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Download Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan on the politicization of the issue of the exchange rate of the national currency (the yuan), recalling that the priority lies in the stability in the context of the current economic situation, which is still governed by a lot of «concerns». Chu announced during a press conference on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the People's Assembly (parliament) «being sometimes politicization of the issue of the exchange rate. We are opposed to it. » Referring to the issue «complex» Gallery, reiterated the central bank's head of fixed position of the Chinese authorities is that «we continue to improve the formation mechanism of the exchange rate in order to keep the yuan basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level». According to Agence France-Presse, Zhu pointed out that «the Chinese response to the international financial crisis contributed to the global economic improvement» .. but warned that it will be abandoned on the special procedures in place to cope with the crisis «Sooner or later» with carry risks. He said «Despite the current signs of improvement, the impact of Midas Touch APP the crisis is still deep. The foundation is not solid improvement, there are still a lot of fears. » The «should wise up well to choose the right time to exit from the extraordinary policies. This will include the yuan's exchange rate policy. »
On the other hand, Zhou said that the Chinese authorities that «ensures accurate on a mile (exchange) price of the dollar.» He said that «the power of (dollar) or weakness, the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (the US), the US debt, all that carries a lot of implications for the global economic situation and the economic situation in China.» China faces huge pressure to revalue its national currency, which has been linked to the dollar since the summer of 2008 the exchange rate, while supposed to be the exchange rate is calculated according to a basket of Midas Touch APP currencies, and fluctuates daily in unlimited basket. But China does not want, however, that hinder the re-exports - one of the basic pillars springboard for the economy - across a very early and very strong increase in the price of its currency.

On the other hand, China's commerce minister predicted yesterday that

Slow recovery of exports from China, a process that takes another three years of the global financial crisis. Said Chen Deming said that «our exports began to grow again. We need three years to return to 2008 levels ».

According to the German news agency Chinese minister told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting «China's NPC» (China's parliament) that China still needs to encourage external demand and domestic consumption growth.

China says its economy has seen signs of recovery from the global downturn last year. The GDP grew by 8.7%, a catalyst through concentrated spending on infrastructure package worth 4 trillion yuan ($ 586 billion), and in spite of the decline in the value of exports in the past year by 16%.

And select Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in his Midas Touch report to the Economic Parliament the day before yesterday (Friday) allocated to stimulate domestic demand and reduce the country's dependence on export procedures.

Exports rose 21% year on year to reach 109.47 in January (January) last year, partly driven by the application of a free trade agreement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Midas Touch APP


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