Hedge Formula Review Is Hedge Formula Software Scam Or Legit?

Hedge Formula Review Is Hedge Formula Software Scam Or Legit? Is Hedge Formula System Works? What is Hedge Formula Software APP About? Learn The Truth in My Hedge Formula Review Before Download it

Hedge Formula

Hedge Formula

Most oil-producing countries are trying, whenever it has the surplus production capacity, increase production in the event of price increases, or in the case of these states sign for future price increases. The goal of this policy is very clear, which is to achieve the highest possible proceeds of oil by exploiting opportunities. This Hedge Formula is what is happening in the Federal Republic of Russia now, according to the information and studies issued by oil companies operating in the country, in addition to the relevant ministries in Moscow. Hedge Formula the Ministry of Economy Russia is that Russian oil rate source abroad (Ural) oil, will rise to an annual rate of about $ 65 a barrel, compared with about $ 61 for 2009, the ministry expects the high price Hedge Formula exported, to around $ 71 a barrel by the year 2012.

Even though the increase in production policy in a time of rising prices useful for a particular country, but

The results, if such a policy continued for a long period, without coordinating with the rest of the producing countries, be negative on this country and the rest of the producing countries, because this increases the supply over demand prices will collapse below the required level. Also, this policy, in the event of intensification, may lead to a price war.

Russia is a major oil-producing countries. The size of the reserves an estimated 80 billion barrels of crude oil, compared to the size of Saudi Arabia's reserves estimated B264 billion barrels, and Iran is estimated B137 billion and Iraq is estimated at 115 billion barrels. As for the production in the past years, it has reached its highest level at the end of the era of the Soviet Union as the rate of 12 log million barrels per day, to fall to low levels in the early nineties of the twentieth century, as there is chaos in the Russian energy sector, like the rest of the economic sectors in the country. But production began rising gradually since the late nineties with a score of about 6.2 million barrels per day in 1998, which continues to rise since then.

The Hedge Formula record production rate of about 10 million barrels a day for short periods during a few months in 2009, and is forecast to stabilize the level of production at a high level during 2010, as it expects the economy ministry that production over the current year's rate rise to about 9.9 million barrels, an increase of 140 bpd production rate in 2009, or an increase of 1.4 percent.

Expects the Hedge Formula company responsible for the oil pipeline network in the country, the annual production level of the rate of up to 11.1 million barrels per day after 2012. It is noteworthy that the current rates of production of these outweigh the level of production in any of the countries «OPEC», which owns some of the potential additional production but they do not use the maximum boundaries in order to preserve an adequate level of prices.

You will be able Russia increased production from new oil fields in both eastern Siberia and the south and west, as well as increase the amount of exports after the completion of construction of the new port Hedge Formula in the east of the country overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which can serve the US market, as well as Asian expanding in a large and fast form.

But despite these expansions and new productivity and export potential, as there are still unresolved problems of the former Soviet era are in need of a solution Hazem between Russia and former allies in the «Warsaw Pact.» After a price dispute that led to the cessation of natural gas supplies to Ukraine in the past years, we broke a new conflict this year, but in the same vein, between Russia and Belarus on the price of crude oil, and then broke the tension worry Belarus and other European countries about the possibility of Russian oil disruption about, especially Germany and Poland, which Tstordan some Hedge Formula of Russian oil through Belarus. And halted Russian oil supplies to refineries in Belarus a short period.

But after the bitter experience in conflict over natural gas supplies to Ukraine and other European countries in the past years, and the angry reactions by the European Union, Moscow has decided this time to deal with the crisis knowingly, not crude oil supplies stopped in the wide format or a long time, due to the physical and geopolitical losses that could be incurred.

It is reported that a delegation from Belarus is currently negotiating with the responsible authorities in Moscow about this particular subject. The dispute is between two parties that Russia wants to impose a tax on the highest-bound crude oil export refineries, while Belarus rejects this request. Despite the difficulty of the negotiations, and the lack of possibilities to reach a final solution to the problem at the present time, do not expect the supply. Hedge Formula Hedge Formula Hedge Formula


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