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The opening of its Davos forum this year under the strange little motto, which is: «re-think, re-planning, re-construction: the present and future situation». While the attendees to the forum this year is less mace, in terms of the representation of companies and major financial players; the total exceeds two thousand, including hundreds of presidents and politicians, past and present, and the men of the media and society. What is new, as previously stated, it is not present; but in the logo, and those who did not attend. Logo moral disciplinarian, and who did not
Attend are representatives of big companies, international financial institutions, but some of them were sent or send representatives, chose silence and not to talk while they were in previous years are the most eloquent speakers and the most senior voice!
Well «Davos» twofold story; The first part about trying to Europeans in the early seventies to have their Resume distinct from Americans. Then came the 1973 war and stop the Saudi oil Europeans oil and the strength of the US and the American influence, the United States entered the forum from a position of strength, and became the Forum a platform to call for the freedom of the market, and prosperity of the capitalist, and an environment for discussion in light of Eight major industrialized nations. Then the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was forced to come in marginally site if to learn the lessons of the victorious capitalism in how to manage and market economy Then in the nineties of the last century and the first decade of the atheist and the twentieth century, the Davos forum has become globalized and the victorious commander code. And it turns to major companies and banks to finance funding Cloud Trader as if you want to present him and another testament to the success of the legendary market capitalism, fiction and profits. And I remained the «Davos» problem «small» or two problems: the problem of the economic rise of East Asia, and China in particular, the problem of media eruption by young people in Europe and Latin America against the exploitative capitalist globalization, and against the hegemony of the United States.
But the strike semi-judge on the wealthy forum in Davos came from where no one waits: through the global financial crisis, which first appeared Alanhiarah landmarks in the heart of the globalized capitalist world: the United States! Has been shown since the first month of the crisis in the fall of 2008 due to the collapse of the frauds and lack of discipline, even within market standards, by real estate companies, and by the banks that financed the acquisition of large and speculative operations! And forced the capitalists dominant in order to deal with the crisis - have their companies and their banks collapsed - to resort to those with solvency and progress and have lingering natural or technological resources, became the eight twenty countries, and what came out of the proposed solutions for the refinancing of those bankrupt with strictly control them, so as not to lost people's money loss at all. There is no need for further explanation of Cloud Trader processors that resorted to by the major industrialized countries, even China, which is hit by the crisis the same strength, quick to pump huge sums of money in the market and expand until the deadlock and bust economy does not beat too.
Why the shift means in Davos titles and his badges? Forum has put forward this year unethical addresses if you will. It is clear that the imbalances that led to the disaster is essentially a moral defect; since those who have and are keen to increase their holdings to no end, fought in deals and speculation fake to get a quick and huge profits. This process has lasted for more than a decade; while the departments of states and central banks do not do something remarkable under the pretext of non-interference in the freedom of the market, and the market corrects itself, that has become a quarter of working capital in the market caused by money laundering, and drug trafficking, and quarter the other result for fictional prices for real estate that was sold in the market sometimes five times a day and at incredible prices! Thus demonstrated organizers of the Cloud Trader forum that they are aware of the moral crisis, which emerged in the business actions they wanted to recall - as they said - the moral assets of capitalism!
For the origins of ethical capitalism long story summarized, that during the boom imperatives of Marxism in the sighting of the twentieth century in Europe; noon compete but conflict over the interpretation of «capitalist phenomenon» in the old continent. It has been linked to some economic historians in Europe and freedoms and the creativity of the human Aryan / Indo-European. It has emerged a cultural and civilizational jobs is related to Europe itself (= freedom and progress), and its image in the world, including the justifications for the seizure of the colonial world under the pretext of contributing to the progress (especially in Africa and Asia!), And teach people my idea of ​​a modern state, democracy! The ladder Altarikhanyon Marxists so; but returned the capital to appear to the terms of physical and reasons related to the accumulation of wealth resulting from the geographical discoveries, and the direction of European colonists of US parts to industrial and technical development, and exploitation of the poor workers in Europe, and the peoples of the world colonized to accumulate wealth and to increase production, which Cloud Trader System in the market stretched over the world. At the time it was being on the ground conflict, waged by social movements and violent revolutions and the participation in the elections to come to power on behalf of the workers, the intellectual movement remained on the interpretation of the phenomenon of capitalism and imperialism, the other, going in full swing. After 1910, the intervention of the German sociologist and historian Max Weber (1864-1920) is not a matter of discussion in the class struggle; but in capital assets in Europe, he wrote several articles published later titled «The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism» (1921). And a summary of the point of view of Max Weber that the social and economic infrastructure or physical infrastructure contributed to the capitalist development, but in the evolution; the which shares is the supreme religious structures or moral or metadata to the new Protestant that emerged in the sixteenth century, which owns another vision of the world and the role of religion in it, different from the Catholic vision; and in particular with regard to the work ethic or his status in the religion. In the Catholic Church it owns the whole of salvation as an heiress of Christ, which omitted the Protestant Vatican and the powers of the mind; they left the individual in a direct relationship with God. And the Christian must strive to please God through the hard and dedicated work in this world, nor evidence of «satisfaction of God» and «chosen» servant is success in the mundane work of course committed ethical origins of Christianity. Thus it has become «worldly work» with the hard-line Protestant churches (Calvinist example) worship, but the head of worship. Cloud Trader and explore cities and areas in Europe where industries have emerged and evolved banking operations, and found a Protestant areas and cities in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Britain, Germany and the United States and even in France. The man noted that the major imperialist countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, where the accumulated vast fortunes, but they made rapid progress because she was a Catholic, does not have the «work ethic» that the individuals possess Protestants! The intensified attacks on Max Weber in his life is not Catholic intellectuals and by; but it is the Marxist historians and auditors as well. Marxists said that Weber looks savage capitalism and gives a moral dimension does not already own. According to historians, Catholics models of economic advancement in Catholic areas and cities like Italian cities since the fifteenth century, before the advent of all Cloud Trader Weber discussed all these people in his life, he denied that his objective critique of Marxism, or the praise of religion. But these essays have become a landmark renewed controversy around him in every era; especially during the Cold War, after the decline of the communists in the eighties of the twentieth century. It has been possible to shake the foundations of many of his vision or his hypothesis, but supporters and critics have become to be considered «moral discipline» condition of bumps avoid economic and financial crises.
In any case, the Davos forum this year, under the impact of the global financial crisis, and to defend capitalism and not for condemnation in the foundation; resorted to «Ethics», which is an invitation to revisit and review, and requests the safeguards and ethical controls secular and religious; in order to be a contributing factor in the exit crisis and they do not recur, plus of course the legal and regulatory controls imposed by the departments of states and central banks. Cloud Trader Cloud Trader Cloud Trader


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