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Put «tear» Prime «Toyota» Akio Tyuda in front of US lawmakers, led the rise of the industrial empire, which overcame the auto industry in the United States and swept the world market, due to «quality» and provision of fuel. It is though not Taatoz like «General Motors» US pass the building structure and transformed into a medium-sized enterprise, they are at the minimum suffered big losses drag around ten million units of global markets, having closed 2008 at a loss of 437 billion yen ($ 4.9 billion) for the first time since its inception in 1937.
If the globalization and expansion of competitive intercontinental requirements pushed Trade Tracker Pro economical cars to Random Picture claimed the lives of consumers, these requirements put industrial nations such as Japan in the circle of skepticism in terms of the quality of its exports, the first after World War II, benefit from the ideas of the American Eduardo Deming did not receive a response in and homeland. The concept of quality has been linked to a wide range of Japanese products to be able to improve its reputation and invade the world market in its ability to bypass the aspirations of the beneficiaries. The Japanese raised the slogan after their defeat in the war: «Export or die». The main philosophy of Deming b «customer satisfaction» across delivered high quality products with less cost. According to the philosophy of quality «is not true that produces much rather focus on the quality of the products in the sense their compatibility with the needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries, Products are more expensive does not necessarily mean more quality.» In this sense the auto industry complemented by the world's «second edition» of Faqaatha, moving from the United States and Europe to Japan giant competition and the many boom cars. After the global financial crisis that brought down a giant enterprises in the automotive industry, to the sound of collapses of banks and financial institutions and the melting of the global assets of investment funds, and declining stock value, spawn manufacturing defects pollution broader corporate famous cars in the world reputation. After the collapse of «empires» like «General Motors» and «Ford» and «Chrysler» «triple the American Great» and others, and the erosion of the production of European carmakers, enter the Asian cars, in the forefront of «Toyota» and «Honda» and «Nissan» and «Suzuki» and «Daihatsu» Japan as well as South Korean «Hyundai», over the «bubble» automotive, manufacturing defects also affected the European cars.
It was the most worrying in the world the bankruptcy of «General Motors», which embodied Auto power for half a century event, it asked filtered early June 2009, after the debt stood at $ 173 billion and decreased its value in the stock to 1.8 billion equivalent (at the time ) 2 percent of the value of the shares of «Toyota» in the financial market. The company has received from the US administration to support $ 50 billion, and canceled 2.5 million jobs in the world, and closed 14 plants of 47 in North America and cancel until the end of 2010 about 2600 Undersecretary of 6200. The ceded the Trade Tracker Pro production of large brands or abolished, and the sold factories.

The crisis was not the direct cause of the collapse of «giant» US auto industry, but global expansion and arranged it from financial burdens resulted in the ten years before its fall, to restructure and delay technical, bad decisions, led to losses in the market, tumbled by its share in the global market from 29.5 percent to 20 and has become «General Motors» after «nationalization» medium industrial enterprises. And it gave to the Japanese, European and Korean cars to be of heavy weights in the market, waiting for China, where the Trade Tracker Pro company franchise «Volvo» bought «Ford».
With the exception of «Volkswagen» which has achieved strong growth in Brazil, especially in China, it did not exclude anyone from manufacturers crisis, did not survive the first digit of any global «Toyota» in front of the hurricane has not sold only 7.6 million of the 9 million vehicles planned.

The crisis has hurt the continents. Russian market is considered that in 2008 it will be the first European advanced German, with quatrains pay sales «like bread» where 0.50 percent fell last year, China has been able to rein in its own sales drop has followed in quick form of supportive measures.
To avoid bankruptcy of the manufacturing enterprises, governments and support Trade Tracker Proprograms developed in France stood at 6 billion euros ($ 8.16 billion) in the United States 40 billion. According to 41 percent of car sales in the EU of the program «auto aid», most notably in Germany (67 percent). In spite of the support lost the first 15 largest maker of cars 41 billion euros (55.76 billion dollars), and global sales fell from 71.1 million units in 2007 to 70.5 million in 2008 (52.6 and 17.9 tourist heavy weights). Japan spearheaded 11.5 million units 9.3 China, America and Germany 8.7 6.2 South Korea 4 million units. But China, before the completion of global statistics for last year, produced 13.8 million vehicles in 2009 was paid to the top of the list of producers.
If the «Toyota lost its way during a period of rapid growth», globalization has led to the Global Competitiveness «consumer exploitation.» With the development of the culture of high-tech, no longer allowed complacency to international standards of quality. Trade Tracker Pro


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