and against the hegemony of the United States.
But the strike semi-judge on the wealthy forum in Davos came from where no one waits: through the global financial crisis, which first appeared Alanhiarah landmarks in the heart of the globalized capitalist world: the United States! Has been shown since the first month of the crisis in the fall of 2008 due to the collapse of the frauds and lack of discipline, even within market standards, by real estate companies, and by the banks that financed the acquisition of large and speculative operations! And forced the capitalists dominant in order to deal with the crisis - have their companies and their banks collapsed - to resort to those with solvency and progress and have lingering natural or technological resources, became the eight twenty countries, and what came out of the proposed solutions for the refinancing of those bankrupt with strictly control them, so as not to lost people's money loss at all. There is no need for further explanation of Cloud Trader processors that resorted to by the major industrialized countries, even China, which is hit by the crisis the same strength, quick to pump huge sums of money in the market and expand until the deadlock and bust economy does not beat too.
Why the shift means in Davos titles and his badges? Forum has put forward this year unethical addresses if you will. It is clear that the imbalances that led to the disaster is essentially a moral defect; since those who have and are keen to increase their holdings to no end, fought in deals and speculation fake to get a quick and huge profits. This process has lasted for more than a decade; while the departments of states and central banks do not do something remarkable under the pretext of non-interference in the freedom of the market, and the market corrects itself, that has become a quarter of working capital in the market caused by money laundering, and drug trafficking, and quarter the other result for fictional prices for real estate that was sold in the market sometimes five times a day and at incredible prices! Thus demonstrated organizers of the Cloud Trader forum that they are aware of the moral crisis, which emerged in the business actions they wanted to recall - as they said - the moral assets of capitalism!
For the origins of ethical capitalism long story summarized, that during the boom imperatives of Marxism in the sighting of the twentieth century in Europe; noon compete but conflict over the interpretation of «capitalist phenomenon» in the old continent. It has been linked to some economic historians in Europe and freedoms and the creativity of the human Aryan / Indo-European. It has emerged a cultural and civilizational jobs is related to Europe itself (= freedom and progress), and its image in the world, including the justifications for the seizure of the colonial world under the pretext of contributing to the progress (especially in Africa and Asia!), And teach people my idea of ​​a modern state, democracy! The ladder Altarikhanyon Marxists so; but returned the capital to appear to the terms of physical and reasons related to the accumulation of wealth resulting from the geographical discoveries, and the direction of European colonists of US parts to industrial and technical development, and exploitation of the poor workers in Europe, and the peoples of the world colonized to accumulate wealth and to increase production, which Cloud Trader System in the market stretched over the world. At the time it was being on the ground conflict, waged by social movements and violent revolutions and the participation in the elections to come to power on behalf of the workers, the intellectual movement remained on the interpretation of the phenomenon of capitalism and imperialism, the other, going in full swing. After 1910, the intervention of the German sociologist and historian Max Weber (1864-1920) is not a matter of discussion in the class struggle; but in capital assets in Europe, he wrote several articles published later titled «The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism» (1921). And a summary of the point of view of Max Weber that the social and economic infrastructure or physical infrastructure contributed to the capitalist development, but in the evolution; the which shares is the supreme religious structures or moral or metadata to the new Protestant that emerged in the sixteenth century, which owns another vision of the world and the role of religion in it, different from the Catholic vision; and in particular with regard to the work ethic or his status in the religion. In the Catholic Church it owns the whole of salvation as an heiress of Christ, which omitted the Protestant Vatican and the powers of the mind; they left the individual in a direct relationship with God. And the Christian must strive to please God through the hard and dedicated work in this world, nor evidence of «satisfaction of God» and «chosen» servant is success in the mundane work of course committed ethical origins of Christianity. Thus it has become «worldly work» with the hard-line Protestant churches (Calvinist example) worship, but the head of worship. Cloud Trader and explore cities and areas in Europe where industries have emerged and evolved banking operations, and found a Protestant areas and cities in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Britain, Germany and the United States and even in France. The man noted that the major imperialist countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, where the accumulated vast fortunes, but they made rapid progress because she was a Catholic, does not have the «work ethic» that the individuals possess Protestants! The intensified attacks on Max Weber in his life is not Catholic intellectuals and by; but it is the Marxist historians and auditors as well. Marxists said that Weber looks savage capitalism and gives a moral dimension does not already own. According to historians, Catholics models of economic advancement in Catholic areas and cities like Italian cities since the fifteenth century, before the advent of all Cloud Trader Weber discussed all these people in his life, he denied that his objective critique of Marxism, or the praise of religion. But these essays have become a landmark renewed controversy around him in every era; especially during the Cold War, after the decline of the communists in the eighties of the twentieth century. It has been possible to shake the foundations of many of his vision or his hypothesis, but supporters and critics have become to be considered «moral discipline» condition of bumps avoid economic and financial crises.
In any case, the Davos forum this year, under the impact of the global financial crisis, and to defend capitalism and not for condemnation in the foundation; resorted to «Ethics», which is an invitation to revisit and review, and requests the safeguards and ethical controls secular and religious; in order to be a contributing factor in the exit crisis and they do not recur, plus of course the legal and regulatory controls imposed by the departments of states and central banks. Cloud Trader Cloud Trader Cloud Trader

