NEO2 Software Review Is Scam Or Legit?

NEO2 Software Review Is Scam Or Legit? Is NEO2 Software Works? What is NEO2 APP About? Learn The Truth in My NEO2 Review Before Download it

NEO2 Review

A recent government statistics released in Britain about the ownership of the property changes in the last five years, refers to the crystallization of a new phenomenon on British society, a low percentage of ownership of the property from 71 per cent in 2004 to 69.3 per cent last year. This decrease resulted from the decline in the number of new buyers who pulled out of the real estate market, due to the high prices in comparison with wages, and also because of the economic crisis which has affected negatively on employment rates and guarantees of jobs and income rates.
The census is expected to witness the next ten years the high demand for real estate leased to the inability to purchase. This shift is similar pattern in other parts of Europe, where the lease, not ownership of the property, which is the prevailing method. And resulted in the current circumstances, according to the census, the number of taxpayers to lower mortgage repayments of 8.6 million people in 2000 to 6.9 million people last year. He called this shift the British Housing Minister, John Healey, to declare that the era of British ownership of their properties has passed.

In an interview with a parliamentary minister he explained that some people refer to as the recession was behind the reluctance of British buyers for the purchase of the property, but the truth is that the decline in ownership of the property dates back to 2005, that is, to what prior to the recession. He added that this phenomenon is not necessarily negative because it is similar to what is happening in Europe for decades.

And consider the major real estate companies, such as «Saville and LaSalle», to these changes with interest on the basis that they provide good investment opportunities in the British real estate leasing sector in the future. Those who do not have at present opportunities to buy real estate will increasingly resort to the lease as an alternative. And therefore the demand will rise in parallel between the rental and investment demand for real estate for the purpose of renting.

Of active factors in the British market, which could be argued as being the main cause of these transformations that property rates are still high by historical standards despite the financial crisis and economic recession. British property prices are currently higher than what it was ten years ago by 250 per cent, it was unable to keep up wages, which increased the simple margins during the last decade. Depression and did not contribute to improving the ability to purchase the property, because the banks refrained from lending and demanded a large provider for each mortgage loan, which took out more new buyers from the market.

Says Yolande Barnes, an expert company NEO2 Review Real Estate in London: «The next ten years will produce fission in the British market between the two categories, one of them owns property without mortgages remember, and another with the burdens of accumulated based on the lease as a director and sole solution to the housing problem». Barnes noted that the number of people who own properties without mortgages increased in Britain between 2000 and 2008 by a million people, or about half of the total property owners in Britain.

Sees another expert from the company «Cluttons», named James Hayman, the current changes mean that there is a gap in the market may continue for another five years so that new property investors save enough to pay for the required report from the bank to buy a property. This means that in the short term the market will experience a contraction in the volume of mortgage lending due to poor liquidity and drastic changes in mortgage lending rules. But he did not believe that the dream of property ownership in Britain will end, because it is the most important social pillars of successive generations. Whatever the hardships or the waiting period, the British, will always hope in the ownership of his estate.

Agree a lot of real estate companies experts with this analysis, because British society is still seen to rent like a waste of money does not benefit him or pointless. This analysis explains the market transformations in 2009, where prices went up slightly despite the recession due to compete wealthy category on the few properties that offered in the market. Buyers were not obliged for immediate purchase, because most of the purchases were for investment, not to stay there. They have sought to real estate investment because of the meager returns for banks and also the huge losses in the stock market.

A large proportion of the NEO2 System buyers are foreigners who have found a golden opportunity in the London real estate because of the low prices and the low value of the pound sterling at the same time. Most of the purchases for investment purposes and leasing for returns in excess of five per cent. But these kinds of buyers carefully selects its properties and easily pull out of deals do not hesitate to get out of the market at the first sign of the changed circumstances.

As a result of these transformations British real estate market became subject to new variables, such as buyers and investors in cash, and therefore is more volatile than ever before, when the market was dependent on the purchase for housing after getting a mortgage. Similar to the housing market is currently volatile commercial real estate market, which is subject to supply and demand and the state of the economy. That is why experts do not rule out another slip of the British property market housing during this year before the real recovery phase solutions. This supports the belief that lie doubts about employment rates and the size of the liquidity available for mortgage lending.

The spread of cash acquisitions currently in both the British real estate sectors, not only in the luxury sector. For new buyers a large number of them depends on the family instead of borrowing from banks for funding for the purchase of the property management. It is expected that this trend will continue for several more years with the tightening of lending conditions and the continuation of relatively high real estate prices and the size of the required amounts as a provider for the purchase of real estate that fail the majority on the market for management.

