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The Director General of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, has rejected fears that economic circles recognition, a huge decline in world trade volume last year rose 12 percent from a year earlier, for the first time since the end of World War II. It includes the decline of trade and economic sectors and service areas. He said at a conference in Brussels that the contraction ratio exceeded the organization, which was set at 10 percent My First Online Payday System forecast. He explained that the contraction of trade due to the economic and financial crisis that has confused the markets of industrialized countries last year.

It is expected that the European Commission provides quarterly economic outlook today as investors worried suggest consumption indicators especially in Germany, the largest economy in the Union.

Pascal Lamy spoke to members of the House of Representatives Commerce Committee in the European Parliament last Tuesday. He stressed the importance of «the role played by the EU in the international multi-party system especially after the start of implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, which enables the Union to speak with one voice». He warned of the consequences of that growth are restored without unemployment declined and said that «economic growth without causing business functions leads to promote protectionist behavior». He said that 2010 could see a «lay the foundations for a secure My First Online Payday Review global economy.»

My First Online Payday Review pointed out that last year began with «a collapse in trade and the drying up of trade finance, and fears that the shrinking donor funding« Aid for Trade », and protectionist economic measures after one year from the beginning of the crisis». But it seems that the actions «were not enough to revive the economy or to avoid direct or indirect adverse effects.»

While he was supposed to be the World Trade Organization to resist protectionist economic measures and government support for the economy, Lamy pointed to «the role of the basis for government stimulus programs to prevent further deterioration in production, in preparation to return to the road to recovery». He explained that «positive impact of the My First Online Payday Software programs ephemeral national Catalysis, strengthens concerns regarding the huge deficit in the budget.» He stressed «the urgent need for the economy to other sources for sustainable growth and not debt».

Lamy tried to take advantage of the negative and contradictory indicators to urge WTO members to move forward in the liberalization of world trade files, and an end to the Doha Round, which is barely graduated from the failure of even the intervention in trouble. He said that the economic situation «insists on the need to expedite the negotiations and end the year». But his comments contradict the abolition of the ministerial conference, which was supposed to take place in Geneva in March (March), as he saw the parties participating in it, that there has been no change in the positions of the United States and the European Union, Canada, the orientation to deal with the financial support to farmers and not to open their markets in form a sufficient products southern countries and developing countries, it makes this meeting is useless and a waste of time, but states may be able during this period of research into the possibility of modifying their positions in order to serve the global economy.

He ruled Analysts polled «life» their views, that the WTO be able to achieve a historic breakthrough in the Doha Round negotiations, in light of what witnessed in most of the major industrialized nations of the dense unemployment, as well as the public debt crisis, warning a new catastrophe, what makes encourage local economies haven only have to get out of this cycle, which means that the activation of the Doha round has been postponed until further notice. My First Online Payday Review


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