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Global gold demand last year exceeded $ 100 million, despite the ongoing turmoil in the financial and commodity markets and unstable.
Decreased demand for gold 11% size to 3385.8 tons, compared with the exceptional performance in 2008, which led, in the opinion of the World Gold Council to the recovery of demand for gold in the jewelry sector and the Triana Soft Scam manufacturing sector, after a poor performance in the first quarter and resilient investment demand over last year.
According to the report, the gold markets in the Middle East faced significant challenges, resulted from «the deterioration of economic conditions and high gold prices, which led to
Falling demand has 28 percent, compared to 2008 to reach 250.6 tonnes. »
And decreased overall demand for the yellow metal 32 percent in the Arab region in terms of weight in the last quarter of the year, reaching 51.1 tons compared, while demand for the dollar rate dropped for the same period increased by 7 percent to $ 1.81 billion, indicating consumer association close gold despite high oil prices and the difficult Triana Software Scam economic environment. The Managing Director of the World Gold Council in the Middle East, Turkey Anan Fakhr al-Din, said that «gold demand in the Middle East region affected by last year's in great shape as a result of the economic challenges the standard and prices. In spite of this there was flexibility in the demand for gold globally.
He pointed out that investment flows supported the performance in the first quarter, at a time when global demand for jewelry rate declined sharply. Despite the faltering Triana Soft Scam investment flows, the jewelery industry is back and saw a marked improvement.
The indications for the return of buyers to the jewelry sector, notably India states, in light of improved economic conditions, and adapt to consumers with the new prices. According to indications in the Middle East, to a significant improvement in January (last January) in response to the low gold prices.
In the Middle East, investment flows were volatile due to changes in gold prices, falling investments in the retail sector's performance during the last quarter, 32 percent more than in the same period of the previous year, and 57 percent compared to the annual performance of the previous year. And net retail investment in the region saw a decrease of 34 percent to 18.9 tons.
Industrial demand for sector
Globally, there is still determining the Is Triana Soft Scam levels of demand characterized as positive, and will continue to offer unique and demand motives, which supports demand for the global gold market on a consistent levels.
Quoted «Reuters» agency from New York, the price of gold rose 35 percent last year, its biggest annual gain in three decades as a result of fears of currency devaluation and inflation expectations in the long term with the world emerges from the economic downturn. The report also pointed out that the investment demand for gold has risen 7 percent in 2009, compared to 2008 for factors including net retail investment recovery in India and the United States.
And acquires the investment demand for a large proportion of the total request is supported by new investment tools as investors consider gold a safe haven in times of economic crisis.
The Council said in a report that TrianaSoft gold demand from exchange-traded funds rose 85 percent thanks to strong results in the first quarter but fell in the following chapters. And it is expected to request funds traded in the stock market continues to rise due to increased investors' appetite for the yellow metal.
The decline in global jewelery demand 20 percent to 1747.3 tons, as sales declined in the major consumer countries like India as a result of the economic slowdown.
The significant decline in jewelery demand in India to a decline in aggregate demand 33 percent to 480 tons.
And support the purchase of the Indian central bank 200 tons of gold in November (November) of the International Monetary Fund, if the optimism survival precious metal safe haven for investments. It warned that if the optimism may not last in India in the face of rising prices. TrianaSoft Triana Soft Triana Soft