With expects ten years to come, stable markets in the real estate leasing in the area of ​​Britain, the British market is currently looking for a real estate new model restores the balance of the market after the price explosion over the last three decades. This model requires the return of local governments to participate in public housing since pulled out of the era of privatization initiated by former Prime Minister Thatcher. This return may be different from the past so that they can NEO2 APP real estate investment and the exchange of instruments of buying and selling among investors. Local governments have a party in real estate investing because they lost a lot of investments and deposits in companies and banks fell in the recent economic setback. You can also develop what is known as fractional ownership, so that they can invest in the proportions of real estate and not in the whole real estate as was the case in the past. This also applies to individual investors who may have proportions in the real estate future, or accept loans for long stretches across more than a generation.

This development has encouraged major investors in the market, such as pension funds, to enter the investment into the property sector, which provides more long-term stability with good returns fit the aspirations of these funds and protect it from the volatility of stock markets. The opening up of the market to invest regulator will encourage a shift from the traditional pattern in building small apartments or studio rooms for lease to build the various real estate so large apartments needed by those who prefer to lease or are forced to him in the long run, after the death of peace estate at the beginning of their lives the operation.

To meet the growing demand for the rent, the market will enter a specialized companies offer distinct qualities of the drug, which can be configured trademarks him to make sure of its quality, and focusing on quality rather than quantity of service and good growth targets in the long term.

In the past, the market was dependent on the property of individuals who appeared in the market to meet the growing demand for rental owners. But most of these came out of the market during the economic crisis, leaving them only a few managed to bear the losses.

In the future leasing opportunities will continue to invest all NEO2 Review sectors of the individual owner to contribute to profits and even pension funds and investment companies. It will shape the market towards the formation of companies or real estate funds manages rental properties in favor of participation in the capital groups. The big companies are interested the acquisition and management of this fund as private companies provide real estate and rents required by the markets on the one hand while providing a stable and good returns for investors on the other hand options.

* Germany offers the best real estate opportunities in Europe

Q: What is the European real estate markets continue to seesaw in the new year between the aspirations of stability and downs, but the German real estate offers the best chances of stability, despite the relatively low returns, according to a report from the Scottish investment company «Scottish Widdows». After a steady decline over the past year in all parts of Europe, prices are expected to head to stabilize and possibly rise, variably between one country and another.

European cities and assume a European summit good real estate investments from more than one source. According to a report from the «Jones Lang LaSalle» Foundation Both Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt offer good opportunities, especially in the real estate category of newly built. The report points out that the German market now offers «a rare opportunity by comparing the risk and return.»

Hamburg and looks in a good position to lead the German real estate recovery is the biggest real estate project near the German port city. The first phase of the project, which actually is part of the industrial zone in the port shifted to a larger European city is superior in preserving the environment has ended, called NEO2 Review And it brings the city between the houses and the corporate headquarters in the atmosphere depends on the recycling of waste and lack of carbon secretion unequal system of public transport.

But the German market advancing slowly because the sellers sector consists of those who have to sell, while the only active buyers who are looking for cheap opportunities. And still price trends in Germany, the largest real estate markets in Europe housing the size of 269 billion euros, mysterious until it becomes clear the timing of the end of the European recession, which some believe it will end this year.

The report advised diligence and not rush to Russian markets that offer returns higher rates than the rest of Europe, because these returns come at the expense of higher risk. It seems that the stable rental yields now at attractive rates for new investors, and believes a growing number of these investors that now is a good time to buy a German property, and to some extent European property. And it includes positive commercial real estate sector outlook as well.

Now spin the competition for the identification of good properties that provide good rental returns while maintaining its value. But such real estate is not available in the markets enough investment demand because the owners of these properties are waiting for better opportunities in the future to sell at a premium.

While waiting for the recovery of other European markets from abroad, both from international funds or foreign investors individuals, most German momentum come from local investors. The leading German investment funds rush to real estate investment away from the risk of international markets for the time being.

In general, the European real estate sector due to the focus of investor attention for several structural reasons including the decline in prices to attractive levels and provide rental higher returns than other investments and returns of banks, in addition to maintaining the value of the investment from corrosion, especially in the coming years, which overlooks inflation again soon after the end of the recession. NEO2 Software NEO2 NEO2


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