Perpetual Formula Review Is Scam Or Legit?

Perpetual Formula Review Is Scam Or Legit? Is David Parker Perpetual Formula Works? What is Perpetual Formula System Software About? Learn The Truth in My Perpetual Formula Review Before Download it

Perpetual Formula

Perpetual Formula

Years ago, economists and politicians to promote Perpetual Formula the end of the world in the pyramid and foot, tacky began in front of the immediate initiative, and toward the generation of «Web» Internet and globalization funds. They expect the abolition of the historical and geographical borders to the economy and change the world standards, so «bite» the major powers of economic infrastructure, underdeveloped areas. The states have become helpless. Many of them bet on the fusion of Nations in globalization. On the whole, rarely the process has evolved as much as they expanded globalization of disarmament policy for economic, social, culture and geopolitics, Perpetual Formula steadily and measure high. Then an event coordinator for the collapse of the new system of financial accumulation, - which began expanding since 1975 - 1980, because of the high risk mortgage crisis and the crisis of money with the collapse of the banks, causing an economic crisis and paralysis in the production and trade exchange, swept over the world.

Translated capacity in the new financial accumulation system, which aims to attract money for him, a big spillover in the stock of capital flows and the explosion in trading. In 2005 it was possible to estimate this stock to 242 765 billion, the largest of the world's output B5.5 times, according to sources of the global BIS (Basel - Switzerland). And between 1990 and 2007 doubled the financial Perpetual Formula in global stock markets by about 6.8 times to reach 60,874 billion dollars, equivalent to 174 percent of the global GDP. Exchange market exploded at 34,855 billion, and doubled market obligations (debt) to hit 4.7 The total 15,155.8 billion.

When this traditional part of the ineffable growth, highlights the role of the plurality of financial innovations super more and more development, the most important derivative instruments serial mortgages and benefits. In June 2008 as financial BIS head of mobile money B20353 billion, equivalent to 37.5 percent of global output, and bonds covered by these operations 683 725 billion equivalent to 11 times the world's output. In 2007, alternative products that have turned to high-risk bonds, equivalent to 14 thousand billion dollars estimated.

In this global real black hole for money, alone «swap debt» formed guarantees on loans or Perpetual Formula bonds, estimated to 62 thousand billion dollars, or the equivalent of 4.5 times the gross domestic product of the United States and 88 percent of global GDP.

On the Shortcut, the new system for the accumulation of money move in 2007 fortune equivalent to between 7 and 9 times the global GDP. But he collapsed, such as the Palace of the carton in methodology between the fall of 2007 and mid-2009 crisis, from the poles of the historic gravity of the United States and Britain. And received in return an economic collapse, social and regional harsh.

A basic example of this global systemic crisis - the most since 1929, which can evaluate the price to 55 800 trillion dollars - lies in the public intervention and intensive public powers, any State departments since 2008, saved the banking system from collapse sexy. The results of this crisis to withdraw the next decade. Public debt of the Group of Twenty alone will rise from 30 620 to 39 300 billion (+28 percent) between 2008 and 2014 none of the 66 to 84.5 percent of the gross domestic product of Member States. Can external debt of the United States to rise from 17,500 billion dollars which 120 percent of gross domestic product in 2009 to 23,000 billion in 2015, up 31.5 percent, turning the largest power in the world because more and more linked to the extent of its ability to attract global savings. And spread expectations wider, loss estimates for the global economy as a result of the harmful emissions that affect climate Perpetual Formula lifting degrees temperature, causing environmental disasters, to the expectations of the International Monetary Fund in 2014 to deepen the chasm of social inequality, despite the «turn of the millennium» Judge program to limit the poor and hungry In the world. The crisis and the rising prices of food products pushed the number of hungry above one billion, while the ILO expects the unemployed from 180.2 million to 210-240 million.

The world faces over the next decade significant challenges in the forefront of the fight against inequality, and the search for other crops potentially offset the erosion of agricultural land and converting products from grains to extract clean biofuels, such as making the economy greener, and the development of major civil complexes to become the most consistent with a healthy environment, or the expansion of the adoption of eco-towns, renewable energy, and sustainable economy that provides more job opportunities, and strive to feed the additional three billion people in 2050. Perpetual Formula Review Perpetual Formula Perpetual Formula


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