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US President Barack Obama yesterday presented his plan for health reform that allows for 31 million more Americans take advantage of them with settings to increase bonuses and reduce costs.
The release of the plan on the website of the White House four days of «summit» before called for by Obama Members Democrats and Republicans in Congress to remove the thorny issue of the deadlock.
And the voice of the House and Senate at the end of the 2009 plan, but the approval stumbled after the loss of the vast democratic majority is described in the Senate that allows a minority of the Republic of obstructing the vote.
Obama had vowed in the absence of any support from Republicans who call for the resumption of negotiations from scratch, offering its own of the plan formula «closer between the bills, which offers them the House and Senate», according to the White House, they include «new measures to reduce the wasteful, fraud and exploitation ».
He said the White House that the plan would cost $ 950 billion spread over 10 years «composed entirely» amounts hoarded aims to «reduce the deficit a hundred billion dollars in the next decade».
Media White House official Dan announced that the plan «is the initial proposal» for the summit scheduled tomorrow, which was objected to by Republicans without that refuse to participate.
He said Senate Minority Leader John Boehner yesterday that Obama's plan for ending the «comprehensive control over the health sector from project impartial law» threatening «cancel purpose of the summit this week» that are «propaganda campaign television for Democrats.»
Newspaper «New York Times» and pointed out that Obama's initiative paves the way for «reconcile» complex allows adoption of the text after the vote by a simple majority of 51 votes.
30 million lack access to job opportunities
He revealed to that poll published «Gallup» Institute findings yesterday that about 20 percent of the US workforce lacked adequate employment in January (January) and have struggled to manage their needs with reduced resources and bleak prospects for employment.
In the results they paint a darker picture of the employment of an official US data as «Gallup» that 30 million Americans lack access to suitable employment means they do not have jobs, or they did not get only part-time work seems.
He pointed to the survey, citizens who do not work full-time spend on home purchases less than their neighbors full-time employees by 36 percent in January, while six out of 10 people who were not optimistic about their chances to find a suitable job in the coming months.
And explored «Gallup» view more than 20 thousand people in the period between the second and the atheist and the thirtieth of January. And bear results a margin of error of one percentage point. The poll, with rising voter anger over the stalled economic recovery in addition to dwindling Obama hopes to promote employment through government programs were thwarted by disagreements partisan in Congress.
The US unemployment rate fell to 9.7 percent in January but remains near its highest. And it exceeded the survey estimates in relation to the lack of appropriate official statistics estimate jobs.
According to the Ministry of Labour that 16.5 percent of American employees did not get jobs or got work part-time because of economic reasons in January, compared with estimates Institute «Gallup» amounting to 19.9 percent.
Raised a speech by US President Barack Obama late January (last January) about the US banking system, which was known as the «Volcker rule» relative to economist Paul Volcker, who served as presidential adviser for economic recovery, criticism in the corridors of Congress reform (House of Representatives) and the Council Senate banking sector in the United States, and skipped over to the other side of the Atlantic Vantkdh European bank officials.
According to a German deputy from the ruling party, close to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that «the US to adopt an identical copy of the proposal poses risks to German banks and depositors».
In this context, he asked for clarification «life» Lebanese economists a familiar American banking system, to see the prospects for the application of these proposals if turned into law and the extent to generalize.
Beirut - Lena Rahbani
Said Ziad Ferzli, Managing Director of the company «Sidaerwood Advisors» American (Cedarwood Advisors) financial and strategic advisor to companies and investors, institutions, governments and international organizations in economic development, there are two theories about the proposed laws in the United States, the first says that «Obama sells people talk» , to say to the American people who incur huge tax money to rescue US banks and real estate debt trouble: «what the team at least, no banks, subject to punishment», it is not physically punish him. And again it confirms that Paul Volcker (also a former president of the Federal Reserve, the US House) is serious about radical proposals on banks.
