Ice 9 Technology Review Is Scam Or NOT?

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Ice 9 Technology

Ice 9 Technology Software It seemed that the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis, which struck at the heart of capitalism in the words of many observers, closely related to the expansion of globalization, in the last decade, to the outside of the Western world circles, and the transfer of part of the center of global economic gravity to Asia. It seemed that there were problems hit the processes of globalization that mimicked the American capital market model. Ice 9 Technology hidden globalization, it is said in the hands of the market, it failed. He held that the failure to call for a reform of the capitalist model. Overcoming the crisis is supposed to absorb the structural imbalances caused by new processes, he warned Nicolas Baferiz, French historian and economic ( «Le Figaro» French, in 25/10/2009). The reform is the next cosmic and crucial task. Domestic savings and inevitable in this way of stimulation in terms of the planet's strategies format, at a time when the United States sent offers and renovated on other priorities, China believes that the priority is for internal consumption by the mainstream social guarantees. Europe and deliberately to activate production and globalization.

In early 2009, the Sirte fears of a return to protectionist policies. And saw observers, including Barrett Saredan and Stefan Liel (Newsweek, US in 3/12), it is the source of the first threat to the global economy, and it could lead to the spread of recession, on what happened in the thirties of the last century, following the adoption of the United States, Herbert Hoover Act, which lifted tariffs 60 percent. Law and throw this to protect the internal market, and reduce unemployment. But the results showed that the risk of protectionist policies outweigh the risks of financial collapses, residential and bad loans, and some loss of credit card companies.

And diagnosed attention of the world to the United States, which is still the heart of the global economy despite the faltering financial system, looking for ways to address the crisis following the collapse of «Lehman Brothers», and the encroachment of the banking storm of financial and developed markets of rich countries to the developing markets, and the loss of stock prices in emerging markets portion outweighing the value, at the end of 2008.

She drew arrows of criticism to the US government bailout, and described Obama's fiscal policy as «the boldest statement of a democratic socialist». American politicians are Republicans claimed that Obama «makes Americans the French.» The United States moved away from a purely capitalist market, and headed to the social contract, the state will undertake a role broader than the traditional role usual, he noticed Jacob Weissberg ( «Newsweek» in the US 12/3). The reason for the charge the US government of socialist democracy to address the financial crisis by nationalizing the number of financial institutions, and support for troubled sectors, and pledged to regulate the industry in a position to combat climate change. Unlike European government care models, sought Obama's model is to provide opportunities, not to provide warranty. Obama is calling on the government to reform the market, and not to the performance of the role of the market.

He called Ice 9 Technology economic and financial analyst, Martin Wolf (at 11/3), United States to account for «lost» Japanese decade, and the realization that the great threat to the US economy comes from the will to reduce the budget deficit without delay. - American International crisis and changed its skin, and turned an economic, after it was financial. The crisis hit the global economy half a block, and the other half injury shrinking external demand and the collapse of finance. And spread invitations to Collapse «unilateral» Economic American, like folding single-American Republican policies.

And saw some financial analysts and senior bankers, from the likes of Robert B. Zoellick ( «The Washington Post» US, 6/3), that the recovery of the global economy is the subject of China and America's cooperation, the two largest economic areas in the world, and drive the Group of Twenty, and bug disruption of the global balance of payments structural. The nucleus of this imbalance is excessive consumption in the United States, and over-saving in China.

Behind the high savings rates in China structural defect in the financial sector and the public sector, and the resources sector. a large proportion of the savings comes from the public sector companies. He suggested Zoellick and Justin Yifu Lin, vice president of economic development policies in the «World Bank Group», a division of corrective labor financial and economic plan. And entrusted the division this to the United States the task of restructuring the financial policies and policy loans and equity, and the renewal of the financial system work, and to China to provide purchasing power among Chinese consumers are poor, and the creation of infrastructure «soft» in the service sector, and infrastructure «harsh» to curb the growth contraction .

There have been pursuing the idea of ​​a new capitalism different from the old capitalism in Europe and the United States. Word Amartya Sen, which won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998, on these calls ( «The New York Review of Books» 26/3). He cautioned that the early fathers of capitalism and theoreticians did market by appealing to the hidden hand and profitability. Adam Smith called to address the state to play a leading role in the market economy through the provision of public services in the field of education and the fight against poverty. In recent years, the decline of moral and legal obligation to document the principles relating to the world of market transactions, on the impact of the emergence of secondary markets begged financial derivatives and financial instruments. And it undermined the derivatives and financial instruments secondary standard is fundamentally accountable violators of the institution of market principles. Broadening the lender to grant a loan of high-risk real estate and sell mortgage assets to the third party.

This coincided with the emergence of secondary markets weakening the role of the US government control over the financial transactions and loans. And taking the age of the American Federal Bank abandoning its role, leaving the «hidden hand of the market» on Garabha, and free from supervision and headband Alracbh, at a time when the need arose to this headdress. Like age, Hernndo de Soto, a Peruvian economist believes, that the essence of the financial and economic crisis is a legal rather than a financial ( «Le Figaro», 27/3). It's because a contraction in loans broad deficit for toxic assets characterization funds, worth billions of dollars, legal descriptions. This characterization is a condition to determine the value of these financial assets toxic.

He highlighted the challenge faced by the credit crunch is the collapse of the legal definition or description, which was created to keep up with financial innovations. De Soto called on government authorities to address the legal and political responsibilities, and the appointment of the types of derivative products and classes, which are scattered over thousands of documents, characterization, and rationing patterns, consolidation and recorded in the regulations in the public's reach. Contemporary markets wheel does not spin the assets were not property subject to a tender and speculation, and credit and information were not available to individuals.

Financial and economic crisis has turned the role of the Group of Eight countries, and suggested the influence of the Group of Twenty nations, since the first summit in Washington in November (November) 2008, and replaced the Group of Twenty nations replace eight states. And he took the former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard, on the recent Group of summit Palace of the crisis on the banking and financial character, and neglected to address ways to address the consequences of the economic recession and rampant unemployment ( «Le Monde» French 27-28 / 3). Financial system is the seed pods of the crisis. And contributed to the financial derivatives in raising oil prices four times between 2002 and 2006, and grew wheat, soybean and corn prices. Fell riots claimed the lives of tens of thousands of victims of African countries due to the spread of hunger. Group of Twenty did not address this issue.

And the transfer of goods and services, long distance, and many times, is the presumption of good work of globalization, a strong factor in the organization of the Joint Economic Affairs. And sees Daniel Gross, commentator «Newsweek» (22/12), that this phenomenon has led, really, to the wealth and yields move from west to east, and to the economic and political crisis is still in its infancy.

We are seeing, probably, vow receding wave of globalization. Western companies realized that cheap labor is not a magic recipe and key opens all closed doors. purposes goods in the importing countries, Western, while a long, complex and full of brokers are the way, is threatened by the unrest, and the risk of infection, and the barriers caused by differences geopolitical neighborhood, and the high price of energy. And undertook political factors in the decline of globalization. Large countries in Asia, Europe and North America has imposed additional customs duties on imports, and supported exporters, and stipulated that the stimulus spending allocations in the domestic market, supported by banks and industry vehicles


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