Quick Cash Method Review Is QuickCashMethod.net Scam Or Legit?

Quick Cash Method Review Is QuickCashMethod.net Scam Or NOT? Does Quick Cash Method Software APP Works? What is Quick Cash Method System All About? Learn The Hidden Truth in My Quick Cash Method Reviews Before Download it
Quick Cash Method

Quick Cash Method

Quick Cash Method
Quick Cash Method System Review Does Quick Cash Method Software Really Works? World oil markets have seen important developments in the past two weeks. Prices gradually rose from $ 27 a barrel to more than $ 40. This coincided with the price jump is relatively minor and unexpected declines.

Main reason for the price change is due to the Saudi - Russian geo-strategic understanding, through the decision of the Doha agreement to freeze production at the January level (last January). Despite the fact that the freeze was not considered a sufficient step to correct the Quick Cash Method price, it was a positive step where he succeeded in moving the static situation since mid-2014, and start serious dialogue leading to change the deteriorating price approach.

It emerged several questions accompanied the Doha conference which was attended by Saudi Arabia and Venezuela (initiated by offering solutions to negotiate) and Qatar (Current league Organization President) and the Tehran Conference (participated Qatar, Venezuela and Iran, which is working to increase its exports of 400 thousand barrels per day and Iraq, which is trying to increase its production of 400 thousand barrels per day this the year). The first relates to the question of how to harmonize the freeze production for some countries, and increase it to other countries. The second: Why adopt January production as a criterion for an Quick Cash Method agreement?

Markets moved quickly after the Doha agreement. Has withdrawn a lot of speculators who have bet their money on the basis of a rapid deterioration of prices in the short term, replaced gradually speculators new optimistic about the importance of the Doha agreement in the medium term, despite the caveats, and bet on the basis of the rise of prices to 40-60 dollars during the second half of the year.

This is accompanied by positive impressions speculators Information variables, as engineering services company «Baker Hughes» announced in a periodic report, the number of drilling rigs used in the United States continues to decline for the week atheist ten in a row, which means the US expected to fall the level of production. The giant oil company Quick Cash Method also announced the reduction of its budget for drilling this year to their lowest level in 10 years. As US Energy Information Administration reported that US oil production from the mainland has fallen for six consecutive weeks, the Labor Ministry announced about an important increase in the number of jobs, an important positive indicator to the health of the economy and increasing demand for oil. On the other hand, the United States imported oil rate has increased in recent weeks due to lower production. As the Energy Information Administration report that production will decline this year, about 7 percent, or about 620 thousand barrels per day. It also expects lower Russian production of 150 thousand barrels per day.

The reason is the decline in production to the deterioration of price and non-profit companies Quick Cash Method from high-cost production fields, not to mention the scarcity of loans from American banks in the United States because of the high volume of loans that were supplied to the oil companies previously. Also a remarkable production of diameters «OPEC» decline in February, 200 thousand barrels per day from the total production of OPEC members for January. Production of «OPEC» countries has dropped to 32.33 million barrels per day in February, compared to about 32.52 million barrels in January. Despite all these factors, the caveats lasted from the lack of a final agreement on reducing production, the important factor to reduce the record US trade inventory, which amounted to about 520 million barrels, threatening higher prices, which fell through last week because of weak economic numbers for China. Oil demand has increased in China, on the one hand, during January and February by 19.1 percent, or 8 million barrels per day over the past two months, which is a good rate. But, on the other hand, what I am afraid the market is reduced China's exports about 25 percent during February. Despite the QuickCashMethod marked increase in demand Finally, the fear of inability to China continued to maintain the high demand came. In spite of this, the price decline was limited and swung around $ 40 a barrel.

In fact, it should read China economically in a new way from now on. Structural change in policy has occurred. Instead of giving priority to industrial exports, the emphasis at this stage on the Chinese consumer to provide consumer goods to him by local cooperatives and warehouses. This structural change and affect the Chinese economy, the volume of foreign trade of the country and its role, and in the demand for energy.

There are persistent attempts to get the support of the largest number of countries exporting to the Doha agreement. As Venezuela's oil minister he is trying to hold a joint meeting in Latin America. Russia and trying to get approvals for the exporting countries of the former Soviet republics, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. And announced that the Arab Gulf states, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, the Doha agreement and Quick Cash Method support the policy of freezing production supported by Saudi Arabia.

It became clear that the production freeze option is necessary to correct the process of raising prices. But despite the need for this option, the questions about the degree of success in reaching a significant reduction in commercial oil inventories remain. No indication that the decision to cut production and Ward soon. But, what will happen after the big rally around freezing production? It will sufficiency at a price ranging between $ 40 and $ 60 a barrel during the second half of the year? Then you can avoid the decision to cut production and sufficient to halt the slide in prices and get a reasonable price and the average in the range of $ 50 rate. This new policy serves several targets at the same time: moderate price remains down the production of high-cost fields (shale oil and deep-sea crudes) so that very high-cost production fields will be forced either to close or reduce production. The rest of the producing countries, the deterioration of prices pressures on their budgets. As it is possible to stabilize the market and serve the interests of exporters and consumers.

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