Pearson Profits He guessed that «the financial system continues to tentatively as it is now with minor modifications», especially that «Volcker is not part of the work of the administration of the team actually Minister of Treasury Secretary Timothy and the head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke».
Said Ferzli: «it was feasible to impose financial and banking reforms at the height of the crisis, that is, when the major banks in financial trouble the US government and begging for help», and went on: «I could at the time, subjecting banks to harsh conditions, but now they are able to return to achieve profits and paid most of the government loans, thanks to the funds obtained and used in speculation in the financial markets, rather than the provision of bank loans to companies and individuals ».
He predicted Ferzli that there is a significant role for lobbyists (lobbyists) in Congress and the Senate to amend the proposals, noting that the two chambers were Beshra work in the new financial law since June last year and, therefore, there are questions in the corridors of lawmakers for «meaningful timing of Obama's speech late in significant financial reform in January (last January) ».
Ferzli and alert you to the presence of «voids in the law exploited by banks for their own benefit», cites Similarly Englishman, «The devil is in the details».
On the proposal to prohibit banks from investing in hedge funds (hedge fund) or private investment funds (private equity), or owned, said Ferzli, said the administration will urge banks to its hedge fund selling, but «this does not mean that banks will stick easily». And he went on that proposal to strengthen bank capital and propose limiting amplifier borrowing on capital (leverage) Two decisions are important, and may organize a work of banks and they automatically have to abide by these conditions, to sell many of its hedge funds.
In the opinion of Ferzli, he said Obama did not address a very important issue in his speech, which is that «the interest rate basis for the dollar is still very low since the launch of downgrades after the end of the financial crisis in 2008, which encourages speculation in the various financial markets».
And on an item to prevent banks from trading in financial markets for its own account in order to profit (proprietary trading), allowing it only to trade for the benefit of its customers, said Pearson Profits that «the separation between the two activities is very difficult technically», pointing out that the major banks only exercise these activities, take it to limit types of speculation on the leaves of certain money the most effective, such as «subsidized housing loans contracts» (MBS) or decades «swaps pay off credit loans» (CDS), note that it was the main reason for the launch of the US housing loan crisis, pointing out that the banks are able always to find the financial means to speculate in the earliest form to «gambling» him to invest.
Law «Glass - Steagall»
He ruled out a return to the application of the law «Glass - Steagall» (1933 adopted for the reform of the banking system after the Great Depression and the prohibition of banking institutions from acquiring other banks and the separation between commercial banks and investment banks, and canceled work there in 1999), attributing it to «mainly because of the economic problems US current still great, especially the high unemployment rate, augmented by the sovereign debt problems of several European countries, and rumors about the possibility of starting a crisis in the Chinese real estate market ».
On Obama's proposal to provide grants worth a total of $ 33 billion to small and medium-sized companies (form 99 percent of the companies employing fewer than 500 workers each, at a rate of 10, most of them), in the form of a tax break worth five thousand dollars in exchange for each worker hired through the current year, Ferzli pointed out that the effect of the proposal would be «clear and effective» because it is based on a direct relationship between the government and companies, and passes through the banks.
Finally, trading knowledgeable in American affairs theory that the former US President George W. Bush was deposited his successor Obama «sickening legacy» and conveyed to him «fireball financial», added to the multiple internal challenges, it may be the main reason for the loss of parliamentary majority Democratic Party and the progress of the Republican Party in mid-term legislative elections due in November (November). Pearson Profits

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The Director General of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, has rejected fears that economic circles recognition, a huge decline in world trade volume last year rose 12 percent from a year earlier, for the first time since the end of World War II. It includes the decline of trade and economic sectors and service areas. He said at a conference in Brussels that the contraction ratio exceeded the organization, which was set at 10 percent My First Online Payday System forecast. He explained that the contraction of trade due to the economic and financial crisis that has confused the markets of industrialized countries last year.

It is expected that the European Commission provides quarterly economic outlook today as investors worried suggest consumption indicators especially in Germany, the largest economy in the Union.

Pascal Lamy spoke to members of the House of Representatives Commerce Committee in the European Parliament last Tuesday. He stressed the importance of «the role played by the EU in the international multi-party system especially after the start of implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, which enables the Union to speak with one voice». He warned of the consequences of that growth are restored without unemployment declined and said that «economic growth without causing business functions leads to promote protectionist behavior». He said that 2010 could see a «lay the foundations for a secure My First Online Payday Review global economy.»

My First Online Payday Review pointed out that last year began with «a collapse in trade and the drying up of trade finance, and fears that the shrinking donor funding« Aid for Trade », and protectionist economic measures after one year from the beginning of the crisis». But it seems that the actions «were not enough to revive the economy or to avoid direct or indirect adverse effects.»

While he was supposed to be the World Trade Organization to resist protectionist economic measures and government support for the economy, Lamy pointed to «the role of the basis for government stimulus programs to prevent further deterioration in production, in preparation to return to the road to recovery». He explained that «positive impact of the My First Online Payday Software programs ephemeral national Catalysis, strengthens concerns regarding the huge deficit in the budget.» He stressed «the urgent need for the economy to other sources for sustainable growth and not debt».

Lamy tried to take advantage of the negative and contradictory indicators to urge WTO members to move forward in the liberalization of world trade files, and an end to the Doha Round, which is barely graduated from the failure of even the intervention in trouble. He said that the economic situation «insists on the need to expedite the negotiations and end the year». But his comments contradict the abolition of the ministerial conference, which was supposed to take place in Geneva in March (March), as he saw the parties participating in it, that there has been no change in the positions of the United States and the European Union, Canada, the orientation to deal with the financial support to farmers and not to open their markets in form a sufficient products southern countries and developing countries, it makes this meeting is useless and a waste of time, but states may be able during this period of research into the possibility of modifying their positions in order to serve the global economy.

He ruled Analysts polled «life» their views, that the WTO be able to achieve a historic breakthrough in the Doha Round negotiations, in light of what witnessed in most of the major industrialized nations of the dense unemployment, as well as the public debt crisis, warning a new catastrophe, what makes encourage local economies haven only have to get out of this cycle, which means that the activation of the Doha round has been postponed until further notice. My First Online Payday Review

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Limitless Profits
The Obama administration plans to use the huge government purchasing power to encourage private companies to improve wages and incentives for millions of workers, according to White House officials and interest groups interested in the plan permit.
With the huge contracts awarded to companies each year, which amounts to 500 billion size, management will try to deprive companies that violate workers' rights and the environment, and will provide incentives for companies that offer the best levels of wages and health coverage, pensions and other services. Because one out of every four American workers work for a company linked contracts are with the federal government, administration officials see the plan in a way to formulate social policy and lift more families into the middle class. And so on will affect
Contracts such as those given to making clothes for the army and government buildings non-polluting and mow lawns at military bases.
Although details have not been disclosed until now for the continuation of work on the drafting of the plan, the outline has seen strong opposition from business and Republican lawmakers, who see the Limitless Profits plan Gift organized labor, and they say it will lead to higher government spending, which faces a budget deficit estimated by 1 0.3 trillion dollars.

Said Ben Berbak, director of labor and employment in the Union contractors and construction companies, which represents 25 thousand companies linked to the construction sector «I am skeptical towards the objectives of the plan, it seems clear that it is seeking to give unions an advantage in government contracts».

A number of critics that the new plan would cause losses for small businesses, which do not offer a lot of them large incentives. Moreover, Alan Limitless Profits illustrates, executive vice president of the Professional Services Council, a consortium of 340 government contractors, government officials will have difficulty in assessing applicants for contracts using the new standards, and determine whether the company would be given an incentive compensation agreement.

President Obama has called for since the early days of taking office in the White House review of government contracting policy, pointing out that the contracts the previous contract scandal included exaggerated and has contracts expenses without submitting tenders.

He said Bill Burton, spokesman for the White House «The president has made clear that he is committed contractual government to save taxpayer money while protecting workers and the environment. The government now collects data and trying to choose the best ways to implement the plan ».

It should be noted that two of Obama's allies, John Podesta President Clinton's chief of staff, who manage the transition team of President's head, Andy Stern, president of the International Federation of Service Employees, has repeatedly put pressure on the president to use the contract to raise the wages and incentives policy. During his testimony last year before the OMB Limitless Profits said that 400,000 workers were employed in government contracts, such as security guards and workers' canteens workers at sites in federal buildings, earning less than $ 22,000 annually. Which is considered the poverty line for families of four members, assuming the existence of a single breadwinner of the family. Stern said: «President is talking about raising many families into the middle class, so the government should expect contractors comply with the law, and at the same time contractors should not build an economy tiny but they have to build a positive economy». The officials, who were informed that it has developed a plan by officials in the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of the Legal Adviser to the White House and the Ministries of Treasury, Justice, Labor, and the strength of the work of the head of the middle class.

In spite of the pressure on corporate management in order to get more details, they have expressed their rejection of the plan.

And the transfer Limitless Profits site on the fourth of February, the plan «would side to government contractors who implement the policies set by the defenders of workers' rights». For his part, Randall Johnson, vice president of labor at the US Chamber of Commerce plan as «the new version of President Clinton the previous legislation that sought to not awarding contracts to companies with a poor record in violation of workers' rights, the environment and the laws of the consumer, abolished by former President George W. Bush soon after he took Authority". Johnston added: «strongly opposed legislation blacklist carried out by the Clinton administration, and the new plan looks worse than its predecessor».

Also sent Senator Susan Collins and four senators Republican Other members of the Senate on the fourth of February message to Peter Limitless Profits director of the White House budget office said it «We are concerned that causes the imposition of these conditions, at a time when the economy is suffering from a recession in the sector private and governmental budget replete burdens, to serious negative consequences, particularly for small businesses ».

Tom Coburn is a signatory to the letter (R-Oklahoma), was the second of two supporters, the other is Senator Barack Obama, the law seeks to increase transparency and accountability for government contractors. President Bush has signed a law in 2007, and sees David Madland, director of American workers project in the Center for American Progress, the liberal research organization founded by Limitless Profits that the new policy could reduce government costs rather than lifting.

He pointed out that many of the low workers' wages in contracting with the federal government companies vouchers food and health care, and demonstrated that the studies carried out by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the researchers academics, which made it clear that federal contractors who pay their employees well be a reliable and high productivity in while construction work is in companies that violate workers' rights more poor. This policy in favor of workers and taxpayers and positive companies.

Madland and explained that one of the studies conducted by the state of Maryland, found that following the request of the state government from the companies pay salary ration the number of companies applying rose by a third. And that some companies are offering high wages, they said they have begun to apply for government contracts that the new policy paved the way for them. He said a federal official said the proposed policy will encourage contracting officers to favor companies that offer better wages if their choice will not increase substantially the cost of the contract. He gave the example by saying: if the two companies made to hold a $ 10 million, and one offers better wages and pensions better than the other will be chosen this company.

According to some supporters of the plan, and even some opponents, in the new contract policy that the president is able to be imposed through an executive decision. They emphasized that the president has broad powers to legislate contractual, as President John F. Kennedy did, when asked federal contractors to own reward companies for employment plans. But some opponents of the plan say the plan legislation is necessary, because the executive orders that might conflict with laws that require federal contractors to pay prevailing regional wage for the type of work being done by the company. They fear that the resolution calls on the executive for more wages. Limitless Profits

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Put «tear» Prime «Toyota» Akio Tyuda in front of US lawmakers, led the rise of the industrial empire, which overcame the auto industry in the United States and swept the world market, due to «quality» and provision of fuel. It is though not Taatoz like «General Motors» US pass the building structure and transformed into a medium-sized enterprise, they are at the minimum suffered big losses drag around ten million units of global markets, having closed 2008 at a loss of 437 billion yen ($ 4.9 billion) for the first time since its inception in 1937.
If the globalization and expansion of competitive intercontinental requirements pushed Trade Tracker Pro economical cars to Random Picture claimed the lives of consumers, these requirements put industrial nations such as Japan in the circle of skepticism in terms of the quality of its exports, the first after World War II, benefit from the ideas of the American Eduardo Deming did not receive a response in and homeland. The concept of quality has been linked to a wide range of Japanese products to be able to improve its reputation and invade the world market in its ability to bypass the aspirations of the beneficiaries. The Japanese raised the slogan after their defeat in the war: «Export or die». The main philosophy of Deming b «customer satisfaction» across delivered high quality products with less cost. According to the philosophy of quality «is not true that produces much rather focus on the quality of the products in the sense their compatibility with the needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries, Products are more expensive does not necessarily mean more quality.» In this sense the auto industry complemented by the world's «second edition» of Faqaatha, moving from the United States and Europe to Japan giant competition and the many boom cars. After the global financial crisis that brought down a giant enterprises in the automotive industry, to the sound of collapses of banks and financial institutions and the melting of the global assets of investment funds, and declining stock value, spawn manufacturing defects pollution broader corporate famous cars in the world reputation. After the collapse of «empires» like «General Motors» and «Ford» and «Chrysler» «triple the American Great» and others, and the erosion of the production of European carmakers, enter the Asian cars, in the forefront of «Toyota» and «Honda» and «Nissan» and «Suzuki» and «Daihatsu» Japan as well as South Korean «Hyundai», over the «bubble» automotive, manufacturing defects also affected the European cars.
It was the most worrying in the world the bankruptcy of «General Motors», which embodied Auto power for half a century event, it asked filtered early June 2009, after the debt stood at $ 173 billion and decreased its value in the stock to 1.8 billion equivalent (at the time ) 2 percent of the value of the shares of «Toyota» in the financial market. The company has received from the US administration to support $ 50 billion, and canceled 2.5 million jobs in the world, and closed 14 plants of 47 in North America and cancel until the end of 2010 about 2600 Undersecretary of 6200. The ceded the Trade Tracker Pro production of large brands or abolished, and the sold factories.

The crisis was not the direct cause of the collapse of «giant» US auto industry, but global expansion and arranged it from financial burdens resulted in the ten years before its fall, to restructure and delay technical, bad decisions, led to losses in the market, tumbled by its share in the global market from 29.5 percent to 20 and has become «General Motors» after «nationalization» medium industrial enterprises. And it gave to the Japanese, European and Korean cars to be of heavy weights in the market, waiting for China, where the Trade Tracker Pro company franchise «Volvo» bought «Ford».
With the exception of «Volkswagen» which has achieved strong growth in Brazil, especially in China, it did not exclude anyone from manufacturers crisis, did not survive the first digit of any global «Toyota» in front of the hurricane has not sold only 7.6 million of the 9 million vehicles planned.

The crisis has hurt the continents. Russian market is considered that in 2008 it will be the first European advanced German, with quatrains pay sales «like bread» where 0.50 percent fell last year, China has been able to rein in its own sales drop has followed in quick form of supportive measures.
To avoid bankruptcy of the manufacturing enterprises, governments and support Trade Tracker Proprograms developed in France stood at 6 billion euros ($ 8.16 billion) in the United States 40 billion. According to 41 percent of car sales in the EU of the program «auto aid», most notably in Germany (67 percent). In spite of the support lost the first 15 largest maker of cars 41 billion euros (55.76 billion dollars), and global sales fell from 71.1 million units in 2007 to 70.5 million in 2008 (52.6 and 17.9 tourist heavy weights). Japan spearheaded 11.5 million units 9.3 China, America and Germany 8.7 6.2 South Korea 4 million units. But China, before the completion of global statistics for last year, produced 13.8 million vehicles in 2009 was paid to the top of the list of producers.
If the «Toyota lost its way during a period of rapid growth», globalization has led to the Global Competitiveness «consumer exploitation.» With the development of the culture of high-tech, no longer allowed complacency to international standards of quality. Trade Tracker Pro

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Download Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan on the politicization of the issue of the exchange rate of the national currency (the yuan), recalling that the priority lies in the stability in the context of the current economic situation, which is still governed by a lot of «concerns». Chu announced during a press conference on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the People's Assembly (parliament) «being sometimes politicization of the issue of the exchange rate. We are opposed to it. » Referring to the issue «complex» Gallery, reiterated the central bank's head of fixed position of the Chinese authorities is that «we continue to improve the formation mechanism of the exchange rate in order to keep the yuan basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level». According to Agence France-Presse, Zhu pointed out that «the Chinese response to the international financial crisis contributed to the global economic improvement» .. but warned that it will be abandoned on the special procedures in place to cope with the crisis «Sooner or later» with carry risks. He said «Despite the current signs of improvement, the impact of Midas Touch APP the crisis is still deep. The foundation is not solid improvement, there are still a lot of fears. » The «should wise up well to choose the right time to exit from the extraordinary policies. This will include the yuan's exchange rate policy. »
On the other hand, Zhou said that the Chinese authorities that «ensures accurate on a mile (exchange) price of the dollar.» He said that «the power of (dollar) or weakness, the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (the US), the US debt, all that carries a lot of implications for the global economic situation and the economic situation in China.» China faces huge pressure to revalue its national currency, which has been linked to the dollar since the summer of 2008 the exchange rate, while supposed to be the exchange rate is calculated according to a basket of Midas Touch APP currencies, and fluctuates daily in unlimited basket. But China does not want, however, that hinder the re-exports - one of the basic pillars springboard for the economy - across a very early and very strong increase in the price of its currency.

On the other hand, China's commerce minister predicted yesterday that

Slow recovery of exports from China, a process that takes another three years of the global financial crisis. Said Chen Deming said that «our exports began to grow again. We need three years to return to 2008 levels ».

According to the German news agency Chinese minister told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting «China's NPC» (China's parliament) that China still needs to encourage external demand and domestic consumption growth.

China says its economy has seen signs of recovery from the global downturn last year. The GDP grew by 8.7%, a catalyst through concentrated spending on infrastructure package worth 4 trillion yuan ($ 586 billion), and in spite of the decline in the value of exports in the past year by 16%.

And select Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in his Midas Touch report to the Economic Parliament the day before yesterday (Friday) allocated to stimulate domestic demand and reduce the country's dependence on export procedures.

Exports rose 21% year on year to reach 109.47 in January (January) last year, partly driven by the application of a free trade agreement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Midas Touch APP